Paranormal Experience Yudist Ardhana! Rumah Hantu Darmo Surabaya!

Paranormal Experience Yudist Ardhana! Rumah Hantu Darmo Surabaya!

Hi, guys! Now I’m at Darmo Haunted House Surabaya. One of the creepiest place in East Java. And we’re going in. We’ll see what’s inside. But I’m not alone. We have some Youtubers from Surabaya joining. Rian who holds the light. And there’s a girl named Ferren. Noval, Lindsay, and Dadang. It’s 7 of us. We’re going inside this haunted house. I’ll record it with my vlog camera too. So you’ll see at my point of view. Ok. Let’s go in! It’s closed now. Look at the police line. Actually we can’t come inside, but we’ll try breaking in. Look at this big house. So many creepy stories here. If you Google “Haunted House in Surabaya”, this place is at no1. Let’s go inside. Wow! Ok. Safe. Let’s go! Ok. Come on. Be careful of the wire. It was raining here. Thank you. Look at the writings. “No one falls in love with freedom” Look another one. “100% pass the test” Many high school students write on the wall. Vandalism. As always at any haunted house. We got more at this side. The same. Right? What’s that? Hanging above. Something’s hanging. Like a cloth. Or maybe plastic. Move forward. Look at the bats! Can you see it? Flying here and there. Look! Can’t you see? Anyone knows the story of this place? I’ll tell you briefly. So there was a family lived here a long time ago. They were suspected doing some voodoos. So they became rich and owned this big house. Then one day they didn’t give “victim” anymore. The victim should be human right? They tried to switch with animal. But, the genies refused it. It became a problem. One day this family was away, was going by a boat. Then the boat was drown. And they are still missing up until now. It’s assumed they passed away. All of them. They left two family members here, though. But they passed away as well. And the weird thing is this house was on fire in 1997. It burned down this house and left these ruins. The roof is gone. So, this house is abandoned for a long time. oK. Let’s go upstairs, shall we? It still has stairs. Broken, though. Be careful. Watch out! Look at the holes on the stairs! Watch out. Be careful. Ok.. Look at the holes on the stairs. We can see the metal structure. One by one. Eh two steps at one time then. Now we’re at the second floor. Anyone feels something? Don’t you feel something? No? Rooms. And it’s a bathroom. Look at the bath tub. The ceramics still in a good condition. Not burned. I think it’s a room. We can see corners. Positions. It’s full of plants. It’s kinda hard to go inside. Let’s see over there. Do you wanna see this part? Oops! Watch out! It’s slippery. We can see the neighborhood from here. A side fence. It’s the balcony. I asked the neighbors. They said they often see the unsual things here. What room is that over there? It’s a photo spot at the noon here. I don’t know what it was. I think it’s a backyard. Open space. As always. Our purpose coming to this kind of place is to explore. We want to know what it looks like at night. No other intention. Show the time now. It’s real. It’s 00:41 Almost 1 AM. We entered at around 12 AM. Now let’s continue across there. Apparently there’s a bunker here, guys. And most of people wouldn’t go there. Cause it’s super dark. No light at all. Underground. We’ll go there now. Let’s go! Everyone will go there. Eh what was that? I’m surprised. That was like a shadow. Let’s move forward. Let’s go in. What do you feel? Huh? The atmosphere is not good huh? Be careful. Look at the holes. Be careful, Ferren. You can see the hole there. Hey accompany her. Why? That’s fine. Try. I think I feel… Take that. If you wanna quit, don’t be alone. Someone accompany her. Ok I’ll accompany you. Hey this way. Neared this way. You’re good? Watch out it’s slippery. Hold hands. Since we got no steps. Let’s go out now. I’m not feeling well. That’s why we go out first. That’s fine. Let’s go. Put that here. Sorry. I swear it’s slippery. Let’s go! Done? Let’s take her back first. Take her go outside this house, ok? Why? That’s fine. Someone stays with her. That’s ok. She’s throwing up. That’s ok. Throw it up. Hey I need someone here. Oh! Someone holds her. I do apologize for coming here. We mean no harm at all. Nothing here. Ok.. What’s wrong with you? It’s just. I’m not feeling well. My head felt so heavy. All of a sudden, I just wanna throw up. Are you ok now? Yeah. But when I went downstairs. I was just like sensing something different. I could feel it. So do we continue or not? Go on. Who’s gonna accompany her? You? Ok. Sorry that you should stay here. And now we’re gonna try to enter that bunker again. Let’s go! One of us felt something unusual so her back felt so heavy. Then she threw up as you saw. So she stayed outside. But now we’re going back inside again with a new member. A friend of Dadang. What’s your name? Fajar. Fajar. Let’s going in. Takes effort just to break in. Even more to stay inside a while. It’s our second time going in, guys. We’re not heading upstairs, but down stairs. Done? How many of us? 1,2,3,4,5,6. Let’s go downstairs now. We won’t spend too long there. Just wanna see what’s in there then we go back. Dadang annd Fajar have gone here two times right? 4 times. 4 times! They know well enough then. It’s a room. I bet it’s a room based on the position. Another room here. It’s even bigger. Like a kitchen I guess. Can you hear it? The bats. Why? (talking) Don’t do that. They’ll feel threatened. Let them. What’s inside the bunker? You saw it? Ok then let’s go back then to cause more problems. the hall… So do we continue? But if you see the tiger, what would you do? Not my responsibility. So how guys? Try it. Go Dadang? Ready? Ready! Ok. So we’re going downstairs and I record a while the we go outside right away. I’ll just take a video briefly there. Then we go back outside. Deal? Let’s do that together. We mean no harm here. Let’s go! Remember when we’re at the ground floor, when I say go back. We go back. Ok? Safe. Are the stairs fine here? Ok. Let’s go! Ok guys. Now we’re at the ground floor. It’s the basement. Watch out the stairs divided into two parts. Slippery ceramics. Marble. Look out. Oops! Let’s see.. What’s that? A cloth. So here we are. There’s a small room too. Another stairs. Look out. It’s a path to the previous spot right? Let’s see from above. Let’s go back now! I hear sounds. Let’s go guys! Let’s go up! Ok we’re going out now. You’re all good? Now we’re back outside. It’s the back of the house. See? Now we’re all outside. We went back out cause our friend sensed and saw unusual things. We avoid the inconvenient things. Ok. Hit the thumbs up, guys. If you have another haunted place suggestion, leave comment below. We’ll go there. Share this video and subscribe to my Channel. See you again!


  1. Baru masuk brape detik langsung kluar. Nyesel nontonnya. Cuma liat mba mba hak tinggi muntah. Horornya dimane si

  2. Bang yudist kalau pergi ke tempat angker harus selalu bilang permisi untk tidak di ganggu atau mereka tidak merasa terganggu

  3. Mudah2hn berhasil nyari hantu sama kunti lanak nya, jgn lah takut karena allah selalu bersama kita., baca ayat qursi ISTIGFAR,

  4. itu mah nggk ada hantu itu kalau siang buat Tongkrongan semua hantu itu palsu Jangan takut takut lah kepada Allah Like komen ok

  5. pernah masuk kesana.. dan asliiiii…. seremm buat jomblo…!!! klo malam kadang buat tempat pacaran sampe mesum… wkwkwkw

  6. Yaaaa ampuooon..comment nya tuhan / ALLAH semua..aku pasti like donk yg takut ALLAH cuma kita ngga bleh bawa nama ALLAH semata2 untuk dapettin like..coba kalian comment donkk ada penampakan ngga, bagus ngaa vid nya dll..😁🇮🇩♥️

  7. Busyeeettt gue kira sendirian 🤣.
    20 org padahal di pasin.
    Klik : Joe Kal sendirian MANTUL
    Klik : Sang Explore sendirian MANTUL

  8. kalo kita takut sama setan misalkan kalian lagi lewat tempat angker terus kalian takut dan jin itu bakal membaca pikiran kamu karena kamu di hati kamu bilang takut nih lewat sini nah kalo kalian bilang seperti itu maka setan akan keluar penampakan di tempat angker itu kalo kalian lewat doang ga bilang di hati kamu atau kamu baca Annas
    itu bakan menghilangkan setan

  9. Mbak2nya ini mau nge mall atau mau badhe kamana sih.. Duh.. Sendalnyaa mau buat nabok hantu kah 😥, kok ngeri ya lihatnya takut kejengklak dah tu kaki

  10. Omg sumpa aku tadi lihat yudistardana lihat momo angela dan seka rang sekola angker owwww dan aku lihat jam 10 malam srem sumpa lo

  11. Ini bagus dan keren dan lumayan serem juga. Apa lagi aku favorit horor ada tapi video full albumnya apa. Udh saya cari gak ada. Tolong di adain full videonya. Terima kasoh.

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