MYSTICAL CRYPTIDS That May Actually Exist – Part 2

MYSTICAL CRYPTIDS That May Actually Exist – Part 2

– Cryptids, mystical creatures
that have been documented but remain elusive in this world. However, as time goes on, the conversation regarding cryptids has increased
in both scope and number. The number of reported
cryptids existing has exploded. The following are the 10 most common to be reported to exist today. Here are 10 mystical cryptids that may actually exist, part two. Number 10 is Altamaha-ha. Discovered by the local
Tama Native American tribe in Georgia, United States,
long before its colonization by Britain, the Altamaha-ha
lurks in the waters in and around the Altamaha River. Lurking in streams and rice fields, it’s often referred to as Altie for short, but the Altamaha-ha is most often spotted near the mouth of the river, particularly in the city of Darien and other parts of
Georgia’s McIntosh County. The creatures has been described as having the body of a gigantic sturgeon, with a long bony crest
that runs all the way along its spine and its massive tail. Altamaha-ha’s body is grayish in color, and it moves along using two large fins as front limbs, and a long
tail with a flipper at its end. The scariest feature of
this cryptid is the snout, which resembles that of a crocodile, complete with sharp teeth. Number nine is Dobhar-chú. Also known as the king otter,
the Dobhar-chú is a creature that is said to inhabit
the waters of Ireland. Said to look like a cross between a dog and a sea otter, with thick skin and a protective layer of fur, this mysterious creature is truly vicious. It’s allegedly responsible for the death of at least one person,
a woman named Gráinne, who was attacked by the king
otter in the 17th century. Gráinne was outside washing
clothes when it attacked, tearing her into pieces. Her husband heard her
screams from inside the house and ran out to see the end result. His wife was dead. He killed the beast, and
then another one of them when it attacked him shortly after. Gráinne’s gravestone is still
in Cornwall cemetery today, but is the threat of the
Dobhar-chú truly over? Number eight is the Black Demon. For as long as human beings have swam in the world’s oceans, they
feared the giant beasts that call these waters home, specifically, the sharks. But there’s one shark that truly makes the sea a dangerous place. Spotted off the waters of
the Baja Coast in Mexico, the Black Demon of Cortez
is a massive black shark that many believe is an ancestor of the gargantuan megalodon. Experts have chimed in,
saying the giant creature could be a whale shark
or even an oversized great white shark with
melanism, a condition in which dark-colored pigments
overdevelop in the skin, making it much darker in hue than the average great white would appear. However, others are convinced that there is a monstrous predator out there, ready to swallow you whole
the moment you go for a swim. Number seven is Tahoe Tessie. Said to inhabit Lake Tahoe in California, Tahoe Tessie is a serpent-like creature that has been spotted multiple times by a number of witnesses. Stories of her date back
to the mid 19th century, where they were shared by
the Paiute and Washoe tribes who lived in the area. Reporter James Whitworth
Argyle named the monster after Tahoe Tess, a local
prostitute he was fond of, and the name modernized to better reflect the infamous Nessie in Scotland. Some of those who spotted the monster have said Tessie is
only three meters long, while others have claimed she could be up to 24 meters in length. Her coloring also ranges
from green to black. With such a range in descriptions, could it be that there
are multiple Tessies? Perhaps this secretive
creatures has managed to reproduce, making the
waters even more dangerous. Number six is Akkorokamui. A figure out of Shinto and Aku folklore, Akkorokamui is a monstrous
half-octopus, half-human creature that’s said to call Funka
Bay in Hokkaido, Japan, home. However, it’s been apparently seen in a number of other watery
locations in other countries, such as Korea and Taiwan,
for hundreds of years. Considered to be female in gender, this aquatic monster is described as being over 120 meters in length,
and bright red in color. John Batchelor, who
allegedly saw the creature in the 19th century, described her color as resembling the color of the reflection of the setting sun upon water. It’s also believed that
should you find yourself in her tentacles’ grasp, it’s
nearly impossible to escape. It’s no wonder why Akkorokamui has gained then nickname Ashkente Mat,
or the long-fingered woman. Number five is the Lizard
Man of Scape Ore Swamp. First spotted in 1988
by Christopher Davis, a 17-year-old resident of
Lee County, South Carolina, the Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp inhabits the area’s swampland, and
is said to be responsible for damaging multiple vehicles. The creature is described
as greenish humanoid with scaly snake-like skin, three-fingered hands, and red eyes. It stands over two meters tall and always appears to be wet, as if it’s just crawled out of the swamp from which it’s named. Multiple other sightings
have been reported of the Lizard Man, including in 2015, when a local television news program revealed photos and video
evidence of the monster that was taken by individuals that were never officially identified. With this exception, no solid proof of the Lizard Man has
been brought forward. However, the creature still
has many locals terrified. Number four is Black Shuck. If you ever find yourself
roaming the countryside of East Anglia, England,
be sure to keep an eye out for the Black Shuck,
because it may already have its hungry eyes on you. Often referred to as an omen of death, the Black Shuck is a
large ghostly black dog with fiery eyes. First mentioned in 1850
in Notes and Queries, a scholarly journal published by the Oxford University
Press in the United Kingdom, this terrifying monster’s name is derived from Scucca in Old English,
which translates to devil fiend. This is fitting, because the Black Shuck prefers to prowl at night
along dark footpaths, yet it makes no sound when it walks, no matter what ground is beneath its feet. It’s said that hearing the
howl of this great beast will make a person’s blood run cold. That is, assuming they’re able to survive the encounter at all. Number three is the Ogopogo. Said to inhabit the
waters of Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, Canada, Ogopogo is a massive sea serpent that has been taunting locals
and monster hunters alike since at least the 19th century. That was when First Nations people began telling stories of seeing it. The creature is allegedly
between 12 and 15 meters long with a dragon-like head. In 1978, skeptic Bill
Steciuk spotted a trio of large dark humps
coming out of the lake, which quickly made him a believer. However, he’s far from being
the first to see Ogopogo, as back in 1946, dozens of
witness in 30 separate cars all claimed to see the
serpent rise out of the water before disappearing again. People still claim to
spot the monster today, with three separate sightings occurring within a three-week period
in September of 2018 alone. Number two is Grootslang. If you have a fear of snakes, then get ready for your worst nightmare. Considered to be a great
mistake made by the gods, the Grootslang is a primordial monster said to be as old as the world itself and so horrible that it was decided by the powers that be that it
couldn’t continue existing. Thus, it was split into two creatures, creating the first elephant
and the first snake. However, one of the
horrifying beasts escaped the gods’ plan and now terrorizes mankind. The Grootslang is described
as a colossal serpent with huge tusks and long sharp teeth. It’s believed to still
lurk inside a deep cave in the Richtersveld, a
desert in South Africa, and both animal and human disappearances have been blamed on the
terrifying creatures’ hunger. And number one is the Mothman. Spotted multiple times
by several witnesses in and around Point
Pleasant, West Virginia, the Mothman terrorized people
between November 12th, 1966, and December 15th, 1967. That is when it disappeared. It was first seen by a group of five men who were digging a grave
and saw it swoop down, flying low from the trees over their heads before disappearing again into the sky. A few days later, the creature was seen by a pair of young couples who all corroborated the men’s story. Described as a man-sized
creature with huge wings and glowing red eyes, the
Mothman has been connected to the collapse of the Silver Bridge, which took the lives of 46
people who were crossing it. Since then, reported sightings
have all but stopped. However, the question is,
is it still out there? (spooky music)


  1. At least there was an attempt at pronouncing grootslang XDD The name literally just translates into big snake. Groot meaning big and slang meaning snake

  2. Matt I love your videos and have been subscriber for years… But I’m from South Georgia and you completely destroyed the pronunciation of Darien and McIntosh lol. Still enjoy your content though!

  3. One time when my dad was coming home from work (around 11:30pm) he started to pull up our driveway (which is a 100ft hill that is out in the woods) and he saw something that looked like a guy walking away from the direction of our house. His immediate thought was that someone was snooping around our house. But he shot up the driveway, catching a small but plain view of something that we in Ohio call the grass man. It’s basically a shorter version of Bigfoot with very long, mossy like hair that stinks like garbage. He never believed in that stuff before but after that night, he wasn’t so sure. A few years later, my brother had a similar sighting.

  4. Dude, you butchered that Irish it's Do-Fh-ar Ch-u you pronounce the ch like you would with the J in Spanish with a throaty sound like you're about to spit. Or at least that's how Dublin Irish would pronounce it.

  5. Number 7 can’t be dangerous if it reproduces, since you don’t mention any attacks or deaths how is it dangerous🤷🏻‍♂️ tryna get it extinct if it’s real ? Edit is it strange that number two got German names ??

  6. I feel like I have a good logical explanation for every one of these creatures, especially since these were mostly in the old, old days

  7. I live in east Anglia haha.

    We got a lot of sightings, people think it's a pet panther or something that escaped.

    Used to joke about it on the bus to school

  8. you should've put Godzilla in this list cuz even if it's just movie character but the background was based on the actual story about nuclear test. Wh knows there's an actual atomic mutated being out there?

  9. Why does the American Cryptid have the Haha in her or his name?? What the heck exactly is a Cryptid? Oh no.A Crypids looks like/resembles a giant evil otter?:-(:-( That is one huge Octopus /Squid creature.:-O:-O I don't live in the country that The Black Shuck lives in.Yay!:-):-):-D Mothman has Bat wings??? Is he attracted to lights? Does he fly drunkly?

  10. Does Altmaha-ha make the sound HA-HA? I weep for the uncultured swine that don't understand the joke, because the show is "racist" and don't watch it.

  11. I wonder Cornwall did to provoke it oh kill its possible mate? My theory is there are different species of Tesies

  12. All BS… Science needs evidence or a body or DNA …Basically…Prove it!!!…. Until you can it's all BS… Yes…

  13. some of these, like ogopogo, are believed to have started otu as legends to scare children away from the water. Over time, they morphed into these stories. Okanagan really plays up the ogopogo story, and has festivals and other events with him as theme each year. it's c lot of fun, and what's wrong with that?

  14. the door hoo looks like me. not that i look like a dog it’s just the… well no i guess i do look like them.

  15. Yo one of the images for the dog thing in England (btw thanks now I'm scared of the country side) was of series black in dog form from Harry potter the prisoner of askaban

  16. Don’t worry black shuck ain’t getting me. Me and the Shollies, the aussies, oh and the wolves got this sh*t on lock

  17. You put an extra "ha" on there…Benjamina alatamaha is the Benjamin Franklin tree, a native of the SE US, now rare due to over-harvesting.

  18. So… i live in east anglia. Where i live there were tons of reports of a black panther type thing that would steal the sheep from nearby farms. My friend lived in a village called Coldham on a farm there and they lost animals to it too… makes you wonder yknow..

  19. The "sea serpent" tales such as Nessie, Tessie, etc are all the same animal.
    It is a plesiosaur. They survived the global extinction (as did some other underwater "jurassic" animals) and are now spread out thinly, trying to keep to themselves and occasionally getting noticed.

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