OSHO: संन्यास एक गहरा प्रयोग Sannyas Ek Gehra Prayog

OSHO: संन्यास एक गहरा प्रयोग Sannyas Ek Gehra Prayog

Since many days one thing continuously comes to my mind and it is that in the whole world, in the coming days, it is possible that the sannyasin will disappear. The sannyasin, after fifty years, will not survive on earth. That institution will disappear. The bricks that support this institution underneath have been removed, the whole building will also collapse. But sannyas is such a valuable thing that the day it disappears from the world that day the world will be harmed immensely. As I see it, the sannyasin should go, but sannyas should remain. And for that a periodical sannyas, a periodical renunciation is what is on my mind. In an year, no man should exist who does not take sannyas for a month or so. In life there should be no man who has not become a sannyasin at least a few times. Permanent sannyas has proved dangerous, a man that becomes a sannyasin for his entire life. There are two dangers to it. One that the man becomes distant from life. And all experiences of the divine, of love or of bliss they are in intensity of experiencing life, not outside life. The second thing is that the man who moves away from life, he is prevented from sharing his bliss, his peace, life cannot associate with him. The third thing is, people start thinking that the householder is separate and the sannyasin is separate. So even when doing something wrong one starts to think that I am a worldly man, doing this is a compulsion. If I become a sannyasin I will not do it. Then there is a distance between religion and life. In my view, sannyas should be separate from life. Sannyas should be a method to understand and know life. A man’s life and his education should be considered incomplete if he does not become a sannyasin for a few days in the year! If out of twelve months one or two months a person lives totally the life of a sannyasin then so many doors of bliss will open in his life that he cannot even imagine. In these two months he will be a sannyasin. Then he will completely be a sannyasin for two months.. In these two months he has no connection to the world. Even the connections that ordinarily a sannyasin has he will not have. And you will be surprised to know a man who becomes a sannyasin for the entire life he is dependent on the householders. Because although he appears to have moved away from the world he has to live near the world. But the man who is a sannyasin for two months out of twelve he is not dependent on anyone, he is only dependent on the ten months of his own life. He does not depend on the world. He is not a refugee in the world. Therefore he is never afraid of anyone, not related to anyone. If a man is a sannyasin his whole life then he will be dependent on someone; he cannot escape that. And the end result is that the sannyasins appear to be our leaders, but they become followers of the followers. They walk behind them. They are given orders by the householders that you do this and don’t do that. The layman becomes their master, because they give the bread. The sannyasin has become a slave. Only way to break the sannyasin’s slavery is that a man can become sannyasin any time. Eleven months in a year he is a householder and one month a sannyasin. Then he is not dependent on anyone. Then he is dependent on the earnings from his eleven months. Then he has no deals with anyone. And this one month he can experience complete freedom, without any dependency. Then in this one month he will completely experience sannyas which no sannyasin is ever able to. He is liberated completely. And this one month the way he lives and the bliss, the peace he experiences and the freedom he enters into — after one month he will go back to life. He will return and experiment in the intensity of life, that which he learned in aloneness, can he use it in the crowd? Because education happens in solitude, in the crowd an examination happens. One who escapes the crowd he escapes the examination. His education is incomplete. What I have known in solitude, if I cannot use it in the crowd then the knowledge is wrong. It is not of much value. That is the criterion, because there is opposition, there the situation is not favorable, it is adverse. Can I be peaceful there also or not? There also, the sannyas which I practiced and enjoyed, can I practice it inside my home, sitting in the shop or not? These eleven months it has to be observed, examined. After one year one has to come back again for one month, so that whatever is experienced in one year of examination, can be deepened. Wherever he had gone last year, new steps can be taken from there. After the age of twenty if a man lives till seventy and in fifty years becomes a sannyasin for fifty months– then there is no truth in this world that remains unfamiliar, no experience which he has to leave unknown. And this renunciation will be periodical, The sannyas taken for this time-period. it will not break his life. Otherwise our sannyasin will become life negative. The wife and kids are afraid of him, the parents are afraid, because he will have uprooted his life and left. This ‘sometimes a sannyasin’, he has no need to be afraid of life. But when he returns his wife will find that he has come back more loving. His children will find he has become a better father. His mother will find her son has come back filled with more trust, love and respect. And after this one month the eleven months he lives at home and the fragrance he has attained will be spread in his relations, that will build the world. Till now the sannyasin has uprooted life and corrupted it, has not built it. He will become supportive and friendly to build and create life. So in my mind sannyas is necessary for a certain time-period, this is in my thinking. In this way, sannyasin will disappear from the world but there is nothing to fear, sannyas shall remain. And this way sannyas will be diffused on a large scale because every man will have the right to be a sannyasin. Right now everybody cannot have this right. Because right now if every man becomes a sannyasin then life becomes a graveyard, a death. And the work that everybody cannot do has something missing in it. The work that cannot be everyone’s right has something missing in it. If everybody becomes a sannyasin then life is uprooted, this moment. Then the ones which are sannyasins will also have to return. So this lifelong sannyas is a confusion, it is a mistake. So for sannyas to remain in the world, requires a very deep experiment.


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  4. M bhi yhi soch rha tha ki jis snyash se sb kuchh mil skta h uski kadar hmari socity kyo nhi kr skti thanks sdhguruji aapne margdrsn kiya

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