Paranormal activity of a ghost caught on tape | Real ghost videos caught on tape

Paranormal activity of a ghost caught on tape | Real ghost videos caught on tape

Real life paranormal activity Real ghost caught on tape in office


  1. I don't believe that this is genuine but it still made me scared lol. I'm at work on my own and now I'm paranoid about every little noise ..wimp! Lol

  2. At 1:43 in the video the time on the security camera goes from 3:03:05 to 3:03:24. I was impressed until I decided to watch more closely. Im getting ready to find more 'spooky' time changes. Still it was a decent try.

  3. Why between 1:42 and 1:43 appears some papers in the back of the room and it seems to me a cut of the video!!!??

  4.  Let's assume for a moment we all believe in ghosts.  

    Why would a ghost care to push chairs around? anyone consider that?

  5. Why is it that all entities seem to move everything is a strait forward line? Oh because it's total rubbish. I believe in the paranormal but not this video.

  6. What good evidence! Really cool someone might want to bless that work place because that was a lot of activity and i think it should be sealed if someone does that but really cool hopefully you can make more! Keep it up! 🙂

  7. It is not just a ghost, his name is bob and he is not very intelligent… He's just lonely and bored and can't open doors… Poor bob

  8. em exatamente 1:43 tem uma parada de vídeo onde a câmera 16 da uma pausa de 1 segundo a cadeira de frente para o quadro desvenda a farsa 

  9. Seemed like the ghost was pist off. If i came to work the next morning and paperwork everywhere I would be pist. I would say look ghost this isn't funny wtf lol

  10. me personally, its true. although. there would have to be more than just one ghost. that much activity would tire one ghost out and theres actually no source of energy around to give them the strength to move so much. so my personal opinion, there has to be more then just one doing this

  11. That is either the coolest or most FLIPPING creepy thing ive ever seen. Holy crap i mean wow shist wow wow thats terrifing and amazing and PARANORMAL

  12. At 1:42, What's with the papers that just just appear in front of the door? they are in place before the paper hits the floor.

  13. I really tried to believe this but the thing is that the noise for the computer screens is a noise I've heard before. Kinda like a sound effect used in many things.

  14. I think this is a fake….At the beginning maybe there was someone under the table 1:20 there was someone that was on the room….FAAKE

  15. I would not leave in the home with my self. I think I might leave with my friends or family. This is very scary. But I assure in our Eco village was nothing ghost. Email me +Costa Rica to know more about this Eco villages.

  16. lol at 1:34 the ghost is like hmm wheres my paper i done last night it has to be here somewhere and at 1:13 his like man cant get this door open lol

  17. ahhhhh seriously its fake hear my teory 1how can chair move easy people 2paper fly easy the wall other side were a hole and some people just pushed that and paper??easy there was a recsion viht the paper and computers well photo shop or hackers don t biliwe in chosts

  18. Child ghost still play
    Who doesn't like to swing around on wheel chair and throw piles of paper everywhere! The flashing of the pc screen is coarsest by the energy of the spirit
    Just remember not all spirit are bad

  19. Man I was really enjoying this video until there was an 18 second jump at 1:42.
    Why in the world did they cut out those seconds? Totally ruined the reality for me
    Made me realize that everything going on in the video could be done with fishing line

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  21. To those who exploring/communicating with the ghosts and spirits, or those who encounter black magic or harm by negative energies, this mantra from Tibet is able to give us protection and blessing: Om Benza Wiki Bitana Soha. Suggested amount of mantra to recite daily is 108 times.

  22. I once had moderate activty in a home I rented that went vacant for 7 years prior. The stuff in this video is a total deal-breaker for me..

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