Mystic Meg Tarot – Windows 98 [Review] | Nostalgia Nerd

Mystic Meg Tarot – Windows 98 [Review] | Nostalgia Nerd

Today is a today to look at Mystic Meg Tarot
for IBM PC Compatibles. I just love this era of the 90s, when a plethora
of software erupted onto the scene to take advantage of “Multi Media”. Amongst the swathes of encyclopedias and film
tie-ins, was software like this. Pretty pointless, but it could be done, and
it looked impressive, so we bought it. Now for those of you unfamiliar with Mystic
Meg’s work. When the National Lottery arrived on our shores
in 1994, Meg was the resident physic who would conjure up the identity of jackpot winners. Through vague descriptions and the human willingness
to see patterns, she was sometimes quite close, other times, like when there was no winner,
she was pretty far off the mark. Still, she became a recognisable face and
name, who lives on, hosting various things for that tabloid rag known as the Sun. But given her popularity, it would only be
natural to merge her image with the multimedia format, and that’s exactly what GSP have done. Requiring Windows 95 or above, a 486 66MHz
CPU, 8MB of RAM and 8MB of hard drive space, this wasn’t a demanding application by any
means. Inside we get a generic crystal case, containing
the CD, a leaflet of other software and the small format manual. Installation in Windows 98 is swift and painless,
and you even get a free screen saver which blasts tarot cards across the screen in a
variety of patterns and god awful scaling. Booting the software involves the mouse and
clicking, with our reward being Mystic Meg herself reading a lengthy introduction….
yeah, that’s enough of that. The software is pretty straight forward, like
most of these quicktime type programs. You can ask a question, enter some vague details
and see what your future heralds. There’s various different tarot readings,
all offering increasing levels of vagueness and depending on how willing you are to apply
the reading to your own life, it might just inspire you, or provide you with encouraging
words. You can opt to have Meg read out the card
meanings, along with some cosmic thing or just read it yourself, until text flows off
the bottom of the panel, for which there’s no apparent way to scroll. Some of the readings were eerily accurate. Others were just general words which made
some form of sentence. But whatever the outcome, I felt myself being
sucked into this program. My mind was fitting some of the words to my
own experience, and I actually came away feeling liberated and more focused. I guess if you have faith in someone enough,
they can truly help you, and Meg, you’re a winner for me.


  1. Does the Sun still have the nude pics (page 3 if I remember correctly)? I was asked what paper I wanted when I stayed in Wolverhampton and of course I chose the Sun. hahah 🙂

  2. I miss stuff like this. Free games on pc mag CDs, random educational games and 'multimedia' CDs, various bootleg mpegs and games that would find their way on to the school networks. The Internet somehow feels small by comparison.

  3. That's one old-school deck and divination system they are using. Surprising to see that in anything mainstream, especially something like this. Shows that someone actually put care into this, even if he programming is shoddy in places.

  4. We never had this in the US, but we had even worse with washed up singer Dionne Warwick and the Physic Friends Network here is one of their bullshit infomercials from 92 that use to come on cable late night after all the other programming went off the air. Also if i remember correctly the company went bankrupt after mismanagement of funds from Dionne Warwick after they got exposed for the frauds they where. They use to charge nearly $4US a min to call the 1-900 number they had.

  5. If they ported this over to the US, they'd probably change the title character to Miss Cleo.

    (In case you're wondering, she was a (supposedly) Jamacian woman known for her on air tarot card readings that ran a televised late night 1-900-PSYCHIC infomercial scam around the same time this program was released.)

  6. Love how you try to be professional while reviewing and then in the middle of your sentence you go 'ahh enough of that'. And yes, you are cool AF!

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