Mysterious Messenger (Juby’s English Cover)【JubyPhonic】Mystic Messenger OP

Mysterious Messenger (Juby’s English Cover)【JubyPhonic】Mystic Messenger OP

Your message has been received! Every morning I wake up to the same sweet sound, Another call from my phone that’s been ringing~ Wondering what’s new? What have I missed? I’m always logging in Well, it’s alright! Tell me later at midnight~ “How are you doing today?” Same old questions every single day! It’s so hard! Please, dont mind me asking. Your face is lighting up, Joking like you haven’t heard enough, Though, I know you’re acting pretty suspicious…~ (Tick tock! time is running out what are you up to now?) Don’t know where you are, don’t even know your name… They think I’m crazy… My heartbeat goes up! Words you may know, won’t show my love for you! Did you get any kind of Mystic Message? Solving a puzzle with each new piece. From A to Z and all the space in between, we’ll Find the truth beyond the screen!~ Did you get any kind of Mystic Message? Feel any trace left about, come and call me out! (…I’ve been watching you from the start)


  1. I had downloaded this game about two years ago out of curiosity but deleted it shortly after due to..reasons. I forgot about it and I was just browsing and found this video it made me download it again! Lolol

  2. I downloaded the game but I can't play on it since I have slow internet. I'll play after I get better internet 😇😇

  3. I like the the edited version, but I like the old version because I’m a big fan of mystic messenger and the song is one of my favorite parts of the game

  4. Jumin is bae, Yoosung is also bae, Jaehee is bae, so does Saeyoung then Saeran and then V.. lastly Zen xD Also, Rika & Elizabeth!! ❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕

  5. Jumin and 707 were my absolute favorites. I loved Yoosungs route and Im doing Zen's right now UGH I LOVE MY ANIME HUSBANDS

  6. Are you:
    Gayhee for baehee?
    Daddy jumins kitten?
    rika #2 yoosungs love?
    Zens babe?
    707s hacker girl?
    Saerans wife?
    Or all of the above?

  7. When everyone you know is falling in love with puppy boy, allergic to cats guy, and cat abuser, and ur just over in the corner falling in love with the Cat mom .___.

  8. This cover is amazing aaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am still obssesed with mm i am still playing it since 2017 i won't ever get bored of it

  9. oĸ тo вe нoneѕт yoυr coverѕ are a ѕмaѕн ѕo ĸeep ĸn doιng coverѕ and pleaѕe do a мy нero acadeмιa openιng cover!

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  11. I swear to god, this game is close to being what I'd consider a drug. And the majority of you can't disagree! I mean, we all love this game so much that we go out of our way to stay up that bit later, of even mess up our sleep schedules. I mean, only amazing games can have that power! Like a drug (not the medicinal ones), it makes the user happy, but it's also an unhealthy addition…just like Mystic Messenger! And I can't seperate myself from Seven and Yoosung~

    (Man I wish they were real people! 😍)

  12. I was crying at school today because i spent so long to get to the Zen route and on day 7 branch i got the ending that showed i didn't log in enough to stay with zen…i was so upset and my friends kept saying that i don't need an anime boyfriend but i told them zen is hot and that's final, no more discussion.

  13. saeyoung! let's marry at the space station!
    I'll buy you honey Buddha chips and D.paper as much as you want just marry me!
    i can bring saeran back ( but I'm kicking him out in honeymoon ) just marry me!

  14. I’m always scared to download the game again since I know that I will miss almost all of everything (chats,calls, etc)

  15. i love that this cover actually changes up the lyrics to fit better than the literal translation of the official english version.

    i may be like 2-3ish years late and out of the fandom at this point but the song is still highkey boppable

    I love Jumin because he's the coolest friend, but my best boys are Seven and Unknown, I regret nothing!

  17. Okay so the reason i play mystic messenger is because i listened to this song and it sound so whimsical and i thought that the blonde child looked really sad and i was also like Mr. Blue haired man why do are in a window… then i played it and realized he couldn’t be in the window cause he cant see the window and sad blonde boy is obsessed with Rika and Rika is a cult member that brainwashed a poor baby, making that baby’s twin think he was okay but thank you Juby

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