Paranormal Encounters: A Haunting in Rialto

Paranormal Encounters: A Haunting in Rialto

Viewer discretion is advised.
It’s a place where the Restless Souls. By the
way. Sometimes. Is. Trapped between our world searching for a
way to reach sounds to me. Now that somehow some of the things you might see me as trying to kill
you. Christina Dana Henderson was born July 30
1st 1955 at the young age of just 11 years old. Her life was cut
tragically short curable form of leukemia. Kristina died in April 23rd 1967. Her ashes
were brought to the church alone. Many of her personal lives to be displayed
in her memory. Her spirit is believed to haunt the grounds of the reality Historical Society
nutritionism. Why is her spirit still lingering. Does she still want her to believe that good
for her parents her loved ones her brother shortly after her death committed suicide. My name is Richard MacInnes. Church building
all original by the way was built in 1996 and it is in use by the Christian congregation from
1996 until around 1964. This has been named after Kristina. Dana Hendrick’s and his Dr. Henricksen
daughter who died of leukemia when she was 11 years
old. Now this is one of the big tragedies Dr. intercostals wife is that he was a doctor
a man of medicine but he couldn’t save his own daughter’s life. And that was one of the big tragedies
at the base of the stairs leading down to the basement. There’s
actually a display of Christina’s artifacts and things there. And Dr. Henderson
when he was alive wouldn’t come here. We arranged the display make sure it was in
good shape and she is she. She is the spirit that is the start of
the of any ghost investigations in this building exactly the exact date of when this happened
I don’t know. There have been several things that have really started this thing off. One of them was a couple of
policemen were sent here to investigate when the alarm went off in the
building. And they looked in one of the back windows and they saw a little girl looking back at
him from a second floor window. They came in and check the building out. Nobody
was here. They believe that the girl looking back at him was resting. There was a group of women that used to meet in the
church in the basement playing cards. And they made like on Wednesday afternoons
and they would play cards. And one of the women that met in the group
was a Native American. And the women and her family were spear women.
She kept hearing a call for help coming from the double doors leading
the stairs are Christina’s artifacts are kept and she kept this cry for
help cry for help she couldn’t understand what was going on. And it was very bothersome to
her. But what happened is about I’m going to say we we could have two
weeks fairly shortly after that. Christina’s brother in Northern California
committed suicide and the belief is people believe that Christina
was recognizing the brothers plate and his despondency
and so forth. And she was calling for help to get help to
help her brother. Become a policeman came here one night again
to investigate an alarm going off and they came in the basement door and
came into the bin to the basement of the building. And as I look towards the staircase they saw kind of clothing floating above the staircase.
They say probably because they said they didn’t see any trees. There’s a spot in this building that hasn’t
had some kind of activity or Ralph or California enthusiasts or snorkel
museum where there are claims of a little girl named Christina who is believed to haunt
this building. Jim Shields and that’s heater’s skeptical
the gray zone her normal office conductor the sagacious serving with an earpiece such dress.
Or. We just acquired this new rare recorder. And the way it works is when you hear a voice
it starts flashing basically. Sounds flashing. Well that just means that
there’s no voice. So if we were to pick something up on this the red light would
be in there as it is right now stationary. So that is down to. See. What we get. Oh. Oh. Oh. I was immediately taken aback at the whistle
I caught doing playback on the r r d r 60. Everyone heard it before playback but no one
thought anything of it until then thinking it could have been one of my eyes. The past few nights we had all been
subjected to similar situations where the others thought they heard or saw the voice or presence
of the other person. Could we have been victim to a doppelganger
who may have been trying to manipulate our judgment. Well Connor was setting up the second camera
on the opposite side of the room. Jim and I were discussing how to get Christina’s attention. We then caught
this anomaly attending the manifest around Jim’s head and down to his torso. Here’s rollover. We decided to use a spear box and meter to
try and Tozan communications Christina or any other spirit you may wish to communicate. They are right. Around. Where. It was the.
They. Got Trust. Right. Away. I’m just wondering if there are any women
in here getting ready for a while. How. And everything. In here. Oh no. All. Of. The women. Were. You need help getting ready for the wedding. Who’s getting married. I. Mean. It’s. Sort of. How. Are you. Sitting in the chair. Black. Wall for you. You know is there any women in this room platform. Are you upset. That. Are. Here. I think they’re really like you know you want us to leave. What. A. You say. I hear is an angry man next door. Is that true. Stop laughing. Is Christie not in the room with. I just said no it is false. This. Is crazy and I hear it all. Yes. Is she up here with us on this or. No. Oh. She’s. Down there in the hotel room. After the incredible responses and experiences
we had in the bride’s room we decided to split up on our own force. Julie I decided to take the second for church
here where Christine was spending a great deal of time on June went to the children’s play room on
the first floor where she’ll be conducting EVP session. There’s is a job on in the quiet room downstairs
during that EVP session. Hi Christine are you here. My name is Joe. Are you still here with us. Erstein. Most people upstairs are my friend. Have you
talked to them. No. Are. There more. As I was explaining to the camera what we
were going to do next we heard a loud bang in the hallway next to us. Then after we got this in we again
tending to my to in the corner. Here is grandma. GILBERT. There. Hello. Again. Oh. My god. Was. There something like this. You fell down on the wall. And I will follow
you. We’re going to go to the bathroom. Do. You know. If it’s door shut down or. Not. Hello. Sir. So this is. This place. So where was. It. Have to go. To open the door. Well. Actually we went to investigate the
noise we heard the door slam behind us which sent Julie
to a frantic panic. So we decided to go into the room to find out what was causing this noise breaking
thing. Was there anyone on here. As. I called his name to look in my direction the camera because the door swaying
as if something came from the swinging hangers and push the door in the process. Here is the playback. Let’s. Here. Sir. Good. News. A. Quick. Search. Area. After the intensity of the events we had just
experienced upstairs. Connor and I decided to go downstairs and find Jim and
regroup to continue the pursuit in the church area and to find out if Christina could
have been the spirit who may have been trying to seek our attention. We decided to use an average
child’s body to attempt further communication. I always when I’m not around they. Say. They. Want to remain. What. You say. We just received an intelligent response from
a woman saying that’s the rubber We clue as to what that meant until this happened. After doing some extensive research we were
Songdo my dear and that was a reverend by the name the Negro. No trying
to get to the church. He was also the man so an American author of nation is trying to
be the same the hero who just came from your Bronx. After the groundbreaking response we have
just received from who we believe may be the spirit of Rev. Harold right and an unknown female spirit
at last is full of questions. Who was the woman who was so adamant
to be heard. And how may have this all tied in with the tragic
passing of the little girl whose life was cut too short. Right now. Right now don’t ask for advice here in the
church. Jim. And Julie. Write me I’m about like a motion
sensor light and I walks by it will go. Off. The air with us. Like. You’re here. I mean you are. You. You. Got. To. Me. You want. Me on here. You want to why all. You want to go get them. Or. You. Can. Get it. Right here for you. Oh really. You. Know you’re wrong. OK. So. Christine. You’re here or a little bit advice here in my little red light on it. You can talk to the red light. I’ll be on the air you guys see the light. I embrace. Stephanie. We’ll move on now Judy. And we’re still we. Don’t know. I am the you would. Say. Is isn’t an option. And why


  1. Is this the same group who Ghost Adventures copied, by adopting the same opening script, almost verbatim, as well as the absurd idea of putting an X of tape, during the walk through, where they want a camera placed?  I cannot believe the viewers of both shows aren't calling Zak and the gang out on this.

  2. How u know GA got putting tape down from this show? Dont they all put tape down where they going to setup cameras. Even movie studios put tape down. And comparing any group how they do things is stupid. All groups dont show everything they do so how can u compare any of them to other groups?

  3. Great editing except soul seekers had a lot more evidence at this place. And you guys are alot like the other investigators out there that seem pretty boring like you guys when you investigate.   

  4. Wow…you captured some great evidence!  As I was watching and listening, I was able to hear multiple, faint voices that you captured on your camera's audio.  Most of the voices were that of a little girl. One example is at 16:41 when the child replies "I did that" in response to the female investigator pointing out the hangers that were moving.

  5. It is not ghosts[souls of people who had died], but devils that possess human according to Luke 11:14
    "AND JESUS was casting out a devil, and it was dumb[the devil named dumb]. And it came to pass, when the devil was gone out, the dumb spake; and the people wondered".
    In the NAME of Jesus, Christians can cast out devils that possessed anyone according to Luke 10:17-20: "Behold, I give unto you power over all the power of the enemy: & nothing shall by any means hurt you".
    ACCORDING TO JESUS, CHRISTIAN CAN COMMAND THE DEVILS: " In the name of Jesus, I command you to go where Jesus wants you to go…now ".
    But confess your sin first to Jesus after acknowledging Jesus as the Son of God Almighty.
    Read online Holy Bible that could be [email protected],net

  6. Ok you guys are suppose to be Paranormal Investigators. You don't leave the area that you are experiencing awesome things like the door slamming and bangs. You start interacting with them. When we (Soul Seekers) had the alarm go off in this place or when we started seeing shadow people we didn't stop and leave. It's not like one of you guys got attacked by a Demon or something like that. Next time if you guys man up you would probably get more evidence in a situation like that.

    P.S.  But I will say the editing is good in the beginning of this episode.

  7. Spirits either go to Haven or Hell but as a christian I know ghost are acculy demons and for a revrean to stay here and not see his father in Haven is disturbing because those are called demons who make them self appear as something different

  8. Bitte so ein Mist mal auf Deutsch und in Deutschland!
    Gibts hier keine Geister? Deutschland ist zu langweilig!?

  9. I wasn't putting down on paranormal encounters i was answering a guestion someone had ask? If anything i was taking up for them trying to tell that person that theres a lot of investigators put down tape even GA. I'm sorry you took it the wrong way.

  10. Any advice for a new paranormal investigator? I'm going to a local haunted forest and just me and my iPhone/capture

  11. This show sucks im going to watch ghost adventures instead im sorry but you guys have a long way to go to be as good as them lol

  12. You two scared that ghost girl more then she did you and don't cuss if it's a child's spirit, and it's an church so no demons will be there.

  13. The spirit you see at 07:44 is classic, and in my opinion a manifestation greater than illuminated orbs. That is one of the clearest ever. Text book footage of what a spirit looks like. Got me excited. Anyone feel anything when it got close and then dove into his  shoulder?

  14. Just saw this for the first time, its amazing and I loved it, kinda biased because my sons name is connor and he can see spirits. 🙂

  15. I live a couple blocks from this building and that old guy  richard in the beginning was my neighbor since i was like 3, became good friends with his girlfriends grandchildren. He was kinda a prick, nosey, always trying to bust us for smoking weed. I heard this place was haunted for years, always wanted to go investigate

  16. You missed a few evp's and ghost box words-The best one you missed was at 20:09 you will hear a distinct deep voice that says,"I'm home". The girl then sees a shadow walk by the door then the ghost box says 
    'that's the reverend.

  17. I've started watching paranormal encounters a week ago and now I'm a fan, thanks guys, this is a great show

  18. they are there to connect with whatever is in the building….they appear to get some activity…then…"oh I wanna get out of here". Question next should be….why then did you go to begin with ? Next

  19. i enjoyed this , but flip flops are not brilliant when your trying to listen for sound ,!! only bad thing about it , good hunt

  20. once again wow…whoever works in the editing department kudos to you. i know your kind never gets mentions (haha) but this is the best editing of any ghost ive ever watched EVER… 🙂

  21. at about 8 minutes they r showing a twisty anomaly…..I encountered one back in 2013….in a home I was staying in in rialto not far from this featured house. what is anyones opinion on what these r? mine was black but moved just like the one in the video

  22. Zak from ghost adventures is to scard he is a pussy ther allways sends aron insted of him self !!!! 😂😂😂👻now aron is a tru ghost hunter but zak NOT ,, boooo💀👻👹👽now this show is cool they do a great job and they dont play like they ar tuff ,,like this show 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😜

  23. But her ghost was thought to have left when Dr Hendrickson passed away in 2005, under the belief that he was the remaining factor on why her ghost haunted the Church for so long. If that is true then Kristina would not be there. But many of us do feel that there is something other than Kristina that is there. Some say a portal, I am not sure about that but possibly a station that brings together the living and the dead? Nice, sharp production. Glad to see you look at more than your electronic boxes so many look at those things and forget to look around , Have a great week! If you turn on the lights you wont get so scared. 😛

  24. Good lord, I've been getting sleep paralysis for 5 years and I fell asleep with this on, and the part where the dude sitting on the couch I dreamt but with my own "video" as I was hearing the audio, got scared tried to wake up, went into sleep paralysis and woke up with my body still asleep which means full blown hallucinations while being unable to move, hallucinated the same people from the video I had dreamt in my room then finally when I was fully awake sat up so confused at what just happened lol at that point I still thought the people I dreamt doing the evp was actually real (which happened in a castles basement and the apparition manifesting behind the guy as an actual person appearing behind him, my dream had fuckin replays and zoom ins as well) till I watched the video again and realized. 10/10 would hallucinate again

  25. Rialto high school has 2 ghost of students who killed them self's in the school in the C building it get super cold when you walk down the hallways alone during class

  26. Thank you for the upload. Appreciate it. I can hear it and see it. ..makes it even better. as Wesley Kowal stated " top notch" thank s again. Love this show. Have a wonderful day!

  27. Lol real nice language inside a church. Chill out take some Valium before you do it lmao. Just so you can here things more instead of screaming and yelling etc lol. Good job though folks and be careful you don't contract an evil entity and let it follow you home now will you.

  28. Bullshit story. The only reason U have that little girls "artifacts" is for publicity. Set that little girls spirit free and quit being selfish.

  29. I like the show. I don't understand why they keep asking the same questions. The older man is the only one that talk's in a real conversation.

  30. That damn ball moved before he said conner! This is more like live because i dont think you guys always see what you capture lol

  31. Please work on your outros..if it is talking more about your evidence something..i am watching all the videos and they just cut outro or anything..i am telling u if u do a few things different u would be more out there and noticed..ive had experience in this field also i know what people want to see. I know what spirits want …i al a sensitive and medium

  32. Hey at roughly 21:55 right after yall saw someone walk by the doors the recorder picked up "Harold" and then right after "Hello". Im not saying im correct but if you listen "harold" sounds like a female and "hello" sounds male. Its almost like in your conversation a female said "Harold" to get his attention and motion for him to speak and then he comes over and replies "hello".

  33. My third post im sorry bout that…..great video and investigation. Anyway what if one of the spirits is the little girls mom? If her daughters there she may have went there to be with her daughter.

  34. I do like the Helen Keller quote at the beginning… But the quote on my memorial stone will read:
    "To the well-organized mind death is but the next great adventure." I do hope I got that correct! But if not absolutely correct, you get the gist…
    (This quote is courtesy of Albus Dumbledore and JK Rowling) 😀!

  35. This editing is better than any horror film from after the 1980's no jump scares or anything. Whoever the editor is should make a horror movie.

  36. Not trying to be an asshole but please, when narrating, slow down a bit. You’re reading so quickly it sounds as if you’re only reading a single sentence with no end. There were no pauses, or breaks. Everything was in a quick, monotone voice with no feeling. It’s a good story, but it sounds like an emotionless computer voice reading it.

  37. paranormal is not people coming back from the dead ! they are jinn who take on forms of those who have passed away . this is the truth . do your research . only Muslims are not afraid of this as we pray to Allah and they leave us alone .

  38. I believe that the girl Julia with the foul mouth actually shut the door. The look on her face doesn't match her screaming in terror. It was also convenient that she tells Conner to take the camera and lead the way and immediately upon Conner taking the lead we hear the door shut and her scream. You can plainly see her smiling as she covers her mouth and turns to face the camera while saying that she's not going in there.

  39. I us to live not far from this old church, and everyday when I'd drive home from work I'd always drive that street, to see if I'd see anything. But no luck at all, I did see a homeless man sleeping on the stairs and I was like this dude is tripping lol.

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  41. You should check out the hospital here near me in Victorville. It's at the George Air Force Base. Awesome video.

  42. Another great movie but for the love of God no matter how cute she is make sure she's wearing shoes I couldn't handle flip flops I honestly stopped the video short

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