Paranormal Ghost Scream…. Season 19 | Episode 8

Paranormal Ghost Scream…. Season 19 | Episode 8

Okay guys so the camera is working again sort of Yeah for the most part I’m kinda just over it I think we should just call out the ghost and try and yeah get this over with cause this is crazy stuff its yeah so *coughing* You okay? OS Excuse me not again *coughing* *coughing* This whole place is getting funky. Here, here take this. Paige come see this. Holy cow, its just like a haze You said you wanted to deal with him Here let me go Woah Holy cow You can’t see like anything Just What was that? Can you even see where you’re going? No can you shine a light? Christian do you have a light? Uh ow. I think wait I got it I got it here wait thank you Today Sorry thank you Phone’s working. Gosh dang this is thick Still no bars *coughing* What the Paige be careful It’s creepy The camera is having problems Oh my gosh Careful, do you have a light? Ow Here, here we go Wow that does a lot It’s what we got. It’s a dead end. It’s less smokey over here It’s him. You made it. You made it through this. He’s living through his memory again. You survived the war. You had to. You have children Grandchildren Can you hear me? *scream*


  1. Hi Paige. I’m so happy you’re still doing these videos. I’ve been watching you for years now. Happy Saturday sweetie. Love, love your channel.

  2. Talk about a fog bank I hope he finds rest 🙏 but don't mess with Paige and he family here or your going to get busted

  3. My favorite episode is when she was in the woods with her mum I loved it oh and “Holy Cow!” My favorite 😍❤️✌🏽💗☺️

  4. That was pretty scary indeed. The tech stuff not working properly, smoke coming out of no where, and ghost appears again. Wow! What does he want though? Guess we will have to wait and see on it. That scream he made at the end though made me scream and jump from it. Anyway, I can't wait to see what happens next in this season.

  5. Every time, they run away. Stand your ground and kick them in the balls. If it doesn't hit them then fine, but if you can't touch them then they cna't touch you either. If they are able to harm you even when intangible, then what are you gonna do anyway? so stand your ground and either kick them in the ball s or punch them in the throat.
    They will come back somewhere else, having gotten away and nothing happening, if this is typical. They never seem to show how they got away or what happened to the ghost. Maybe they will change it up this time and show the ghost choking someone and being fought off or something. I don't know. I"d like to see something different for a change, tho.

  6. Ok I love that yell by the ghost at the end there 😂 clearly a guy just recording himself screaming into a device but still a good episode

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