Om Mantra , AUM , ॐ मंत्र – 03 by Yogi Anand Ji (Kanpur)

Om Mantra , AUM , ॐ मंत्र – 03 by Yogi Anand Ji (Kanpur)

Now, I introduce you about another mantra, which everyone knows, that is ‘OM’ This word is uttered very frequently. However, ‘Om’ is of importance only when it is chanted in a proper way. This mantra is also a source of power. This mantra also is used to accumulate Yoga-Bal(Yog-power) as is also done using Shakti mantra. This is also used for kundalini awakening. Whenever you feel any depletion of Yog Bal, you chant this mantra with right pronunciation, ‘right’ does not happen so easily; or attain to a kind of inner purity (by Yoga-practice) so that whenever you chant this mantra your Yog-Bal(power) will increase, and it helps the Kunadalini to rise up. It is because the Creation began with the word ‘Om’. Although scientists have not been able to prove it by authentic and scientific way. However, it has been seen in Yoga (Dhayana) that first there comes ‘Om’ sound, (then the Creation begins). ‘Om’ is the root mantra of all mantra. We can get the real benefit of it only when it is chanted properly before you do Dhyana. I demontrate it before you. Om……….. Om……….. Om…………. Well, the mantra has to be uttered in this way there should be a prolonged sound; this is very important. By doing this, you feel the same sensesation as happens in Yog-Dhayan practice; for example, you may feel that you body is rising up in the air, or there would be felt a strong contration in Mooladhara region. Now, let me see how you chant this mantra, so that I could repeat to show you (in case you err). Ok Start, Chant collectively Om………… Right ! Right ! ‘M’ sound has to be uttered simultaneously. Right! Now stop! You people have done it quiet rightly. Some people who has a practice of ‘Kumbhaka’ pranayama they can keep sounding (a single) ‘Om’ for a longer period. However, when it done collectively, it good that ‘M’, the last letter of the ‘OM’, should be uttered simultaneouly. Means those who have a practice of “Kumbhaka Pranayama” They can chant (a single) ‘OM’ for longer period. So, in group chant with other means stop together. Now once again, Listen chanting Om…. Right! Very Right! Do it a bit louder.
Utter once more! Om…….. Utter once more! Om…… Well! You stop!


  1. स्नेहा जी माफ करना लेकिन हमे केवल इतना पता है मार्च मे है हमारे पास केवल इतनी जानकारी है धन्यवाद.

  2. योगी आनन्द जी आप से विनती है प्लीज कृपया सामने आये अनेक साधक भटक रहे है वो इस उम्मीद मे आप उनकी मदद करेगे विनती है सभी पर दया करे

  3. गुरूजी ॐ का जाप करते समय स्वास्पूरा अंदर लेते समय ॐ बोले या स्वास् छोड़ते वक्त ॐ बोले गुरुवर बताये

  4. Apne om ka uccharan kiya… lakin.. isme…
    aaaauuuuummmm. Ko karana. Chahiye
    Hum sabhi ko smjhna chahiye…. or isme
    Aaaa. Ka uccharan nahi hai….
    Only ooooommmmmm hain… jo ki sahi padti nahi hai… wrong way….

  5. om🌹🏵️🌻🌼🌺🌴🌾🥀🌷

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