Old Haunted Fire Station in Longmont Colorado

Old Haunted Fire Station in Longmont Colorado

our first paranormal investigation with
some friends of ours here in Longmont Colorado at the fire department right
behind me today on Colorado martini Libya so we’re here at the where we’re
going to be doing a paranormal investigation with some friends of ours
and we’re going to be testing out the 360 camera because we have a lot of
paranormal friends on YouTube that are just dying to know how well the 360
camera works I just crack myself up I know that paranormal investigation is
complete without going to the community store
this is paranormal true Pacific places the earthwork this is why I buy
all my superhero artwork in the candy store and that’s my favorite that’s my
next purchase I love that Wonder Woman print Wonder Woman the Longmont Colorado
Fire Department station one was a former fire station and was the first fire
station in Longmont Colorado it was constructed in 1907 and it remained in
use as a fire station in the town of Longmont until 1971 the fire station is
owned by the city of Loveland but is now leased to the firehouse Art Center it’s pretty spooky down here turn out
some of the lights if you guys want in 1880 the town of Longmont bought a
building that was owned by the school district and is believed to be Longmont
first schoolhouse this building was standing on the west side of Main Street that building became this firehouse
we picked up a couple of presents with two little boys in this room who have
some good stuff to say it kind of does if you’d like to speak to us just touch
the end of this and we’ll see the lights go up are you interested in lights candy kid can’t be a little boy you want to keep the candy I’ll put it
over here right there if you want it just gonna
give I notice mother gave me over there in the corner but it’s not as good one of the most popular meters in
paranormal investigation is a k2 meter some people believe this meter can
communicate with spirits so are you a little baby a little little
boy little girl if you touch the meter it won’t hurt you
it’ll make the light go on you can have the candy I don’t mind I’ve got on my
pocket the k2 is in my pocket with some candy
and started going off really my wife’s like your cake – and your pockets going on the other side no see he likes my
candy so those are cherry they’re really good would you like another one I put
yellow around your next two bears – OH I didn’t see you but we’re L oppressive
if you could take your finger and try to glue one of those jelly beans over to
the edge trust me I’ll have to eat it for you if
you don’t take it huh didn’t like that do you like candy touch the end of that
device if you like candy well you know if you’re tired of the digs down here is
a candy store about three blocks up sorry 265 are you are you a little boy
touch the end of that device if you’re a little boy
help our little girl all you have to do is touch that little device oh go ahead
and take the candy do you like candy okay we’ll show that there’s no
electricity and the spilt and the walls nothing in the walls good I’ll wire you didn’t want to see it
to cut right there’s nothing in the walls to make this go off that’s still
missionary mom if you look it’s about a foot thick I wonder what this is all
about this right here what’s that all about it’s weird
so do you think that YouTube when it went off with the candy I think that was
for real won’t have to review our footage have a nice weekend you don’t want to say bye in kebab talk to me everybody’s gone this is mr. martini being obnoxious wait
yelled at you that time yeah I bet


  1. I love the wonder woman picture. You do so good with these stories. I literally get goosebumps while watching. The editing is amazing.
    Keep up the work.
    Have a blessed night.

  2. That was very cool, love visiting haunted places! This was very interesting and enjoyed it greatly!

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  4. I want to say Thank You for your condolence of my beloved Bella. I appreciate that so much. Wow great gathering for the tour. I have heard about this before. I would love to take. Nice equipment too. Some really good catches as well. Even spirits love candy.. Push that button Mr. Martini. I enjoyed it my friend. Much love.

  5. Very interesting! I watched this earlier, but couldn't comment with my daughter laying on my arm haha. I've never used one of those EMF Meters. Have you ever set it down anywhere and had it go off like that outside of an environment like this? I have no idea how those operate, but I'm curious if they're reliable.

  6. One More Amazing Video shared my lovely friend, Have a beautiful and lovely week ahead

  7. Like#63 wow great footage!! You guys are truly brave for this! there definitely appeared to be spiritual energy there from a child who had passed on and was interested in your candy…I wonder how the rest of the night went for that spirit…and pray that they find the light and reunite with our divine as soon as possible!! Great share friends=)!!

  8. Wow.. Very interesting video of Haunted place
    The Pictures is so unique and artistic

    Enjoy so much The Haunting of Firehouse in Longmont Colorado
    Horror and so different. !!

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    As always – amazing edit, very good flowing story. Thank you!

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  20. There was what we think was a little girl in one place we went to a lot. It took us awhile to figure it out, but we think she just liked to make the lights go off. She didn't have any interest in answering questions or anything, she just wanted the light show. lol

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  35. Do you know ghost might have radiation from their body that can be detected on IR detector, you can try it somewhere in ghost house.

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  38. Places that have witnessed strong emotions, usually bad one are more likely to retain some of that energy. I guess these souls find some comfort in remaining there instead of moving on. Just loved Mr. Martini getting told off by a traffic light …. lol

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  43. A Creepy, fun video. I've got to check this place out! I go to Longmont a lot too. I used to eat at the old Praha Restaurant on 75th and Hwy 66 — It's Starbuds now! LOL

  44. Love the dying pun. I was glad to have time to sit and watch this. I have so many fond memories of Longmont There was an old abandoned house on 3rd street that was coined the haunted house. It had a lot of lore about it. Then one day some people bought it and fixed it up. They did have problems with bats hanging from the banister and under the breakfast table. LOL I wonder if there was any other things they discovered. This is a fun adventure you guys are taking us on! 👍

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