Paranormal Investigators Shocked In Creepy Video! │ Ghost Rewind #7

Paranormal Investigators Shocked In Creepy Video! │ Ghost Rewind #7

This week on Ghost Rewind. All new ghost hunting
footage from Episode Fifty-Two, The Poltergeist Case. I’m Alejandro. I film paranormal activity.
This is Ghost Rewind. I’m, I’m seriously sitting here feeling about breaking into a sweat.
You want to get you some water? No. I’m alright. But, like feel my skin. I mean I don’t want
to be weird or nothing but. No. Oh wow! You’re sweating! I know. Come here. If you’re doing
something to him please stop. He is not here to harm you and that is not the right way
to communicate. Were you sick? Is that why you died? Where are you from? Are you angry?
I feel like anger. Do you think just, it’s just, I mean putting all of whatever it is
thoughts and feelings into you? I don’t know. Like the one thing I was worried about coming
before here is that I’ve been really stressed out. You go on an investigation and you are
like emotionally weak something can starting messing with you. Like missing with your emotions?
Yeah. And the only other time I had it like this is when I was, like had a real crazy
week. And I tried to prepare myself really. I tried to be real positive before I came
here. You do not have permission to attach yourself to me or do anything to me. Do you
understand? You do not have my permission. Where are you? I don’t like this type of game.
Where are you? Come on. Let’s just be friends. It needs to say friends on the microwave.
It’s cold now. See now I’m cold again. I’m not hot no more. You think because we told
it to stop? Like now I am completely cold. Like goosebumping cold. Wow! Your hair is
standing up! That’s crazy. Like I was sweating bullets in that chair feeling like sick and
angry and now I’m over here. How do you feel now? I made a joke about the microwave and
I walked and I got cold. Do you think it’s just that area? I don’t know. Maybe. Want
to go sit back down and see how you feel when you get there? When did it start? Did it start
when were in here? It’s just been gradually happening. Like. I feel like I started feeling
weird when we were sitting with the water over there. That’s when I started feeling
like man I feel funky and my stomach started growling. So I knew something was kind of
weird. Like I didn’t feel right. But it didn’t hit me until I was sitting here that I was
sweating bullets and feeling anger. Where you trying to just let me know how you feel?
Are you angry? Like everything. Like I was sweating up here and you know my face was
sweating. Like I can still feel where I was sweating around my beard, but now that’s gone.
That’s weird. Again it’s like a personal experience. It doesn’t mean anything. But it’s weird that
it’s happening to you like all night. I don’t know. Like personal stuff? Yea. Yea like the
three? Yea. I don’t know what to make about that. That freaks me out. I’m going have to
say a little prayer before I leave. I mean in a way if it is paranormal it’s trying to
communicate one way. You know. I wonder why it’s angry? Or why it would try to make me
angry? I feel completely fine now. That’s really weird because yea, it was like your
personality, your whole mood shifted. You want to take a little break? No. I’m okay,
I feel completely fine. Okay. For half, for half a second I realized I was going downhill
really really fast. I’m glad you’re better. Thanks. Occupational hazard. Yeah. A little
bit. I feel good now. I feel really good. I actually feel like I’m in a really good
mood. Thank you for watching Dead Explorer Real Paranormal Videos. Please make sure you
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  1. NEW! Creepy experience shocks paranormal investigators! New video footage from Dead Explorer Episode 52: The Poltergeist Haunting!

  2. That was creepy,Alejandro! I wouldn't want any spirit messing with me like that! I would say a prayer before I  start the session, as well as after. Great video!

  3. When you ask the question "Where you sick is that why you died"? At 1:06 I believe to be hearing "Old" as a response also at 3:25 you can hear a whisper saying "Ask Me" as your going back to sit down.

  4. Have any of you guys been pushed or scratched or hurt in any way? Has anything ever followed you home? That would really scare me.

  5. Hey I have a question ….. I was in my house my no one was there …. I was walking and then I felling something touching me and pulling me and my hair standing up is that a ghost?

  6. You are always positive and it was strange how you were acting, in the chair I could see you were not right! Heard pos Evp but can't get what it's saying, good work as always👍 keep it up 🙂

  7. Thing like that happened to me aswell, I was at those witching guys and they told me I have attached few spirits to me, every one of them told me that. I dunno, maybe you should try it too. And I can tell having spirits attached to you is not nice, there was nearlz no time between being happy and sad, I was cold one time and few minutes after I was sweating like after running hours. Guys if you want to comment: FAKE, do not comment at all..

  8. Hello Alejandro..nice to hear from you again.I was waiting for this every day. 🙂 It makes me sick,if i have nothing to look.GA and GH are in the Break,and when they come back,i dont know. 🙂 Hope toi see you more in future.Greetz from Germany.Jürgen. P.S.:If you have something surprise for me,let me know in my postcase. 😉 I'am…And now i sub you on Facebook too.

  9. cool video that happens spirits are energy and sometimes that energy is very overwhelming… a few years ago my mom thought someone walked past the kitchen and me n my dad also my dog were on the other side of the house so I go in there and this feeling of sadness or idek but I was crying uncontrollably then it stopped no I'm not bipolar lol but funny thing is I fell asleep one day and heard a voice say wake up well I wasn't supposed to be sleep either I was the only one home at the time as well

  10. Envy your expiriences Alejandro. You're like one of the best explorers out there on the field! Hope one day you can get some on film that would make everyone believe that ghosts are a part of the world! Keep up the good work and I can't wait for new GE uploads! Love your work dude and I'm hoping for another featuring with Franklin and Trevor! Bigup and respect!!

  11. Here is a possible explanation of the spirit at the time of death that it's trying to show you by attaching itself to you for a little while. The symptoms = A person with Bipolar disorder ( feeling down and angry, negative feeling then a switch to a feeling better then fine then " now I feel great" I quote )with an acute oncoming of a chemical withdrawal effect ( cold then hot and sweating, then after getting up a feeling of cold with goosebumps ) notice it should be in reverse you sit still feel cold you get up start walking that makes you warmer due to a calorie burn and insulin change in the body. A cold sweat, overheating with perspiration while at rest then a cold freezing feeling is a common opiate or benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms. Maybe the spirit was a dual diagnosis patient at the time of death. Perhaps a junkie in withdrawal? With a bipolar disorder that he/she self medicated with drugs like heroin and alcohol, that leading to an overdose and death. This would explain your symptoms if the spirit attached itself to you trying to show how it felt at the time of death, or worse, the way it feels now forever. That would suck, it's not like you can stop the pain by committing suicide because you are already dead. Yes that would Suck Much!!

  12. I would've never had figured if it was a poltergeist or my own moodshift if this had happened to me, so how is the poltergeist bothering your client? Like it it thowing stuffs here and there or is it just causing these moodshifter to the client?

  13. Can spirits attach themselves to an object? Because I got this gorgoes antique mirror from a local antique shop and sometimes when I look into it I feel strange emotions and it's like they hit me so suddenly and I have no reason for it, and it's one of those mirrors that turn and adjust and sometimes at night I hear a creaking sound and when I turn on my light I see the mirror in a totaly different position than how I left it and sometimes it even turns. I also feel very drawn to it like I don't know how to explain it but I feel attached to it and idk why because it's just a mirror.

  14. you give him permission by believing in their lies and being in the prescence willingly. you open doors to them just by doing that so u saying ur not allowed to attach urself to me is nonsense because you invite them in by your actions and you believing in the lies they tell you

  15. I really do suggest redoing the intro voice with a higher quality microphone, it kinda spoils an otherwise great show

  16. Im sorry..but this video proved absolutely nothing.other than you felt weird.i get those feelings now and then.but nothing paranormal about it.i believe in spirits but nothing gained from this video.

  17. I've been a huge fan of all things paranormal for as long as I can remember. I've just now stumbled upon this channel and I'm so glad that I did. I look forward to watching as many of these as I can. On a more personal note, I just have to ask… where are you from? I recognize a southern accent when I hear one, and as a southerner myself, I was just curious as to what state you hail from 🙂

  18. interesting investigation video. Please feel free to check out our invest videos from the UK. keep up the great work

  19. Hello , I'm Nick , I've been staying in my new house which have 2 floor , I'm very scared these days ……I always founds a strange voice coming from my bathroom ….a kind of reciting mantras / spells . When I try to ignore it , it grows loud and loud . Also there is sudden decrease in temperature of my house . My house is almost 124 years old , its been renovated many times . One of my neighboring said that her mother had once seen police in the house during 70's …..and that they'd found 9 skulls and skeletal remains in the garden . I'm very scared ….as now a days the ……voices say my name ….also I always found myself being watched by someone . Please help .

  20. The bible says "it is destined for man to die once and then the judgment." You are dealingwith a DEMON! Be careful!

  21. Contacting spirits is seriously dangerous, I'm sure you hear this alot, but if I were you, I would stop and plead the blood of Jesus over my life. your choice

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