Paranormal Activity in Jeddah – Saudi Arabia/TRUE STORY

Paranormal Activity in Jeddah – Saudi Arabia/TRUE STORY

well known among the community as a
place of horror delerict house in Jeddah become one of the most haunted places in
Saudi Arabia. While taxi drivers refused to go near it ,the young people called Shabab
are attracted by it as it acts like a magnet for them. Haunted house covered
with graffity stands around hundred meters from the sea front of the North
Corniche. the place is falling apart but still has a signs of its former
magnificence and building is silently luring young people to go inside. Arab
News has reported 16 people went inside and never came back the house surrounded by crows was
investigated by arab news stuff. they spent the night there with cameras in
every corner occasionally they could hear small-stones
moving on the floor by itself. It felt like
someone is walking. the temperature seems to vary from place to place and when the
night got darker whispering was echoing among the soty walls. even standing in
front of the house in the daylight is very unsettling you have a really strong
feeling that someone is watching you through the broken windows. Arab news stuff
haven’t seen any ghosts during they investigation but absence of proof is
not the proof of absence. so locals still believe that the place is haunted and
the Young play dare to enter the gate of the house to run away in fear thanks for watching let me know what you
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  1. Awesome Video! Its really good to see someone taking an interest in Saudi Arabia that deeply. (My country :P)

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