Mystic Space Warrior PC

Mystic Space Warrior PC

The first thing i realized, about the Nvidia “Star wars Titan” graphics cards, is that they paired the jedi order with the galactic empire Which is just.. Tchh *inhales* *exhales* You know what though, It’s fine. I mean full points for effort at least, and honestly I barely even care anyway Okay, thank you all for joining me um, i understand that Nvidia probably, had the best of intentions But *stutters* there’s one fundamental problem here and that is that Senator palpatine darth sidious whatever the **** you want to call *******, These two entities Never actually oppose each other directly! Which led me to my second realization, We had to make a video that Showcased these bad boys So this my friends, is the “Mystic space warrior knowledge cube build” Intro* The twenty liter moss pack features a built-in charging station cable management Pass-throughs and it’s been recently updated to include a few little improvements like better straps and a larger laptop pocket, Check it out at The link below Now with a warehouse full of computer cases you would think that after spending hours searching We could find something with the *inaudible* And space-age energy that we were looking for. So we set out to do something that, we.. Surprisingly, never done before here at LTT design and build our very own case From the ground up. So setting out to design this thing we only had a few rough guidelines in place we wanted it to look really cool, and Alex has been itching to play with our new Fabool laser co2 laser cutter from Smart DIY. So our design team immediately came up with Some wild and crazy ideas for complex Polyhedrons and ornate acrylic paneling that would fit our overall theme After all when it comes to imagination the sky is the limit right? No. Actually the limit is something called International copyright law, which is why our.. Decorative inscriptions are in klingon not aurebesh So after much internal debate and M A N Y failed attempts, Here’s how, our final design ended up coming together or at least, we Wish it was that easy, we constructed our case from the bottom up Which meant putting together a wooden frame now wood isn’t exactly.. A First-choice material when it comes to computer cases but, we aren’t quite ready, to try our hands at fabricating a Metal frame…. Yet….. so we attached wooden pillars to a small sheet of mdf then We made holes for inserts for motherboard standoffs and a much larger hole for the gpu Next, we needed a starter hole for the GPU I/O, then to get a nice clean cut, we picked up a brand new Handsaw… That totally ended up sucking… So the hole looks super ragged. But since it’s on the bottom of the case No one will ever see it provided of course that there was nobody standing around with a camera filming the whole thing The motherboard standoffs Went in a lot more smoothly and we elevated them on these big screws so we would have somewhere to tuck our cables After putting on the motherboard and Rog Strix Z 370 IMini itx board We added our CPU, An intel core i7 8700 k-6 core processor pretty much the best of the best for gaming right now and 16 gigs of DDR4 ram Then for cooling our first choice was a BeQuiet! Dark Rock Pro 3 tower cooler.. But Unfortunately even with low profile ram We were unable to successfully mount the tower so it looks like it’s knocked to the rescue Now the centerpiece of this build is our StarWars Titan XP graphics card, So we opted to give it a Full frontal mount Which is not nearly as dirty as it sounds it just, means that, we used a PCI-E Extension to mount it in a vertical position front and center right here Now, let’s see how it might look with some paneling Well ****….. Luckily a hasty modification can rectify that problem… Now we’re not going to leave the frame showing exposed wood.. So we also need to give the whole thing a quick coat of paint, Then, Once we’ve got all the hardware loaded into our MK2 Frame, We can get to the most important part of any kickass case build Adding the RGB… With all the strips in place it’s time to close it up But first let’s get a nice good look at just how awesome that setup is looking…. As mentioned earlier, we used our faboo laser cutter to create our non-infringing designs and aside from a few minor hiccups that process was relatively painless So after another finishing touch and some decorative molding around the outside yeahhhhh now, we’re looking good Once it was built though, we had to put it through the paces… I mean… You have a good idea based on the hardware you put in of how Something like this is gonna perform but, what’s the point of owning a rowboat if you never ride it Does one write a rowboat? (Confused Linus) Not really the point.. Anyway, The thermals aren’t quite as good as We might expect from an NH-D15, So it is a little toasty in there but our core i7 8700 case still managed to turbo to 4 gigahertz on all six cores with temps in the mid 70s and And gaming wise, This thing is a beast.. churning through even the latest Triple-A titles as you Would expect a Titan XP to do…. And remember, This is all in a case that was really not made with thermals in mind So in the end we love the results but We feel like in the future we’ve still got a lot of work to do for as the klingon proverb teaches Load up la *inaudible* linus… chill please linus XD -_- TunnelBear is the simple VPN app that makes it easy to browse privately and enjoy a more open internet…. With tunnel bear turned on your connection is secured and your online activity Is kept private from your ISP, from advertisers, and from anyone who’s looking to track your online movements or Profit from your data. TunnelBear has a top rated privacy policy and does not log Your activity so try TunnelBear for free with no credit card required at, we’ll have that linked below So thanks for watching guys if you Dislike this video hit that button, But if you liked it hit like get subscribed.. I feel myself flushing? Ugh get subscribed, check out where to buy the stuff we featured including the core i7 8700 k at the link in the video description and while you’re down there you can Check out our merch store which has cool shirts, like this one aswell as our community forum


  1. I want to know about the laser cutter they were using, looks fun, I would like somethin* like that for my projects, Linus please post a link

  2. please make a steampunk pc with moving gears like waterwheel powered or something from the watercooling line.
    i would really want to see what you could come up with.

  3. Im so sick of pc build videos. No point in watching if i got to sell my kidney and first born child just to be able to afford the parts.

  4. you have a laser cutter but the build quality looks like a 10 year old glued it together… seriously I can see the gaps even form the video lol

  5. Try using a finer tooth saw when cutting MDF. The fine particles don't react well to coarse toothed saws like that drywall keyhole saw. Your saw isn't bad, it's just the wrong tool for the job.

  6. Maybe you guys should watch some You Tube videos about tools and building methods before making You Tube videos about using tools and building stuff.

  7. You shoukd start designing cases for exampel for Corsair or Silverstone for a small fee. And with LTT/LMG branding or texting.

  8. I use to fight for the first order, then I took an arrow to the knee and got beamed up to the galactica to go home to middle earth

  9. Sooooooo… Why don't you 3D print a case? Seems a little easier than metal and would probably look better than the wood you use.

  10. For Scrapyard Wars, or similar videos, slapped-together and rough around the edges is okay. For a project that is specifically trying to achieve an aesthetic, I feel like the execution was lacking, and not due to lack of skill. This just doesn't look like care was put into making it look nice.

  11. I like EVERY. SINGLE. VIDEO. of yours that I watch but this crossed a line. You begin about talking about the Star Wars themed Titan XP's when you had NO IDEA about that until people started commenting on your video about it and then you make a over the top completely fake skit about being enraged by this then you add Klingon language writing from Star Trek, name it "Mystic Space Warrior PC" which has no connection to either sage / franchise (not sure which word is correct to use) and all of that made me hit the dislike button, which a seemingly larger number of people did than usual leading me to believe it was probabl why this video wasn't in my recommended. I'm sorry but this video has just upset me.

  12. As the son of an actual carpenter (and having a little woodworking experience myself)…for the love of god, please at least contract out a carpenter for these things. Butt joints for the pillars? MDF? It physically hurts me to watch this.

  13. To my fellow woodworkers, carpenters and fabricators: Please help me build a shopping list for Linus and his minions, so that we don't have to watch an abomination like this again.

  14. over 2k dislikes jesus christ, people will bitch about anything.
    its a great video, you dont pay to watch linus tech tips, get over it

  15. Linus to be constructive this build seemed extremely rushed one the parts were ok but it would have been nice to one, have the pieces flush with eachother and two watercooling (would have went with the rowboat reference)

  16. hey look you made a case where the mobo lays flat. could you do some reviews on stuff like the Thermaltake Core X9 ? confused at why i have never really seen any reviews of cases like that.

  17. NEVER use 3d printed parts in an area that will give off heat. ABS especially, since it will give off toxic fumes.

  18. you know from a distance… you can hardly tell it looks like something someone would have just whipped up in shop class

  19. HOW DARE YOU GROUP THE JEDI ORDER WITH THE GALACTIC EMPIRE –– ….that's like having captain kirk betraying hos crew and joining the borgs or klingongs –

  20. Aurebesh is merely one dialect of Galactic Standard. Unless you specifically inscribe that dialect, please refer to it as Galactic Standard from here on out and check your dialect before you offend some one. My dialect is not your fucking computer case.

  21. A coping saw or a Router or better yet a CNC machine would have been more ideal for you when making the holes.

  22. i7-8700K the best of the best for gaming… If you want more 1 or 2 fps yeah, because any top end cpu since probably 2010 can run any game flawlessly.

  23. I know I'm pretty late to this but the reason they went with the Jedi Order and the Empire is because the Jedi Order became the empire not because they opposed each other but because one formed into the other or more less the Jedi Order was killed off and replaced by the empire

  24. Instead of working with the dead tree carcasses, you should do a collaboration with AvE! He'll getcha up'n chooching in no time with a nice metal case.

  25. Linus expected a big company to know something about pop culture
    That is the first symptoms of Ligma, Suggondeez and big gay

  26. using a drywall saw on MDF gave me lols. thats a job for a jig saw. also i think its time for LTT to upgrade to Milwaukee brand tools. one final point, two words "Impact Driver"

  27. Love the concept. I would really like to see this revisited. This is not bad but you have the power to make it so epic. Federation / Klingon dual build Intel Vs AMD perhaps or double down on the Star Wars more so than the OP, except go with the rebellion vs the empire, similar to the mad max pc but instead of pistons do a beat up X-wing / clean TIE fighter look or something. Go all out with it, laser etching logos, warp core looking LED pulse liquid cooling reservoirs, and maybe revisit those awesome bases you built for it, those were pretty cool. I digress, don't take this as a bad critique so much as like, oh this one was yolo'd towards the end, and has that brown fan lol, but the concept is solid and I know you got this.

  28. Linus, they DID oppose each other directly during Old Republic era where Galactic Empire was also called Sith Empire

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