Never Lose Enlightenment with Spiritual Alchemy – Sadashivoham 2016

Never Lose Enlightenment with Spiritual Alchemy – Sadashivoham 2016

nithyānandeśvara samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari madhyamām | asmat āchārya paryantām
vande guru paramparām || I welcome you all with my love and respects.
I welcome all the Devotees, Disciples, Samajis, Satsanghis, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Thanedar,
Kothari, everyone sitting with us through all over the world, through Nithyananda TV
and two way Video Conferencing having Nayana Deeksha. Today, I wanted to explain some of the deep
intricacies of the Alchemy Process. Listen. Physical, physiological, psychological,
neurological – this various levels of you, physical, physiological, psychological, neurological
– this various levels of you, is inter-connected and have their own systematic way of responding
to each other. Understand carefully. If you physically eat something, which upsets your
stomach, you will see the effect of that in your physiological, psychological, neurological
level. Understand. A wrong meal can even shatter your identity. Listen carefully. Single wrong
meal can shatter your identity. You are that fragile, till you start practicing Integrity
and Authenticity. That is why I say, practicing Integrity and Authenticity, is only literally
giving birth to yourself. Till you start practicing Integrity and Authenticity, you are not even
considered human being, because a single wrong meal, is enough to shatter your whole identity. A one day cough or cold or allergy is enough,
you will be vomiting irritation on a person who you revere and love most in your life.
The person whom you revered, loved, worshipped literally, your whole life you will vomit
your irritation and agitation, anger on that person, just 1…1 day 24 hour cold. Physical,
physiological, psychological, neurological – a simple gas in the stomach is enough for
your neurology to project your whole life is doomed, you are in hell. You don’t need
gas chamber. Gas in the chamber is enough. You need a gas chamber, to make you feel life
is hell. Gas in the chamber is enough. Little bit of gas in the chamber is enough. If your bladder is full, your neurology, all
dreams are neurological experience. Your neurology can build a restroom. I always tell, if you
see a restroom in the dream, don’t use it, it’s a trap. Same way if your body is filled
with hormones, it…. just like how when you bladder is full, you neurology is capable
of building a restroom and giving you the comfort to use it. In the dream, when your
hormones is full or low, when it is full, it can make somebody really look handsome
or beautiful. When it is low, it can really make even God look like a devil. Understand.
When your hormones are high neurologically, psychologically, physiologically, physically,
you can literally feel somebody is extremely handsome and beautiful. When it is low, when
the hormone is low even Devi become Devil, add ‘l’, of course I am not talking about
Parashakti, Adishakti. No! You may be behaving literally like a great Devi, with all love
and compassion in your whole life. The moment hormone goes low, that’s all. You become
devil. Listen carefully. These interconnected happenings is what I
call ups and lows. This is your chemistry. A simple horror movie clip for 5 minutes,
I think even 5 minutes is not….3 minutes is enough, all your years of Unclutching gone.
You are shivering. Listen. This whole chemistry you go through
the ups, downs, the chemistry of physical, physiological, psychological, neurological
ups and downs – that same chemistry, if somebody understands it and uses for Enlightenment
purpose that is called Alchemistry. How a simple meal can make you lose your Identity.
A simple product can regain your Sadāshivatva. How a cold can make you lose your connection
with yourself, a certain heat can make you connect, with your Sadāshivatva. Brahmacharya
is nothing but tempering the glass. Understand. If you want to strengthen a glass, how you
temper it, heat it and put in the water. Just like that, if your body can be tempered, Brahmacharya
just becomes a lifestyle. It is just a tempering, nothing else. Thousands of things, extraordinary
experiences, powers can be made permanent neurological, physiological, psychological,
physical experience in you, through this Alchemy Products. Through this alchemy science. Alchemy
science can make your vessel – body and mind, capable of receiving and holding the
ultimate Enlightenment forever. See in this cup, I can pour only the hot coffee.
I can’t pour the molten gold. For that the cup need to become a stone cup, only then
I can pour the molten gold, melted gold. The alchemy products will make you a melt….the
stone pot. Then I can pour the melted gold, means literally Enlightenment into you. It
can stay in the system. This whole spiritual alchemy science, is raising your physical,
physiological, psychological, neurological state, to the highest peak possibility, to
the peak possibility, and making you stay there permanently. Making you stay there permanently.
Understand. One of the biggest problem we have, all the Seeker’s face, is they get
the state but lose it. So this time I decided. The uniqueness of Sadāshivoham, is through
the proper spiritual alchemy products not losing the state. Understand. Sometime people ask Me, “What
is something special, what I went through in Sadāshivo…..what I went through in Shivoham
and Nithyanandoham? Now what is going to be special in Sadāshivoham?” Listen. Not losing the highest states you
experienced, through the spiritual alchemy products, is the specialty of this Sadāshivoham.
That is the specialty. That is the uniqueness of this Sadāshivoham. A properly organized,
arranged – alchemy products, literally the life energy of Sadāshiva, bio-energy of Sadāshiva
is getting prepared with the whole spiritual alchemy products. The energy field is getting
ready. The Ashtalingas, which is going to hold the Garbha, exactly like how Arunachala
Tiruvannamalai is energized by Sadāshiva, to be a spiritual incubator, with that same
science Ashtalinga is going to be installed. The Lingas are ready, holding the Garbha and
creating an energy field, for this Sadāshivoham process. So, get ready. Sadāshiva is getting
ready, let your ‘I’-Aham also get ready to receive it. He is preparing so much to
give it. You get ready to receive it. I bless you all, let you all radiate with
Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Shaivam, the
Eternal Bliss – Nithyananda. Thank you. Be Blissful.


  1. Thank You Swamiji, All of your teaching's are enlightenment for me. I only wish to come meet you someday. Since I was eight years old I had no understanding of my life, you have clarified my purpose.

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