Paranormal Activity Trailer Parody | NORMAL PARENT ACTIVITY | The Dad

Paranormal Activity Trailer Parody | NORMAL PARENT ACTIVITY | The Dad

– Okay, high-def camera, on. My wife Amy, she thinks
we’ll never sleep again. – You feel the same way. – Door shut, baby gate locked. Maybe when she sees she can’t get in, she’ll just go back to sleep. (soft footsteps) – Did you hear that? – Was that her? – The gate is down. (gasps) – Where is she? (Dad shouts) (static crackles) – I’m sleeping on the couch tonight. I’m just so tired! She comes in every night! (static crackles) – These parents, same
thing’s happening to them! – Oh god! (static crackles) – I just can’t keep my eyes open anymore. Looks like you’ve got a bruise. – [Mom] She kicked me
in the ribs last night. I need my bed back! (Mom sobs) (cloth rustles) (Mom gasps)
(Dad gasps) – [Dad] Normal Parent Activity, rated R. (audio distorts)
If you let it happen once, now it will never stop.


  1. what's worse is they couldn't leave well enough alone and just kept making them
    I mean, sure, two is acceptable but they should have known to stop there.
    but they didn't… they just kept making more.

  2. lol its so true… but i got super hearing and when the dore creeks open i am right there with my phones glow under my chin smiling back at her… she screams in surprise we both laugh and big hugs… and she still sleeps in my bed anyway lol. mmm being a single dad has its fun moments hehe…

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