Mystic Vale: Vale of Magic Gameplay Talkthrough

Mystic Vale: Vale of Magic Gameplay Talkthrough

hey everybody today rata talks through mystic veil veil of magic which is the first expansion for the wonderful wonderful mystic veil that continues the story that started in that very cool card crafting game I’m gonna spend a few minutes today telling you what’s in this box and what Jen I thought of it what is the situation well things are going pretty well for our mystics in the original game mystic veil there were just a bunch of us a bunch of druids a bunch of mystics walking around trying to commune with the spirits of the forest and you know slowly bring back the the life that was lost and fighting against the spoilage ie not trying to bust and all that the interesting thing was in the original game there was no real magic at all it was just us and our you know we druids and our woodland friends bears and owls and wolves and stuff like that basically just trying to restore the forest in fact one of the most powerful cards in the original game where was it is as level threes was magic seeds that’s about the only magic in the original game but now that we’ve got the expansion veil of magic things are moving along and those magic seeds have sprouted and have started to grow and brought a whole bunch of magical stuff into the game and so these are all the cards you get but really let’s see if I sorted it correctly here at the beginning these are all the unique cards because of course like the base game there’s pretty much three of every type of card depending on whether it’s going to be the top middle or the bottom and all of that by the way I should say I’m not really going to tell you how to play mystic Vale you can watch my original run-through by hitting that I in the top right corner of the screen today I’m just going to walk you through what the new cards are what they add how they change things up to add a dash of magic into our mystics lives and I’m right so this is our level ones some of them art is pretty straightforward you know here we have more Guardians there’s one thing that’s definitely the case in here a lot more Guardian functions which is great it makes the strategy of trying to build a strong Guardian deck that much more powerful Guardians plus earning a point every turn thanks arbor overseer and then we out the canopy Explorer this is particularly cool um because basically as I was just mentioning guardians become more valuable for every gardening that you put on this card after you’re done and you go to the harder space which is when you buy stuff you get to activate this ya play 70 cards on top of your deck at the end of the field right arm during the harvest which means it doesn’t matter if you draw any of the red icon despoil cards anymore because you can bust you made it fast you’ve stopped this is out it has a whole bunch of helmets now draw you know 1 2 3 4 more cards out and not worry about busting that is very cool because of course you go exploring the canopy as you might imagine the limb pressure this is obviously a magical creature here it’s some big kind of a tree golems sort of thing which obviously is creating you know green spirit and it makes you know the the mana for you and all that pretty straightforward and a CO all wolf sprite another one this one is like the limb pressure so more magical creatures showing up this one generate screen this one generates Sun for the purposes of different vales you might try to grab a century you know early in the game getting a double helmet that could be a very big deal again if you’re going for a protection or a Guardian heavy deck let’s see are we to the twos yeah no oh and the giant toad you know generating some more you know spirit energy and gain one victory point for each for each guardian so more helmet base stuff livestock or okay so now we’re onto the level twos as he for each for each Guardian again the the Guardian stuff is really souped up here makes it much more viable in the original game it was kind of a crapshoot weather if you started trying to build that whether it would go anywhere now it’s much stronger there’s a lot more options and this is an opportunity to pull cards out of your deck based on that there was something similar in the original game but now it applies you know to everything on here because it’s on one of these side stripes the heartwood healer worth point but just you know pretty simple starting to generate some green um the hatchet now this is a cool card this is actually probably one of the cooler cards in here and it starts to show off some of the really neat things you can with this system basically if a if the first car in your field leave it in play so basically you put you this is a card you put something on and then you put really cool powers on here and it eventually comes out it does whatever it’s going to do but then at the end of your turn you don’t discard it it actually sticks around and becomes the equivalent of the first card you play next round so you get to use whatever you put on this card twice in one go through the deck that can be a really big deal if you built yellin could combo really nicely with different stuff and then you’ve got the golden green Griffin when played you can turn your money oh this is really really awesome this is a power I like a lot taking your mana token normally the base game you won’t wait to get this man a token to be worth mana is to bust you know to be able to get that mana now um you know when using the golden green Griffin you can get this to be able to use immediately or later right off the bat plus Sun and animal spirits that is very very cool let’s see here and then oh the water Weaver again more Guardians making points making mana yeehaw ley line overflow during harvest after you determine how much mana you made double it although of course that’s a little bit corrupting that’s going to bring some corruption so a little bit of danger there but still doubling you combine this with some big mana school with a lot of fertile ground that’s going to be an awesome card you built the Sun shard custodian of generating to victory plus one point in the game but two points every time he comes out that’s pretty awesome and the grove guardian once again we’re seeing some more of that magic for the first time come in to mystic Vale and it’s generating forest energy and mana and two victory points and carbon does everything the drove guardian course because we’re in level threes now the spoiling reclaimer once again increasing the viability of guardians because it’s worth a victory point for every Guardian you put on here and of course it’s a guardian itself and oh oh so big corruption on the creeping mold but generate six points every time this plays Wow and oh maybe my favorite of the whole just because it’s such a cool idea the chromatic Irvan to wildcard spirits I mean this is going to help make sure you can pretty much just get any Vale card you want a little bit corrupting to use the thing generate some points and again Guardian stuff and we’re two points but two wild cards that’s amazing and in the last one oh just some overgrowth nothing particularly fancy but again more guardians worth five points at the game generating points a little bit corruption see some of that overgrowth creep in and then of course there are some new Vale cards as well these are a couple really focusing on sunshine I like that um yo it’s all sunshine to get the Sun well temple or the Sun shard Savannah five points and winbot draw and keep a level one veil from the top level avail card so just you know when you get this get another veil card just like that for free oh we’re in the level twos I should I start with the level ones I didn’t sort this very well let’s build up to the remaining level two shall we okay let’s go back to the level one here we go the direwolf Perot win bought again another opportunity to flip this thing only once when you bought it but still that’s always very much appreciated and a different version of the same thing now this was with animals fear systems with forest spirits to get that instant turn the mana token activate it yay mana do more Guardian symbols choose one card in your field and gain money for each Guardian symbol on it so you can really start comboing very coolly the ether tree if you were going to spoil this turn you can discard this card so that’s interesting idea um you know this is worth the point in that game but anytime you want oh crap I was about to bust just throw this away the ether tree will save you by cancelling all of the spoilage that was on that card in the base game I think there’s something some of this but it would only basically cancel one bad one so this can save you from you could build a really nasty card that’ll all but destroy you and then this thing will save you you won’t just use it that often but still pretty cool idea roofs during harvest you can spend mana and turn it into victory points that’s a nice conversion to keep doing and this the Rookery win bought you can again another opportunity to instantly activate that and then back to the level twos the Sunwell temple draw and keep a level one so you get this level two boom you get another level one for free the wood sprite horde win bought you can look at the top three cards of your deck and discard so any of your choice so you can just skip right past all the bad stuff and then put any others back in the same order the fauna hollow when bought gained two mana to spend this turn so this is just generating extra mana for you oh I don’t know I’m sorry yeah you know it’s just the turn you bought it so it’s a but it’s worth three points as well and I see the earth cradle pretty expensive you need a lot of stuff but when bought gain one victory point for each value owned so this will probably stick around for a while and everybody wants to buy it at the end of the game after you have a bunch of other veils already made and of course let’s end with the veil of magic itself also needs a little bit of everything plus a wild card and this one just gained one victory point every turn once you get this thing placed very very powerful hence they name the whole thing after it I mean it’s just pouring magic into the world and that’s it folks just a quick run-through of the new stuff that is in mystic Veil the veil of magic what a Jen I think well you may recall with the original mystic veil run-through I complain that it was a great idea we really have the gameplay but it just didn’t feel complete this makes it complete if you enjoyed mystic veil at all you pretty much have to pick this up via did you know these new magical elements that work their way in you know there’s some that introduced some very very cool new features it really strengthens the entire Guardian system and it just ensures that there’s that much more variety every single time you play through the game because you’re only we’re going to see a fraction of all the cards the original mystic veil plus veil of magic to my mind is the equivalent of say Dominion in terms of it’s a full game there’s a ton of stuff you’ll get a lot of life out of the game and so for me it’s kind of a no brainer it’s definitely worth picking up and that’s it folks mystic Veil the veil of magic thanks for watching now if you’ve any questions comments concerns as always please let me know otherwise hope you a very very nice day talk to later so long uh bye bye


  1. to be honest, i think that most of the new cards are much to powerful and cheap, making the cards of the basegame worthless :/

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