New Year Manifestation!   2020!  (part 1)

New Year Manifestation! 2020! (part 1)

Hey everybody! Looks like we are live Happy New Year! Happy 2020! Wow – we’re here So welcome my name is Michelle depres for those of you who don’t know me. I am the founder of Awaken Business school And this Angels, Masters and et’s group. I am so excited for this today. we are going to be rocking in 2020. So our agenda today is – I have a few announcements at the beginning. Then I’m gonna talk a little bit about the astrology The major astrological events happening in 2020 that will affect manifestation your three magical tips on how to create what you desire in 2020. Then we will move on to a guided journey. They’ll be a little bit of a break of a minute or two in between so you can get comfortable. So at that time, if you’re driving, YOU WON’T want to be driving during that Part. But this earlier part, you can absolutely be driving. So let me know if you’re here and let us know where you’re from. So let’s talk about 2020. actually, just before that no, we’ll do it this way. So we’re gonna start with the astrological things that are happening in 2020 first. And that is the Saturn Pluto Conjunction. the pin point is January 12, and Jupiter is coming in a couple months later. What this means to you is, as we look at the world, we’re gonna have the old energy that – the energy that’s trying to create and hold on to what’s here, and this pluto coming in and trying to destroy, trying to destroy what is not working. So as we look around in 2020 there is this old versus new, really going to be coming to a head. in 2021 actually the very end of 2020, we’re really going to start seeing, what we all hoped to see a few years ago. and that is more the new, higher consciousness being visible in the world. But we don’t want to wait until then to manifest. We want to manifest now! and there’s important reasons for that. and I will get into that. In addition, I’m going to be creating a three week, 2 1/2 week free course for support with this for entrepreneurs. So if you’re not an entrepreneur, you may still want to be in, If you have a project you’re trying to create. It’s really about this kick-off period, creating what you want in 2020. releasing the subconscious fears that have been holding you back. So if you feel like you haven’t been able to really launch, really create what your desires are, you’ll want to join this free group, which is happening quickly, and there’s a short application to it. So if that’s what you want, put yes, in the comments below, and I will follow up with you. It’s going to be happening very fast, and it’s for people who want to create in 2020. It’s this kickoff support, So let’s talk more about astrologically. Why that’s important for you to know how to navigate it in 2020 to create your desires. What we want to do is really pay attention to our mindset. I’m just checking for, making sure we’re still good and checking for for any comments. If you have comments or questions, you can post those below. There’s a delay. I don’t see them right away. anyway So if you want to create which we do, we want to soar in 2020 right? We want higher consciousness here on Earth plane now. So there’s some tricks here that we want to be aware of – some tips, and that is, we have this unstoppable force pluto battling Saturn, which doesn’t want to change. So Saturn is the one that builds and wants to create structure and order and hold on. Pluto’s coming in as this unstoppable force, trying to knock it over. uplevel, all the toxins, put them up in the air so we can see them and and get rid of the old. that’s not working. If we only focus on that, what we’re going to see is chaos, and probably more so the last two weeks of January. We don’t want to just keep focusing on that. We want to at times, a lot of times, put on our blinders and focus on what we’re creating. So some of us do want to – When that chaos hits in our home – hits our family, hits something, hits our water supply right? hit something that we want to take action on – absolutely do that. and then come back in and make sure, Absolutely Make sure you have that sacred time where you’re bringing in the higher light, bringing in higher consciousness and focusing your mind on what you’re creating and move towards that. That’s the energy. That’s the way we can harness this energy in 2020, and and really ramp up and create momentum. and take advantage of what is happening here Astrologically. it is the first time really, astrologically. We have this kind of support for creating out of higher consciousness. It’s been on the edges, but it hasn’t really been here, and it’s going to be stronger at the end of 2020, moving into 2021. But you don’t want to wait till then. You want to start now. You want to create that Momentum. so that you can take advantage of it. So we want to look at in creation. – We want to look at, what do I desire? and with desire We want to look at our emotions, not look at our emotions – We want to feel our emotions! so think about what it is You want to desire. what you want to create. the first tip, Number one tip. I’m gonna give you three. The number one tip to manifesting is feel that as if it has already happened. go into what it is you’re trying to create. not that you’re trying. Just get rid of that word trying. the end, the result. What you want to create. feel that as if it has already happened. Bring that into your current state, your current body. Feel what life is like, all the – how it is with that having already happened. and act from there, that’s super super important. we attract from our heart energy much stronger than we attract from our thoughts. I’m going to repeat that. our mindset is super important, because our focus is where we are. We want to, Be aware of our mindset and our intentions, and direct that. absolutely then to manifest. We want to be in our emotions. We want to feel the success of already having created what it is we’re trying to create, whether that’s in your business, whether that’s in your health, whether that’s in your relationship, we want to bring in the vibration, the frequency, the higher energy support of that into reality today. The quickest, most efficient way to do that is to do it with our heart, act from our heart, act from there and do this regularly. Especially going into 2020. because there’s so much chaos we’re going to be seeing out there. We want to balance, right? We want to come in the other way and bring in that higher vibration energy regularly so that we don’t get sucked down into that density. Number two. I’m just checking right here. making sure everything is still good. Checking to see if we have any comments because they come in late, but let me know Any questions you have. number two. This is a two part. This is an AM and A PM behavior. So we’re gonna start with the PM. before going to sleep. Take a few moments, a Few minutes. again, Going within, feeling the connection with higher consciousness. The higher essence. Higher light. God. whatever your word is. source. Feel that And from there ask – set – claim rather forget the asking. Claim your intention. What it is you would like to have advice on. what it is you want insight on. the higher energies respond to commands. And I don’t mean commands in a bully way. Absolutely no bullying, absolutely none of that. But from a place of assurance. that Hey, give me some. You know, in such gratitude with this connection, I desire clarity. I would like- I’m asking you to bring in. so you are asking, but you’re doing it in a way of strength and power. Bring in clarity on what I’m going to do in my meeting tomorrow. Bring in clarity on what I’m going to do at some event. bring in clarity on how do I create movement in my business? How do I create a promotion? How do I create whatever the X is. ask for that. and then let go. go to sleep. and in the morning, before you get out of bed. and before the alarm goes off. because the alarm is going to change the vibration of everything. So before any of that happens, you want to be still and listen. and advice will be coming in. Insight will be coming in. There will have been insight coming in throughout the night, But those early minutes before the world has come in – where you can hear, you can feel you can gather insights. a knowing. Ah ha. This is how I’m gonna handle that problem. Ah ha. I didn’t think about this. I gotta make that call call this person today. those different insights. This is Ah ha. This is my next best step in what To create. in how to – the next step of my ladder of creation on my manifestation. Fabulous. Number three. So we have first desire. Claim your desire and it’s from your emotions. Number two, setting your attentions and then listening number three, Write Or draw what you’re hearing. What your desiring. what – you want to bring it into Earth plane. So we’re taking the energy from above and we’re bringing it into Earth plane to manifest. because what we want is to manifest in 2020 on Earth plane. Write or draw is fabulous for that. It doesn’t matter what it looks like. it doesn’t matter what you’re writing, just start writing. It will start coming through, or if you’re painting, drawing anything, artistic, notice the insights coming through. maybe grab a little voice recorder. and say what’s happening. go for walks in nature without conversation. Your beste can be with you but no conversation. Because the conversation you want is this way. You can go to yoga, same thing. But then But then when you’re listening in yoga, insights are coming in because we’ve claimed them. We’ve asked for them. We’ve said our desire. We then want to get them in writing because it flees. it Go so fast. and we want to anchor it. anchoring it into Earth plane. i have this crystal here. This is my – I don’t see it, but that’s cause I’m looking at the camera. That’s still delayed. But this is my anchoring crystal. It can be a rock. You can go outside and get a rock that you love, right? I just love this one. I’m gonna be using this today. This helps me anchor in. and we will be anchoring in our goals. Our desires, our intentions, our manifestation. So now another question has come in from this group that I’m gonna address for just a minute or so, it’s a great question. And that is – so when we go to the higher realms, how do we? and that’s about creating in another- Let’s say exponentially, vertically, a different, a different way. But yet there’s things to do on Earth plane that are linear. There’s real things to do on Earth plane. and how do the two meet? And it’s a great question because both are important. So when we’re creating, we absolutely, want to bring in our intention, claim it – our desire – with the higher realms. and then trust that it’s happening. We don’t need to know that how . we just need to know the what. Trust that it will- some doors will open in some way. That’s what we’re doing there, right? where we’re putting it out there. And we’re saying the universe has my back. and something greater than me is assisting in this. And then – it’s a two part. both to me Equally important, it’s not one right or wrong. It’s they complement each other. We need both. And that is, there are linear steps to take on Earth plane. linear steps to take in our business. linear steps to take in healing. linear steps to take in relationships. linear steps to take in your – in other words career, business, your career path. whatever Whatever goal you’re creating, there are linear steps to get there also. and You want to write those down. and if you’re like me, so this is a forth trick, but this is personal. tip rather. not trick. It may not be something you need, but it’s absolutely something I need. So we hear vision boards and we hear, have a planner and we see these things where they say tape this to the wall. or or they have a big white board and they put everything on the white board. All of those things I’ve tried and they don’t – don’t work for me. So I have a planner. I use a planner, but it doesn’t get me – It doesn’t work for me. I use it in an opposite way. What does work? What has helped me manifest More than anything is a great big- and it’s big – easel. So for me, it’s 20 by 48. Got it on Amazon. It’s one of those movable easels, white erase board. It also comes with paper. I think you can get it for like – i don’t know. the size I got You can get it for less than 100. You can get smaller ones. But I needed a bigger one. and I take that easel and I move it around. and because it’s not something taped to the wall, I see it. I see it throughout the day. I see it, I just move it and I’m changing it. I’m erasing it. i’m putting the new words in there. I’m going from there to putting it in my planner. and then erasing it. and bringing in the new energy. and saying, OK this idea – and putting this idea out in front of me. And what are the linear steps? that has helped me more than anything. Because I can’t ignore it. We have a way of – well I haven’t ignored it. It’s something I use all the time. I ignore things on the wall. I ignore vision boards. I think of them for a week or two, and then I don’t see them anymore. Even if I tape them right by the door, I go out the door and don’t look at them. putting it on my refrigerator – I ignore what’s on there. It just doesn’t work for me. but this great big thing that actually I have to move. because in order to do different things, I have to move it. And because I have to move it, I’m touching it. I’m holding it and it’s big. It’s like a great big poster board, movable. so anyway, That’s a great tip for those of you who haven’t manifested and you want to manifest. that’s a great tip for how to do that. And then I go into – let me grab my – I use this little – I use this little planner, but I also have a big one. I like this one. just cause I like this 90x planner – because I like how it flows. But I don’t start there. I start on my white erase board that I use as a vision board. I’m even thinking of getting a 2nd one. but I mean – so anyway, do what’s best for you. So now we’re going to shift gears here. At this point, you don’t want to be driving. We’re going to move into creation mode, so get comfortable. Close your eyes, not driving. But before you close your eyes and get comfortable. Grab a pen and paper because you’re going to be writing. You’re gonna be writing that which you want to create in 2020 on your paper. you might want to – if you have a little something to anchor it – in any kind of crystal, any kind of rock, you might want to take that Hold it, and then when you hold it later, or see it later. It will remind you of what you’re manifesting for 2020. and we are going to do this in a sacred journey way -where we’re first going to bring in the light. And the reason for that is we want to create our goals, our intentions from a higher level. Biggest reason to me that we don’t create we don’t manifest, is that we go down into fear. and that’s easy to do. We as humans drop into fear and we do it a lot. We drop into what some call the reptilian part of our brain, and from there it’s fight or flight. And once we’re there, it’s hard to get out unless you have again, with intention, specific modalities to shift. or just, you know, dance in the middle of your room. You need to move. You need to change your energy to get out of it. And then you want to do something that rises up in frequency, rises up in vibration, feel your higher essence, feel that support. and then having -releasing any fear on the way, which I’ll help us do today. And the beta group that I’m starting – I’m looking for beta seekers for the 2 1/2 or 3 week course. which is focusing on that. dropping that. getting out of that. dropping all the subconscious blocks that bind us, that keep us stuck. and then creating. So again, if you’re on the replay and you want to be in the beta seekers, the beta group that I’m looking for beta seekers, that’s free, free manifestation course. But yes, in the comments, and I’ll get you the information

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