OSHO: Making Love – A Sacred Experience

OSHO: Making Love – A Sacred Experience


  1. Knowledge is power,It is dangerous when in the hands of psychopathic manipulators.Learn to separate what he says from why he says.

  2. It's not only about the sex, it's all about understanding a partner, respecting and valuing each other's physical needs, and making it a sacred experience.
    He just wanted to make human existence to be beauuuuuuuutiful, sex is an integral one.

  3. The future generation will watch this man, how i wish there was Youtube during Jesus time so i could also watch his teachings..

  4. I listened this clip so many times but this the first time I hear ,on what ;he was emphasizing most i.e "WITNESSING"
    15:26 to 18:30 is what is real….

  5. I love how he speaks slowly so I have time to reflect about everything that he's saying 😍😍😍😍

  6. So powerful…these words are – witness,consciousness & observer. Do not identify with it, be like a mirror. Wow…Just amazing!!!

  7. How I've always described my intimacy, it's a spiritual connection very meditative… When it's done right!!

  8. Wow, he explained it so well and so much knowledge in it! Never seen a guru talk about sex before, surprised he is from the 80s. People now need to watch this, when sex is all sex and not love making.

  9. The meditative experience is to be in all of the activities you decide to be in, even in sports studying or playing. Sex isnt an exception.

  10. This is one of the greatest revelation ts to me. The most beautiful part of listening to this speech is that I watched it with my girl friend. I am grateful to master Osho and God. This is a must watch for all lovers. Thank you Osho and God. Thank you Nature, parents and everyone!

  11. exactly…orgasm without him being there and without touching either. For me, it's a wonderful exercise ln self-discipline as well. x

  12. Yes to everything he's remarking here, except man on top=beast. Man on top=caring attention and man looking after his woman's needs and emotions. Very delicate and powerful at the same time, and protective.

  13. don't like the word "play" for carassing. many positions are good if done lovingly. meeting and merging together should take place from beginning to end not just at orgasm. he makes a few good points but not one of Osho's best talks.

  14. I had experienced a wordless feeling, when I read a book of Dear osho. Really I am grateful to God who am I supposed to listen his pure words.. Feeling pain that I was not one of his disciples at that time. A Great Thanks for your

  15. I disagree that the woman only had an entire body that is erotic. The idea that men are deficient comes from someone who has been too focused on just one aspect of their body. An enlightened male can be momentarily transfigured and every inch of his body alight with the gift of sexuality. Surely this is true, is it not?

  16. Questo povero deficente che ai crede Dio e si e' messo al posto di Dio ne paghera' amare conseguenze povero ipocrita non sa cosa gli aspetta.molto meglio di lui e' stato J. KRISNAMURTI molto piu" intelligente e più 'onesto di questo deficente

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