New Hero | Esmeralda - The Astrologer | Mobile Legends

New Hero | Esmeralda – The Astrologer | Mobile Legends

Esmeralda inherits star moon power what are the most mysterious drinks the Lamb of God regardless of how strong and any shields I she can easily ignore them and heal damaged also she can transfer list of enemies and make it into her own first skill frost moon shield Esmerelda generates a shield around herself and increases her movement speed meanwhile she gradually transforms the she loved her nearby enemies into her own shield this skill will ask for a while since blossom encounter damage and also provides shield or enemies it will feel damage the enemies continuously as well the transforms shields from enemies to help herself survive this skill is the keepers willing to take huge amounts of damage second skill not a dust death there's well the swings are two weapon you have two heads of damage against nearby enemies dealing damage to enemies reduces the cooldown of the frost moon shield this is her main damage healing skill that causes a lot of damage while also reducing the cooldown of craftsmanship casts tightest and after cross blue shield matter what you easier to survive ultimate falling star Esmeralda coheres the power of the skies and first frost Leland Stardust the longer the duration is the greater the power will be I can make this skill to cast the Stardust the designated location dealing physical damage and then Esmeralda sensor senses of a location to cats frost moon healing magical damage this is the most important ability to get enrolled into battles where will also cause a temporary effective control choosing a lifetime to activate the skill to dramatically change the outcome of a team fight passive star moon casts here relying on the energy of diamond casting as well the manipulator startups and the frost moon each of their basic attacks and skill you've damaged one Stardust gives physical damage and frost manages magical damage and gives the enemy target a shield the damage dealt plants mother ignores all shield effects and transforms her shield into HP with this person Esmeralda can potentially deal more damage than any other hero however it also reminds her enemies Sheila no need to use the skill approximate shield to quickly transform the enemy team fight is on and some others stay behind waiting for a chance enemies are launching their attack we lost an ally however they just use all their skills as mother sees the chance using our ultimate on the enemy backline she casts roughly shield transform the shield enemies into her own while dealing a lot of damage the enemies have Stardust as not to successfully killing the enemy stiffens herself on the enemy Johnson who comes the supportive team as well the continues to transform the Sheila Johnson with frost moon shield to keep herself alive with the help of her passive as well the kills Johnson must strong shields and that's our new hero Esmeralda


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