OSHO: For Thirty-two Years I Have Been Absolutely Nothing

OSHO: For Thirty-two Years I Have Been Absolutely Nothing


  1. osho is best but why sale their thought.her devotee are create business😅😅. i love osho.my favourite guru osho.

  2. A charlatan, this guy. It really angers me that people do not see through his bullshit. A true master predicts with actions, not with words.

  3. Very few few persons in the entire history are there who were bold enough to point the loopholes of other religions in their own territory……!!!
    What a courageous man is Osho…👍👌

  4. The audacity of his beliefs and his living in modern times is simply so unworldly! He is beyond ordinary intelligence. I cannot say he is right, wrong, god, demon, sincere, insincere, he is just an expression of evolution. An evolution of our intelligence to express what we are today without the impressions of past and culture! We are so tethered to the belief that we should all be staked. Yoked to a belief of a will free from prejudiced thinking of taking sides! It requires a different dimension of thought to follow his line of thinking. Osho is beyond ordinary thinking!

  5. Well I m a science Student and I have felt this thing and you know what it gives me goose bumps when I think that it may never be explained by Science

  6. Osho said he was nothing for last 36 years. And he is talking to some other. Definitely now he is not looking into his innerself because he is talking(doing).He may, So many times was 'doing' something regardless of being a zero.. then how it is possible that 36 year old nothingness. He is mocking others..

  7. He is so true all the fights are due to belief and ego. The moment you believe in a GOD you are rejecting the others.. and your ego or blind faith inserted in to you cant get ride of it. So Emptiness is ultimate Nirvana! Just live and let Live!

  8. Yes it's my personal experience.. what osho said.. I stay long time in Osho commune and done meditation regularly and white robe celebration.. and I feel it.. change inner… Love you Oshoooooooo 💋thanks to Osho commune….

  9. Can someone clarify WHY this man is suggesting we deprogram ourselves and reach a state of nothingness? Is it that we become happier?

  10. It is being 10 years of meditation and I can know distinguish and say who is enlightened and who is not. So sad guru is not enlightened eckhart tolle is not. How can you detect cause. An enlightened is hugely connected to his hands. And has a rebel heart. Many so called enlightened I see on the media seem to be just entertainment. Be careful I don't say that they don't say interesting stuff but they are not enlightened yet

  11. It is really beautiful the idea of letting go but how can you possibly be absolute nothing and to be that calm in a competitive society where we have so many human problems, where you need to struggle and to work your ass off to survive??

  12. Interviewer: That is something i could not understand.

    Osho: You won't. And im not surprised.

    Just love this guy 😘

  13. He struggled when talking about greed. Wonder why? 🤔. Rest of this message is great. Interviewer is such a young soul talking to one of the great spiritual minds of our time.

  14. No, that is not true and it does not happen in reality. The belief system and ego never disappear but you overcome them and subjagate them through enlightenment. In other words, you go beyond them.

    Kevin, the enlightened.

  15. Please,upload full version!
    Great vision of osho!
    Plunge into inner atmosphere,enjoy the inner bliss!

  16. Has he ever come? I wonder. Osho's love is boundless. The way he talks to the guy is just an outpouring of love

  17. I was looking for someone else to say what I think and I found him! If you believe, you'll never find the truth!

  18. Beloved Osho Master of Master's
    Never born never died
    Just visited planet earth
    What fortune to be with you for so many years and beyond🙏🙏🙏

  19. wow…. I understand now why I was reluctant to appose a name to my child when he was born. I kinda knew by doing so the "program" was about to start. Him starting to lose his "identity" as a pure soul (nothingness as Osho was saying)

  20. When he said Tabula Rasa I remember about Locke theory of innate Idea .
    Not exactly Locke theory but it was a criticism of Descarte theory of innate idea (:
    Great Osho .

  21. Curiosity, who was the interviewer? I agree with Vimal Riktam just below, that the interviewer was simple enough ( in the great meaning of tha concept and word) to say that he didn't understand , in public, is him already in touch with the concept and why, likely, he created speaking to Osho at that moment. In a sense being a great interviewer IS that, taking the role of not existing, only moving the energy, so that the other person replies in response to the dance, and shows who she-he has chosen to be in this lifetime..
    The true Ho'Oponopono got this as well..and still people only beginning to get it eh!. bravo to this man-energy creation named Osho in this world…

  22. Osho knew all religion teachings n tried to bend them in favour of him. All he promote is sex no spirituality . Believe in no family no relationship only sex ,CRAP

  23. 3:17 I'm not buying it. The way he stumbled when he says "greed…had……..fffaallllll………dissapeareddd.." he speaks truth forsure but! Its sounds rehearsed

  24. The ultimate goal of enlightment should be turning a person into absolutely nothing. No goals, no achievements, no greed, no aims, no self, no nothing !

  25. Recently I feel exactly like this: I´m a zero, I´m nothing, no value at all. Either I´m deeply depressed or enlighted.

  26. This dudes a terrorist lol he isnt enlightened!!! Holy fuck you people are stupid…. why do you think he got deported…. literally planned to killed a bunch of farmers and take over their land….

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