Paranormal Lockdown Malvern Manor

Paranormal Lockdown Malvern Manor

– if you are indeed leading us to this closet or this room you got our attention now what is it that you want to tell us are you afraid we can help you if you’re scared you don’t have to be scared anymore Brock did you hear that absolutely Katrina what are you feeling right there um like something was watching me just not alone do you feel anything Nick no but I thought I heard a man speaking oh maybe it’s the captain captain caller can you give us a sign that you’re here with us dude my camera just oh my god look at my arms Katrina it’s so staticky I just walked all through static Nick what’s going on whoa do something right here


  1. I am thrilled to watch this episode because the malvern manor was one of the most active paranormal houses they could visit besides from the black monk house.

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