Overcoming Compulsive Acts through Spirituality. Sadhguru

Overcoming Compulsive Acts through Spirituality. Sadhguru

– – – – See….every aspect of your life, a human being is capable of making it conscious. That includes sexuality. You can make that also into a conscious process. So once it’s conscious process It is no more something which decides the course of your life. It is not something that is compulsively working within you. It is something that you decide. That’s how human life should be. Isn’t it? Everything you decide. You are not pushed or pulled into anything . And because it’s compulsive, how many varieties of trouble people have gotten into. Isn’t it? If it was a conscious process they would know when, where, how, what, isn’t it? Just see the kind of amount of abuse sexual abuse that is happening. You are not even leaving infants. That’s not normal, isn’t it? That’s not even human, that’s not even animal – it’s sub animal, isn’t it? because it’s such a compulsive force. And yes, it’s most terrible for the child, but my sympathy is also for the man. How degenerated he must be. How compulsive he must be to do something like that. That a human being can reduce himself to that level. How compulsive, the force it should be within himself to do such a thing. Isn’t it? So that’s simply because no conscious process has been brought forth into life. If only, if people did something consciously at least for 10 minutes a day, you would see all these things would go down dramatically. Dramatically! They are not starved of sex, it is not because sex is not available for them. It is because it’s such a compulsive force, that they have to do something like this, isn’t it? And it’s becoming a big thing. Not just in one place – worldwide. It is becoming such a big thing. It is not that it’s not been in the past, It’s probably more coming out now than ever before. But it’s always been like this. People are clothed in human body but living like absolute animals within themselves. Doing things that even an animal would hesitate to do. Isn’t it? Even an animal would hesitate to do certain things that human beings are doing. So, It has to become a conscious process It need not be a drive. It need not be a compulsive drive. It can be a conscious process. Once it’s conscious, how much of what you need in your life can be decided by you. Whether something is needed or not, also can be decided by you. Isn’t it?


  1. Yeah, I hate being compulsive too… So here I wanted to ad a link to a video coming from another direction and part of the world, which I also found very helpful and which I want to share with those for whom it may be helpful too. Unfortunately, for some reasons it wasn’t possible to place the link within here. But you can find the correlated video by searching on youtube for: “Dealing with Urges without Suffering – NoFap Academy”.

  2. On the comments to the video mentioned above I made a reference to this video as well, thanks!
    By the way I want to express all my gratitude to Sadhguru, whose teachings I highly appreciate and which have also helped me in a tremendous way. Thank you very much Sadhguru!

  3. Undeveloped and Diseased…..brain…..find it strange that inspite of Advancements and So many Psychologists etc etc humankind is not busy to find a solution here….something is surely wrong with the way we treat and understand Creation

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