Nonduality | Flavors of Retreat #1–Arrive and Unburden | Jon Bernie | spiritual awakening

Nonduality | Flavors of Retreat #1–Arrive and Unburden | Jon Bernie | spiritual awakening

[Meditation bell] Try to forget everything you know. Forget your past, your future, your beliefs. Because what happens here is a mysterious, amazing, miraculous process, of being unburdened, lightening up. Enlightening, literally. So that the light that you are actually
can shine. The loving heart that you are can radiate. And you can be happy, unconditionally happy, and have a good life. So forget about enlightenment and awakening, and blah, blah, blah. [Laughter] That’s just another burden, isn’t it? Because what we all are fundamentally is awake, is pure, alive consciousness, pure energy. This is what we fundamentally are.That’s what life is. So what we’re doing here is literally realizing our full aliveness. We’re not trying to get perfect. Well, maybe! [Laughter] That’s a big burden. And it only gets heavier and stiffer, until it becomes like rigor mortis. No. The other good news is you get to be human. Imperfect, broken, whatever– unfulfilled– and you can still be happy. What do you think? [Laughter] Yeah, yeah. You know, when they talk about the
perfection of being, that’s a description of, from pure presence. It’s a beautiful poetic, true description. But not to be confused with our human condition, which let’s face it: it’s not
perfect. Not only that: Life is unpredictable. And it’s changing all the time. So we can’t control that. In fact, the process of being unburdened
is really allowing ourselves to not be in control. To not be controlling, to not be
identified. Our true nature is free of identification. It doesn’t mean you can’t, you know, put on the clothing of identification, be somebody. It doesn’t mean you can’t have beliefs, as long as you don’t believe them. [Laughter] It’s fine to do drag, you know, human drag, but don’t let it fool you. Because when you touch the truth–and you all have, I know that– at least a little, or a lot– you know that it’s a lot more than just
this presentation of our conditioned self. Being here has a power in it. Retreat is a powerful, alchemical cauldron. And you, you know, like a little mushroom, you just took a leap into the pot. And now you’ll simmer. And it may bring up stuff, you know, it may unwind things, reveal things, dissolve things. [sighs] Don’t worry about it too much. Just ride it, just ride the waves. If you can. When you get knocked off your
surfboard, you know, just get back on. Just get back on. [sighs] What we really learn is how to surrender. Well, if we learn anything, it’s we
learn how to get out of the way of the flow. We learn how to let ourselves be awakened. We learn how to let ourselves be guided back to our center, back to truth and harmony, balance and
peace. Because that guidance system is built in. It’s not something that you get outside of you. So there’s no one to follow. There’s nothing to understand. It’s all already built in. The wisdom of life is, I mean, it’s so obvious: It’s what you are, always have been. Notice if you’re trying. Feel into your body. Breathe, sense. Take a vacation from your
mind. That’s a tiny, teensy, infinitesimal place, believe it or not. Come on out into the
universe. Get some space, get some air. Open up into feeling, into breathing, into energy. Let your mind be muzak on the elevator as you go up. Just some helpful hints. Because sitting and being in here– even though
it’s very kind of low-key in a way, something else is working. It’s like a microwave. You know, you may not notice it, or you may. You may feel the energy in here. You may
feel the presence. You may not. But, please, if you don’t feel it, don’t
believe me. That’s useless. No, just notice what is happening, because something will be moving. Maybe you’re tired. Maybe you’re distracted. Maybe you’re feeling irritated, impatient. The beautiful thing about awakening and
being free of who you are, is that you will love fully. And I have to
say, that’s the greatest joy of this beautiful journey– is that the
real gift is that you get to love, a hundred percent. And it’s amazing. And that’s what we’re
here for I mean, that really is the bottom line. It’s not just being happy. It’s actually
loving. Nothing else ultimately matters. Not who you become, or how much you made, or what you invented, or– and those are all cool. That’s all fine, but it’s ultimately, are you connected? Or are you disconnected? Because when you’re connected, you’re loving. And maybe it’s just loving being this moment, or enjoying the beautiful warmth in the courtyard, and in the fountain, and the flowers. Or just loving that you don’t have to do the dishes for a couple days. Or cook. You can just go and serve up some great food. As I said to the head chef, who I love– “Sara,” I said, “You know basically we just come here to eat.” [Laughter] I said, “We sit around in between
the meals just killing time, waiting for the next meal. That’s
basically why we’re here.” [Laughter] She smiled. Actually, I don’t have to say a word, all weekend. I could just sit here, we just sit together. It would still work. Like in Molokai, you know, we just had a wonderful retreat, amazing, in Molokai. But I was sharing with people there
something I’ll share with you, which I love, which is, I don’t know if I’ve shared it before much. But there was a famous Zen master named Gutei. Did you ever hear of him? He didn’t say much. He didn’t say anything. He would just lift his finger when someone was connecting. That’s all. So to read about him, it says, “Gutei raised his finger.” That’s it. It’s just being this Presence. When you’re connected, you’re happy.
Period. That’s all. And, when you’re connected and you come to a retreat, You do get purified. You get cleansed in a way. You get, you know, it’s like taking a shower inside-out.
You get the whole– you get washed, you get unburdened. I feel you getting it, you know? [Meditation bell]


  1. This guy is the cutest spiritual teacher on YouTube. He's just fun and cute. Everything he says is cute even the deepest and most profound because his energy is so fun and sweet.

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