New Paranormal team (Supernatural Investigators, Ghost Hunters)

New Paranormal team (Supernatural Investigators, Ghost Hunters)

Hello everybody my name is Cody Dodson or Leo and I am the leader of the zodiacs. a group of Supernatural Investigators that dedicate ourselves to figuring out. What goes bump in the night and cleansing it out if needed. We do what we can to try and figure out all knowledge and strength so that way we can help people sleep better at night As you will soon see we are learning group, and we are trying to figure out new things along our way But on our travels we have come across people that don’t believe in the supernatural or are skeptic about and if you are one of Those people all that we ask is please do not judge Please not judge Those that believe in the supernatural and that I hope you enjoy our Channel and all that there is and we hope you stick around As a supernatural group we have seen a lot of things that can’t be explained things that are Beyond science, but they’ve happened and we know a hundred percent that it’s real other than the fact that we saw with our own eyes and to those that do believe we know that we try and keep everything honest we Give you everything that we see we’re trying to keep you along for the ride so that where you can experience the good parts the only thing we do do that changes the effects sometime is that we’ve amplify the sound or Clear out all the static noise so that way you can hear the EVPs better or voices Saying that I want you to know that all of our evidence that we are showing you is real Like I said earlier. We try and keep everything honest We do not fake or tamper with any of the sounds to make them sound a different way Everything we have done. We plan to show you even if we don’t catch anything during an investigation Because we believe that even if you don’t find anything you still learn something from it We have a lot plan for this channel We definitely want to do more investigations But we also want to do reviews of her items so that way you can see what is worth getting and what might not be We also want to do case reveals and show the equipment that we’ve used so that way you can see how they’ve used or worked In actual investigations in the future we do want to do streams, but sooner than later We also want to do ghost stories and the reason we say that is because we didn’t have really equipment at the time What we definitely experienced some things that we want to share with you and if you wish to share your stories with us as well don’t be afraid to contact us one of them social medias below and if you want us to we can relay it on the Channel as well and say as a ghost story now by saying that I can’t promise those stories are legit But I can say that a lot of stories that happen to us if somebody told me I might think they were lying too – so I Would like to share that with you both of us, so maybe we can learn something or at least enjoy it together Alright guys. I hope you enjoyed this, and I hope you enjoy a more and more of our videos, please Stick around and subscribe also make sure to share this with your friends So that way we can grow and know what we’re doing and learn together Again, don’t be afraid to contact one of our social medias below and tell us what you know so that way we can share each other stories Become a community But please keep in mind We are trained and have experiences in this field If it wasn’t for the knowledge that we know we could have been hurt or a lot worse We ask that if you plan on going into anything risky or dangerous to think twice about Because there are a lot dangerous things out there than you might know Also yes that don’t be afraid to have fun find things that are little and work your way up Or call us and we’ll do it together Because there are dangerous things out there things that I might not even relay on this channel because they were very horrifying to see but, we’ll have to see you, right stick around Be safe have fun up there, and I’ll see you in the next one may this be a great start to a better future


  1. Amazing intro ! So proud of you and what you’ve done!
    If I wouldn’t be on the other side of the ocean I totally would join.
    And one day you three need to come and do some ghost hunting in London 😉 good luck with everything and please be careful

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