Noisy Haunted House | I Live With This! | Real Paranormal Activity Part 76

Noisy Haunted House | I Live With This! | Real Paranormal Activity Part 76

[Music] hey guys so I know it’s been a few weeks since I posted my update video and I just want to let you know that I haven’t forgotten I have been setting up the cameras as I said I would it’s just that my work schedule hasn’t really changed all that much since I’ve decided to take a break it’s still quite busy so I’ve only just gotten around to actually going through the last two weeks worth of footage now I do have a small clip that I want to show you so give it a watch guys and we’ll jump in and talk about it afterwards now I know it wasn’t the most dramatic Paranormal Activity video their upper core and I mean I was hoping for more myself I’m not gonna lie I was kind of hoping I’d catch like an apparition or like the door swinging open or something but I do think that it’s a great example of exactly what I’m hearing on on an almost nightly basis at the moment I mean it’s it’s the creak in the footsteps you know the knocking and I mean over the last two weeks I’ve got about three or four clips that are just like this I picked this one specifically because of the extra orb activity that accompanied it and I know we can argue all day long about whether orbs of paranormal or not but I do find them interesting when they coincide with all the bits of activity like in this case when the footsteps start on the stairs for me it sounds like the make in the way up the stairs and this orb comes in from the right hand side and follow us that same path and it appears a couple more times in the stairs area which to me it just makes it worth consideration I’m not saying for sure I guess that’s paranormal it could be dust it could be a coincidence it’s just I like that it is it is connected in that way now as I say I know it’s a small clip I am gonna keep the cameras rolling so you know do keep checking back thank you all so much for watching and as always I’ll post any nah like TV as I’m gonna get it [Music]


  1. I really enjoy your work mate I was a massive fan of the films too and you're doing an epic job! Not expecting you to break character obviously but really good job man keep up the good work.

  2. The easiest way to drive out any evil entities from your space is to play the audio of 'Surah Baqarah' – the 2nd chapter from the holy Quran in loud volume so that it can be heard in all the places of the house. It burns the evil entities so they flee to get far away from the sound of it. Play that audio as much as possible any time of the day & night especially when they bother you too much. Like in one of your videos I saw they were not letting you sleep. If you had played audio of Surah Baqarah They would have left you & your house alone for good. It's a l9ng audio. I think the recitation of the whole audio will be around 2 hours or so.

    I used to play it in our older house which was haunted. They ghosts deliberately often showed their presence in different ways. Scaring away the visitors & us. One day, my sister got slapped for no reason.

    Alternatively you can also read in aloud 'Aitul Kursi'. It is very short buy very powerful to drive out evil presence from anywhere. If you don't know how to read then get a Muslim to read it loud in your house. Majority Muslims knows in by heart. They are taught at young age. But if you came do both then play the audio of 'Aitul Kursi' in high volume that can be heard in all the apartment. Aitul Kursi is a name given to few verses of Surah Baqarah which are the most powerful to drive out the evil. So if you are still facing this issue with paranormal and want to rid then try that solution.

  3. BTW, you really are brave to continue to live in that place. I would've immediately got some help. We got help in our older house. Recitation of the whole Quran was done in the house & in the end, a Muslim imam spoke out loud to those jinns asking them to leave or stop bothering the residents. After that, they never bothered us again & did not purposely make us aware of their presence. They were still living there but stopped bothering us.

  4. Hi, I live in Mexico, this is the first time I see your channel; It caught my attention because it is something like what I live in my house, I live with my parents but he, she or they (ghosts, entities or whatever) just attack me. I've been doing the same for 10 years and there's nothing more I can do. 🙁 I do not know if it's something good or bad but I got tired and I just accepted it.

  5. Hi Michael,
    I also lived for a short time in a house with paranormal activities, trying to scare the persons living there (the son of the landlord had performed black magic rituals, for fun, in his bedroom).
    I am Orthodox, a strong believer in God, Jesus, but also of the devil who tries to get most of us out of the teaching Jesus left us.
    When the evil appeared, after a few nights when I got bored ignoring it, I decided to directly challenge that spirit and told it calmly that it is wasting its time and can't hurt me as I am with the son of God, baptised as a Christian.
    The brutal pounding sounds stopped immediately, and my cross which was on the wall arrived on my chest.

    Seeing you made a YouTube channel out of those events made me think that either you are faking those events for attention or YouTube money, or still not realising what those entities are (that they are not with God) and that keeping that relationship is not allowed for Christians.
    As I went through this myself, I would offer my help if you would rather have a normal life and keep those entities away.
    Best regards

  6. hey bro Michael why i said bro we not brothers lol
    is your house haunted or YOU are haunted by ghosts i saw a video idk if it was you saying hes haunted and not his house
    and is that so scary for you or its like just a person living with u and you say nah its not scary

  7. Aww man, I discover this guy 11 months after he stopped posting videos! Hope you're getting all types of amazing new evidence for us to obsess over, u have some baffling stuff going on & honest body language

  8. Update video please , just let us kno what's happening with you and if maybe they have started leaving you alone more. I think maybe your just really open to spirits and any in the area can sense your presence and try to make contact…some might not even kno they are passed on and might think your the ghost. Like the others…

  9. i thought that your house and you are suffering from a paranormal activity,not a channel to subscribe,means that you made all these activities,very disappointing,.

  10. I have had ghostly attachments since I was a child but 3 yrs ago a very negative one attached itself to me and I have no clue why or how it happened. All I know is take your activity and multiply it by 1000. And this thing was physically sexually attacking me. I found that the more I ignored it the lighter it became and moving to different states didn't even matter it would still follow. I've got a ton of footage too but have never posted any of it because I'm not a YouTuber and I find it nice watching your videos knowing I'm not crazy and that many identical things happen to you. Minus the sexual interactions and massive paralysis. When mine gets upset you can see dozens of orbs flying at you and anyone around. It can actually twist your insides and cause pain. Anyways nice to be validated in a way and I shouldn't even be typing this because it validating to anything around me but hope you get around to posting more videos when it's feeling less stressful for you to do. Your videos are extremely genuine compared to many out there.

  11. This is from a year ago… Where'd you go Michael?
    Don't let YT or anyone else, stop you from doing your work!
    With all those gadgets, like the kinects camera, your vids were really getting into the meat of paranormal investigations!

  12. Where are you at Michael ??? It's been almost a year since the last video ??? No updates or reasons why you went ghost on us, just wondering what happened to make you stop your videos ???

  13. Wow these videos are insane ive watched all of them i hope you do more soon.
    Also if your interested guys ive dome two paranormal story times i have a small haunting going on in my apartment heres my recent video i will post more when i get activity just hop on over to my channel hit subscribe and also subscribe to Micheal if u haven't already his stuff is insane xxx


  15. It’s been a year since he’s last posted a video🤔 what actually happened to him? Is he still alive did the ghost get him?

  16. At 0:55 seconds looks really close to the right of the stairs and you can see a 2 second orb that appears to be going up the stairs

  17. Thos dude is so fake! To me it just makes it..all the more fked up that he is taking money from people.

  18. Hey man, its been over a year now since your last video. How are you? Is everything okay? Can you maybe update us?
    You are missed!

  19. Hi Michael, It's been a year since your last video and you spoke of needing some time off to rest. I hope you have found your place of peace and happiness.

  20. We could help you if you don’t have time. Live stream and let us know. We can keep an eye out. You are not alone in this. Let your friends help you out!

  21. Hi, you might be interested in testing P-SB7 Spirit Box EVP radio. It is alows you to get verbal answers to your questions.

  22. 1 year later, an nothin. I just finished every video from your first ever video till this one. Took me 3 days lol, but damn that was something. Awesome videos, was sad to come to the end to where your not posting much anymore. Wish u was cause man, finally someone who is legit an not fake like alot of investigators.. Hope you come back.

  23. Nothing here in my house no noise no sounds no nothing 🏡😊I love my house🏡😘💖 my apartment is in my family's house🤗💖

  24. A dozen strobe lights placed around the house and a 3 KW audio amplifier playing Motley Crue should fix those pesky ghosts.

  25. Mike, please come back. No job is easy, I understand if your tired but maybe thats a sign you've pushed yourself too much. You should try a video a month, that gives you a whole month to work on 1 video and separate YouTube from family. I hope you get more motivation, we're all eagerly waiting for any and all activity as and when you get it………

  26. How come you all of sudden stop posting is everything thing okay it's been a year and have been watching all you paranormal activity videos

  27. I personally would like every cent of ad revenue this fool has made off me binging his videos (I am aware it's my own fault)! It's kinda infuriating knowing it's fake, and if you need an example how about his videos from the attic. How come on January 17th this "entity" is moving stuff around in the attic but on the very next day (the video when the box is moved towards him) everything is set back up as of it hadn't been moved at all? I feel like he is taking advantage of the spiritual and people who believe. It just feels very wrong!

  28. Did you do someting before it starts? I mean, did you go to somewhere? Did you attend any meetings? Got something weird? Did you move to a house with objects inside?

  29. I (we) hope you doing fine man.. we miss you.. please give us sign that you're okay.. Im worried.. looking forward for your new video..

  30. Michael i don't kniw if you will get this or respond but i have this strange feeling that whatever it is is not attached to you really. Im thinking theres something you own or have purchased before it all started to happen that its attached to. And every time you move it follows because each time you bring that item again and again. Just my thought.

  31. He's opened a coffee with friend and doing his business now as far as i know. I wish he's back because he was doing the best.

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