1. Thank you for the enlightenment! This answered many of my questions about my experiences of sleeping in meditation.

  2. Going out of body can be dangerous if you have a wrong way of thinking, I would contact Master del pe to let him know your experience. Its about proper training, and proper thinking.

  3. This makes so much sense Master Del Pe. It resonates to a lot of my meditation and out of body experiences. You have put labels to what I've been searching for a long time. Thank you. 🙏 How do I contact you for further consultation on this matter of OBE? Also do you have any books on meditation that I can reference to?

  4. thanks for this explanation! I really like the answer of who gets out of body and the relation with meditative experience and recommendations to go to higher dimensions, and the relation Samadhi and Inner Contemplative States, Intuitional Awareness and download higher ideas, life purpose and Connection with the Soul. I will check the inner powers book and workshops

  5. I thought i was falling asleep during meditatiom but when learnt about OBE from Master Del Pe then i realized what was actually happening! Haha. Its so precious to have these nuances and clarifications. Master can you please share about sleeping and OBE?

  6. This video is the most explanatory I have ever heard about the Out of Body Experience! It also demistify many rumors about it. I would love to learn more about psychic topics…. What about remote vision?

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