Paranormal Activity Caught on Camera at the Haunted Shanley Hotel (Seance GONE WRONG)

Paranormal Activity Caught on Camera at the Haunted Shanley Hotel (Seance GONE WRONG)

Oh Oh that can just activate as soon as I
started today we’re gonna do a seance if if you are here please make this music box
go up I don’t like this guys I I think that we’re dealing with the
demon all right so is at this time where things took a turn for the absolute
worst so in the first video we found like this addict cubby hole in the
ceiling kind of thing and we were very curious because the owners never
mentioned this and I guess curiosity got the best of us and we opened up this
whole CJ open it up I’ll go up there now inside of this hole were these two big
items that look like they were being covered by cloths so we obviously
freaked out but after that we went downstairs and you guys remember that
creepy old man you know this one I’m doing it we’re not gonna ask for a well
we trusted this guy to take us into this basement kind of room that he called it
and the seats were Church seats I mean I’m just gonna show you guys the footage
and he’ll let me know what you guys think oh my gosh it’s 40 degrees
difference Oh okay now they walks in front of that not
two-spirit got hand-warmers go okay here’s what I’m doing good luck you
leave this oh yeah what were supposed to do
do what you want okay oh okay sweet all right we got this we got a
moose oh yeah Eric you’d be the host actually
real quick right now we’re in some secluded room it’s freezing in here by
the way it’s the equivalent of sitting outside right back here actually we have
a so basically that thing is supposed to go off when it’s like senses motion in
front of it so wave your hand in front of it to show okay well we have Eric hosting oh my god
right now please I don’t like that rough holiday you know
we didn’t expect to see us nothing we didn’t start yeah have not yet started I don’t like this guy’s you better look
behind you there’s a door by night you know my camera will not focus it please
walk away from the box please with it just ain’t no not sure weird what is
just saying my name clearly that’s where using a Fastenal box food
is it’ll regulate the triggers where you what if I walk in front of it I try to
try walking in front of it just to prove there’s no one back here fuck was that
well there’s nothing back here right okay so we just reset the little music
box of there and clearly it’s not working so there’s nothing in front of
it as you see there’s nothing over here okay so there’s something targeting me
here clearly yes and we all agree it keeps saying I’m gonna tell you all some
things that happened off camera while we were eating pizza and both and before we
were eating pizza so I tell you what if you want to target me you want to target
me huh I want you to use your energy and make that turn back on because I don’t
think you can i’ma start off with the simple question what is your name I wanna say Angie Angie what’s what about being from the Anna or
Hanna or auntie Anna is that you watching us and I can I take my two
dollars back what she said to me 9 hi baby hi Cory behind music how many
spirits are in this hotel total I just heard a disembodied voice say die
no shit was that correct did you say that heard boom whatsoever –
is there anything you wish to say you have our full attention are you see are you here sitting with us yes do you mind if I walk around no sit down
okay hold since you guys not break the circle there’s a video we’re video eight
or we’re taking you are you mad are we recording yeah maybe if they think that
we turn our camera okay I’m gonna turn off my camera okay we’re gonna turn off
our cameras now see it’s off an entity yeah all cameras are off doing my camera’s
not working listen just put it off
sit back down everybody big blue big does it back down
make that thing go back off we just start our cameras off we just turned our
cameras off I was not recording whatsoever
dude these cameras are off red it was misfunctioning it was like blurry and it
couldn’t allow me to Precourt okay we’re gonna turn our cameras off again okay
we’re gonna do it again you don’t have to say you know something let me know
you’re here are you a spirit or are you a demon let’s put our cameras down but we got
our cameras off again you know no it’s no it’s by your hand it literally just
said no it’s by your hand that’s insane I put it down feel something around me
is that you on my left shoulder is that you yes or no that’s something very very
powerful but it’s laughing nothing in us I command you in the name of Jesus
Christ are you here twelve what whole spirit 2000 2001 2001 to 2011 see see it
see means yes okay you are Spanish are you speaking in Spanish I just saw
shadow go by and I thought you were missing your life but you weren’t no my
hand is down here try to keep this picture where are you
are you behind one of us oh my what did you say what they just said what did you
say I said something started laughing us take this shit’s funny huh I’m trying is it bad is it bad to be
disrespectful it’s okay don’t make the whole music box go off
come on show us show us your real i give any spirits permission to come forward
and sit with us to communicate can you perhaps move a chair if you have the
power to do so make that little music box go off the
little with what with what with you I keep I can’t do that I’m sorry I don’t
know why I’m sitting here can you please touch that green light next to CJ oh not
that way what not that like it goes oh come Connor come when we’re over here
okay watch guys you have to physically go in
front of it to turn on yo all right let’s get crazy
this is not we’re getting some crazy reading Jenna this is the dumbest thing
by far by far works on church can you please make
herself normal then I have a question I have a message a message is a message
for who say our name loud and clear is it for Eric is it for CJ is it for Jaspal is it for Jesco I have
a question that’s Jesco I was the only one who went
up to the room so let me ask a question okay is it okay if I sit next to it
Sammy to me yes well I have a question for you they say was that you laying
upstairs besides from you or me there was two of you who was besides you why
because I’m worried for you can you please say your name loud and
clear whatever spirit is here with us Braunger Blair yes bird or something
with you who’s next to Jessica yes he is who is he who is he you know them is it
Anna oh my shit that’s it Anna dude yes Anna who are you beside an x it’s
praying yes I’m praying in my mind how did you know tell me and if you’re here with us right
now can you please make that music box go off was yes I would maybe is
referring to else Frank simple are you a good spirit or bad spirit
every time you ask something about being a spirit starts laughing I don’t know if
you’ve noticed that are you a demon sent by the devil himself a fallen angel you’re like hey is that window open
that’s what I was looking at no I think it’s just that it’s closed do okay do
you want me to show you how to move a chair move it like that can you repeat
that so down what if I don’t want to sit down yeah we don’t want to sit down idiots
is there a can you please say it loud and clear cuz I can’t hear you
you loud and clear is this music buckstone really yeah that’s we’re about the leaves and now is your
chance you won’t you want to show us your real there are time to charm baby don’t CJ I heard that how do you know my
name you don’t like to speak anymore is that all you have to say I laughed
Hey look was that what was that what where’s my Velma wait don’t you know
asami you’re lying what do you know II think I said there
say something recently it’s like something um I don’t like this oh if
you’re powerful and not can you move something or throw something can I have
some of this water is that cool I wouldn’t I wouldn’t you should keep okay are you standing
behind Jessica can you turn that music off weed you should what’s gonna happen
if I drink this yeah twist the cap off for you we’re gonna drink your water I’m
gonna drink it drowned drowned this diana is that gonna do something to him
if he drinks that water what’s gonna happen to your mouth it made water boys and life burn yes do something so let’s
put the cap back real quick question though this is outside basically it all
up this is the equivalent of being outside
I left my bottle with my car flake couple hours and froze this has been in
here for god knows how long that’s true yo true and this is like
it’s not go home like it’s cold but it’s not don’t feel it it’s not like freezing
shirt friend well you could see my brothers guys yeah you guys get the
water what about the what about the lack of water
should I drink the rest of it go try it out yes doc can you turn that off please baby please turn it off if you have the
power to trigger that red light off please do so we’re leaving we’re not
going to talk to you you just saw that right it just flickered the second you
said that say it again sad enough though anyway bro no way did you get that yes I
literally just got that on camera well thank you for being nice let’s look
up don’t look up I just did don’t that’s a badass juju is this trap your
battery’s going dead brand new battery is going dead bro what’s you just put
that in I literally just put it in you know what’s really funny enough we’re
moving right now yeah we’re all moving look at this why isn’t it going off oh it’s flame with us is mocking us are
you mocking us hey pass through that chair what do you want with CJ well I
say loud and clear we can’t hear you partner stop stop oh my gosh why do you
want him to stop why do you want me to stop oh shit you’re not crying
I did once you have to target me because you know what you’re the one who
instigates at a lot I know I instigate a lot but no as you’re the one that has to
answer questions okay just just say it wants to speak to you the full attention
is to you you want to ask me something no it’s passing by I’m showing that it’s
we’re not moving we’re not moving no one’s moving I had the camera on us
right now are you letting us know that you’re there alone who do you want to
here to be alone say our name loud and clear do you want to speak to CJ alone I don’t
think that’s such a good idea do you want to speak to Eric alone do
you want to speak to me alone should we be praying yeah by the way that hasn’t
won awesome a while you know would you like me to pray for you to help you get
to the other side if you’re stuck here yes or no no oh my gosh do you care the
name of the Father the Son the Holy Spirit if you are trapped in this
basement you’re reaching for its ally you just saw that right I just wished my
camera from one hand to the other and it didn’t go off yeah I just went for my
left hand my right hand looking around I’m in front of it I’m the one who do
you want it until you pray for you it’s not making sense yes oh and what if we don’t they keep a
heard pay I heard you what is that but it is it why not
can you shut the door so we could be here and talk to you
oh shit they imagine that if they got the power to do so shut that door
so you continue talking to you good night when you get mad if I get up and
walk wait of course it literally just said nor can you shut the door for me I said hang on I’m walking away how does
that thing not go off on you by the way you just what is that that’s not like a
door on there g4 that’s not like a door wait that’s not him these are
earthquakes cuz you came yeah why are you sitting next to CJ oh please now can
you please touch him so you could get up what help him help me
why me why do I get picked out a little early super blurry me yeah super hang on we’re gonna walk away and we’re
gonna leave not come back that way move a chair dude if you move a chair I will
sit down then let’s do a quick test let’s walk away and leave this on and if
something moves we’ll come back all right we’re leaving
buy more chair and we’ll come back what is that cue the panel’s back here the
peanuts are here it is who’s playing with the piano right now no no my god
are you making fun of us was that your power well I’m not moving it’s activated I
thought keep going won’t my chair from your power suit
blurry I came to see you thank ya my camera was just really
blurry and it just shut off we’re the door slammed just turn it off it’s open bro all right hello that’s
moved what the doll oh my god the ball – yeah let’s put this doll back up yeah
let’s not miss a thing huh though your ever the man I’ll be
home with over here now initially I was gonna make this
video like an hour-long video again but I thought it would be better just to do
a three-part series and also it’s 5:40 one in the morning and I’m pretty
exhausted I mean rightfully so so yeah guys let me
know in this video if you call anything that I missed so comment down in the
comment section below with timestamps of things that you guys hear or see that
way CJ Eric and I can sit down and we could review the footage together and
see what we missed that would be pretty cool so I have a proposition I’m
thinking two thousand likes and I’ll drop part three in the next five five to
seven days yeah that’ll do I have other videos planned coming for you guys as
well so yeah two thousand likes and I’ll have that for you guys I promised in the
next five seven days also if you guys want to see us collab more most spoilers
on anything but let me know and give us some locations to hit you know we’re
down a travel and we’re down to make some crazy collapse for you guys so you
know it takes a very very long time to find a place that allows you to film and
it’s just cool about everything so yeah let us know down the comment section
below guys thank you guys so much for support on the series for all three of
us so we love you guys and take it easy see you in part 3 here’s a little sneak
peek we learn a lot upstairs though he is
getting dragged or so yeah we’ve been hearing like a dragging sound all night
long which tear no please I’m tuned I think we should end it right here and
then say a prayer yo oh my god I’m freaking out bro generally someone likes end it we have
to end this right now


  1. Did you guys catch anything I missed? Comment with the timestamp down below!
    lets get 2000 likes fam!
    Dark web video Wednesday.. it’s scary.

  2. Erick should be up there with you and cj , his quality content is beyond unique, keep helping erick he deserves it a lot, erick is a great dude who's been around 🙋 love you jaskinho ❤

  3. i can’t even walk to my bed in the dark without jumping in terror. keep in mind my door is 4 feet away from my bed 😂🙄 you have a lot of courage doing this!! i love your videos!

  4. Do you know where to purchase that kind of spirit box? I'm convinced my workplace is haunted and would love to get one to test.

  5. Bro this is fucking scary man for real, part 3!!! This was amazing especially these 2 guys do more with them please

  6. Did anyone else hear a high pitch ringing downstairs also in the first video upstairs they said if you drink the water you’ll feel like you’re burning.

  7. I want to say I watched this last night, alone. I have never had the most fucked up dreams afterwards as I did last night dude. That voice was definitely a demon. I forgot to mention I saw a face in the video. Next to ur friend. Erik's face, when u were focused on his face there was a skeletal looking face next to his. I cant find the time stamp now though. It was framed by the camera lights.

  8. I don't know if anyone noticed.. But at 25:39 a dark mist goes across the top of the screen from left to right. Like this so he sees.!

  9. Notice how he didn't cry not once, guess he wasn't scared doing all that but he crys when he opens his diy dark web boxes

  10. When talking to spirits using spirit boxs, make sure u find out if its a demon or a spirit. Demons do not like to show their true form so they manipulate a female figure or a little girl because they dont wanna scare u and comfort u. One way to find out its a demon is to ask if there is any sort of heaven , if the answer is no its a demon an therefore you need to end the conversation there. Demons try to convince you there is no heaven .

  11. @jaskino Who is sitting on the end chair at 8.29..??
    Then at the other end on the plastic chair from 9.58 10.08 a figure sits down and then gets up again!!

  12. 19:26 ……pause here… the left of his head…..flip your screens so that you are looking at his right ear…..⬆️…..lighten your screen…..between his head and the edge of the screen. See them …..? 19:52…..pause….take a look at the chairs. 20:13…. is the best….check out the right hand side of the screen….see her….she actually has colour.

  13. I can pretty much hear clearly what (they) day, it makes me wonder if the device is catching the voice of other people who might be in another room listening to your questions?

    It's in other words a bit hard for me to believe it's spirits because I can understand what they say even when the voices come out a bit distorted, I can still tell what they say. I am surprised you can't bu then again the quality of the voice would not be the same as the one picked up by the device recording the voices.

    For instance when you asked where it was a female voice clearly said "I'm behind you", followed by a horrific male laugh. But there were other things before that that the voices said. When the spirit (demon) was talking in spanish and then Erick asked if he was speaking spanish, the spirit answered in spanish again. I understand spanish very well. It was not nice what it replied to him, ad then laughed.

    At one time one spirit said they were demons, it said it clearly, if you pay attention to the voice you'll hear it loud and clear, furthermore he stated they were many as you said 2000, I never heard it saying 2011 but 2000, (legion).

    When CJ asks to make the music box go off, the demon growled, you could tell it was very upset. He was provoking the demons, but they laugh because we are nothing at all to them. They just do not do more of what they do at the time being because, yes, God protects us, but he will not protect us fully when we by our own free will give power to the devil to work on us and to with us as he may please, good thing that God in his mercy still protects us, otherwise things would go very bad.

    That male voice was saying "get out from here" and then laughed, by the way that thing never said God at all.. It was telling you to "get out", and said to look up. When he said "go home' I do not think he was referring to Cj in particular, neither it was referring to him when he said "Stop". Demons are very territorial.

    the demon wants you to get out, , go home and be alone.

  14. Yall are having me cackling. You’ve said your names multiple times during the seance and then the spirits say “no CJ” and Cj’s like “HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME!”

  15. I just watched this, and no paranormal video has ever freaked me out this much… the back and forth conversations were extremely creepy and compelling!!!

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