1. 0:04 – Getting Started

    1:07 – There's No Law And There's No Attraction

    2:12 – The Reason Why The Secret Is Trash

    6:43 – We Don't Have Enough Respect For The Magic That Already Exists In Our World

    7:40 – The New Thought Movement

    10:53 – Softening The Whole Map Of Reality

    17:33 – What Happens If You Soften The Map Of Reality And Blur The Boundaries?

    20:25 – The World We Live In Is Created By People Who Are Somewhere On The Scale Of The New Thought Movement

    22:00 – Magic Is Repetitive Discipline

    24:37 – Wrapping Up

  2. Basically you are saying be real. When people say I'm going to be positive I always say, be real instead and deal/accept the realities….then move on to the next step.

  3. I never bought into the whole LOA. Bcuz the same ppl, so-called "friends"who believe in LOA are the ones who don't want to even hear or listen to your current situation of abuse bcuz they "don't want to hear any negativity". In other words, "maybe if you stop telling me about how he is abusing you then you won't attract his abuse", or "I don't want to hear that bcuz your negativity might affect my personal life". (As they cover their ears with their hands to shut you out). It's invalidating and double abuse. This LOA is some evil shit here.

  4. yes, we cannot understand the Jedi stuff with the 3-D mind, left side of the brain. That side is meant to keep you alive, it's part of the ego, not of the transcendent. You have to use the correct part of the brain to access different dimensions. Some may argue that you are simply looking at this with a limited left-brain, aka perceived as a "logical", based point of view. Our senses are very limited, we don't perceive many things that have been proven to be part of our universe so….that's why you see those two sides not merging and you choose to discount one alltogether…..it seems. I personally think there is so much more than meets the eye that to truly get a grasp on this, one has to have a truly open mind. It becomes easier to do when one performs heart coherece, it's a great exercize designed to help one find that middle ground you seem to be talking about. The institute of heart math did the actual studies and I think teaches this. Dawson Church also has a free meditation online. If you need a link just ask me direcly as we can't share links usually. Cheers and thanks for sharing.

  5. the secret is pure evil it teaches people to turn away from others who are in need and all people who are sick and have kids that are dying are told over and over and over again they caused that to happen to them and all narcissist i know and i know many , are master manifesters and tramp over anyone and anything to get there and then there are those who manifest things that hurt the earth and put others in slavery but for some reason they consider themselves god for doing that

  6. Is it far from unmoored to unhinged?

    Being somewhat in this middle, I became very entangled, not in Loa, but in other ideas that I couldn't understand. It was fun to follow, as long as it was fun. When goings got tough I nearly didn't find a way out. Now I'm quite out, but I'm much more on the right side for now, then before, because I'm so afraid. When you just talk about this kind of thing, that everything doesn't exist, of not at least, like we see it, and is little atoms with nothing and swoops in and out of reality and so on – it nearly triggered me, and I usually avoid such things, because I really had a long period where I felt nothing was real, and later (when I was getting out of it) for example, started to cry from relief, when I saw something was floating down a brook (in my eyes prooving causality).

  7. The Law of Attraction (The Secret) is a prime example of using spirituality to solve a materialistic problem rarher than a spiritual one.

  8. Oh Richard please come on you're being a sneer yourself, stick to narcissism what you know best about, you just reduced the law of attraction 2 things are magic, I cannot believe this is your only understanding of it, that's like saying the law of gravity is woo woo, and explaining it as just things drop because they're heavy, you probably don't believe in energy or vibration either, and here I thought you came such a long way

  9. Doesn't research on the placebo affect confirm that there is a law of attraction? At least to some extent?! 🤷

  10. Did you ever think you were going to trip on the stairs, and then you do? Did you ever watch a pitcher throw a ball right in the exact pocket they wanted it to go in, because they visualized where it will end up? Did you ever see an excellent Dart player get a bullseye every time? Their biggest skill is visualizing where it will end up, you do this every second of every day with daily life, and you haven't honed into that at all? I find it so hard to believe

  11. Thoughts don't turn to things without the pure emotion of it having already happened, that's the difference between people comprehending what visualization actually means, that's the difference between an excellent pitcher and a not-so-good one, you can't visualize having a big house unless you already emotionally feel like you already live there and have the good feelings of it, then the universe will produce, it's so hard to watch you crushed thousands of people who believe you, lo and behold their beliefs will turn to reality

  12. @Richard Grannon. . . We come from Spirit, experience humanity and return to Spirit thereafter. We are here to find out what Love (God) is as we are to spend an eternity in his presence. . . The folk who sold us our phone etc – Are your satanists and their job is to distract you with "Earthly things and thoughts. . . . Always find it fascinating how the "New age" occult witchcraft etc gets you to focus on this life (80yrs if lucky?) rather than the next which is eternal. . . Seems pretty obvious which existence we should be focusing on. God bless. X

  13. You’re not a magnet, and the law doesn’t work for those who don’t believe simple. I’ve seen way too much manifest for me in life

  14. Yes, it´s been pretty obvious, what´s appealing to the law of attraction -sellers, it´s the possibility to make money out it. I have never ever believed in this stupid make belief. If it were true, there would be no poverty or illness etc anywhere.

  15. Here's the kicker of it all Richard, you have spent your entire adult life pulling yourself out and free from the thoughts of narcissistic parents! yeah, their dysfunctional ugly thoughts turned you into a thing, a living breathing thing, you spent your whole adult life knowing there is a better vibration of you out there, and you don't believe in the Law of Attraction, wow

  16. The "law of attraction", when believed, creates a contrived cognitive bias. Which changes people's behaviour. That's all it is, a kind of placebo. Sometimes placebos are all we need. Agreed, there's a lot of people being taken advantage of, it's so wrong. The 'Secret' gives people false hope and an excuse to be delusional and avoid any kind of difficult thinking. I have seen this nonsense cause ruin. By the way, love that Simpson's parody of The Secret, I hadn't seen that before.

  17. The real secret is…

    A secret lol smh

    Embrace the paradox known as Infinity

    Tether to Source…
    Earn Your Immortality 😉

  18. You are my synchronicity since 2014! 😀 Totally on board with you on that topic. Yesno, 0/1, +/-, black and white, everything and nothing at the same time, constantly moving yet never changing. ♾

  19. Great take on this evil agenda of the Lizard AI Illumidonkey agenda. Thank you! It's all about believe systems. <3

  20. Oh wow!! I’m not the only one to noticed how narcissistic and egocentric the LofA follower and preacher are. It’s very egocentric! I remember when in London the mbs followers were zombies for the LofA stuff, one unpleasant lady said how powerful she was because she asked the universe for a new iron. And when she went outside, the were an iron thrown in the garbage cans. She said how incredible she was that she had commanded the manifestation of an iron for herself for free. 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ She sat there saying how powerful she was in such a gross egocentric way. No realisation that the iron used to belong to somebody else that they bought it from a store a year ago or so, then threw it away… Like as if that person who bought the iron was doing it just for her under her command of the universe…. Like everyone else around her just existed to serve her demands. Insane! She also acted like it was ok to use ppl and throw them away, cuz it was all manifesting what she wanted. Disgusting toxic zombie…. I have hundreds of observations like this from London lol. Also people who say they are healers or therapists but take their shit out on you, or inflict their own moral bullshit judgements onto people, retraumatising them, a belief that the healing is punishment and your being taught a lesson. Wow such mind fk abusing bs.

    Also another very unpleasant aspect of LofA zombies I noticed was= using it to relinquish any responsibly for doing something bad to someone, cuz hey, “well that terrible thing I just did to you, you attracted it”!!! Omg abusive!

  21. I think there are upsides to the Law of Attraction… ie training your mind to see things in a more positive way. I think believing you will achieve something is a more practical way to apply the LOA. It can be a motivator and I don't know if there's any studies but I think you're more likely to be successful towards a goal if you're in a good mindset. Where it goes into crazy land, and I agree with this video, is the people who believe that thinking about something will just make it show up without taking any action. It enables the narcissist to yet again avoid personal responsibility.

  22. I'm also an atheist and the movie is a bit ridiculus and grandious, but if reading between the lines there are some good applicable things.
    My take away from the movie was more about seeing your choices, noticing opportunities, and changing your subcouncious views of your goals/yourself. And I loved the example in the movie about someone with negative pictures in his home who changed them and got a changed outcome. The negative pictures had a negativ impact on his believe in himself and his life, or maybe represented his subcouncious negative views. By changing them he opened himself up for another view.

    I though of the magical mystery stuff only as entertainment to make the psychology more fun to watch.

  23. Its very well documented how people achieved unbelievable things while considering certain rules and principles. Many autors tried to make these principles understandable for a wide public. Maybe you still don’t get it. The Secret is just one book out there, certainly not the best.

  24. Total clued up can easily tell youve had a shiity family ect…used prob still have your pablo moments as us all ptsd/abused do. Great you help others even for free it helps you to doesnt it. Top guy and what victims of abuse narcassist mother / family we have no choice over or choosing from birth. Got to be 💪💪💪

  25. Richard dude…. look at the camera, not at your image on the screen dude, otherwise people will think you are either insecure, or you love yourself 😉

  26. yes.. well said.. God is in control.. we are souls, in our bodies.. we have limited free will, so we do influence our own life, and lives of others.. people can think, or say, or do whatever they want.. we make our choices, but God determines the outcomes of those choices..

  27. It appeals to the superficial aspect of personality. That thing with the size and depth of a billboard. Where the reality of our consciousness is more like a giant castle, dungeons and catacombs included.

  28. People like to believe in magical thinking , unfortunately that is bullshit. People don't like it when you point out that there magical thinking is bullshit.

  29. Twaddlry is my new favorite word. The most LoA I believe in is "Chance favors the prepared" and "If you hear hoofbeats and refuse to look for anything but horses, you might get run over by wildebeests."

  30. Visualization via self talk and manifesting ones theoritic visualization is the law of attraction or manifesting goals or achieving.Society is fake so in reality we have nothing to achieve unless assisting society.cognitive dissonance is rife.

  31. Most if not all changes happen internally before externally…..WE ARE ATTRACTING EVERYTHING WE BRING INTO THE PLAY OF OUR LIVES….The human brain isn't that quick to pick it up though….The Heart knows, we just love to follow our heads first.

  32. I lost my best friend to this LOA/Abraham Hicks bullshit. As soon as she got into this crap, she decided that somehow I did something to attract breaking my neck and a jaw in an accident. She believes that the children starving in Africa attracted that situation. I hate these people. It’s one thing to make a plan, work towards that goal, keep going despite challenges, but saying that on,y bad people attract bad things is retarded. Serial killers don’t kill other serial killers. Rapists don’t rape other rapists. Criminals look for victims which are the OPPOSITE, and it’s opposites that attract. That’s the real law. Opposing poles on a magnet attract!

  33. I’m sorry I came here for your professional information, but you look so good and so in shape and on top of your game! You look younger now then your videos years ago! So happy to see your in a good place, and thank you for sharing such great methods to move on from a ego mantiac did I spell that right? Sorry.

  34. If a gazelle ("empath" / souled human) stopped thinking of lions all day the lion ("narcissist" / organic portal) would never be drawn to it – yeah sure. Sounds like more victim-blaming from the cluser bs, via new age law of attraction lol
    I've spent a fair bit of time dreaming about c cup asian hippy girls who just want to live on the road, yet those never appear in my life

  35. I’ve got a bookcase full of self help guru books what a load of wank !
    Prescription for a healthy life 👇
    Chop wood and carry water..

  36. If we believe in something our brain starts to filter information. If i believe that all men are bad and unavailable to me, i will see/ choose bad and unavailable men.

  37. Richard I experimented with LOA. I used to be around here, your course healed me or reduced my cptsd to almost nothing years ago. I went to the very edge of the map playfully for a solid year, thinking it wouldn't hurt to experiment. If you see the testimonies in comments from LOA channels, they are certain as I was that we manifest things. I was always super skeptic ready to rebuke funny things with my own personal experiments. I manifested crazy specific things and I won't tell the stories to people in my life because they'll think I am crazy. I DO NOT recommend LOA, everything you manifest leaves you feeling empty, hungrier for more, detached from others, bored with your manifestations and ambitious beyond sanity. I played with the map and now idk where I stand, but I won't toy with LOA again. The funny things is that when I tried to manifest real love, real connections, real friendships, it didn't work for me, it only worked with shallow things.

  38. I tried the law of attraction stuff. Read the secret n all that. So here I am now: Set an attention and take inspired action. And yes you can manifest your desires.

  39. I'm definitely in the middle ground. I appreciate your way of explaining things. I have so many law of attraction friends who have done everything they are supposed to sitting there with no changes at all…others with major changes but those people have parents who give them whatever they want or a husband with a good job & credit – so of course they manifested the house of their dreams. Lmao. Still I see magick in my life every day and mind blowing synchronicities (sp??) I am a spiritual person who uses psychology and logic. And it took a while for me to get here. And to understand that the truest power we have is healing, getting out of our comfort zone and taking inspired action. I can not wait for your book to come out. You have helped me so much more than I can express…because you are real and that's what we need more of – authentic people.

  40. The only people I know who endorse the law of attraction and The Secret etc are either a. too lazy to work or b. inherited well and too lazy to work.

  41. The thing about 'The Secret' is that it's not a superficial thing. If you really listen and pay attention they're talking about changing your deep subconscious energy and that's the work of multiple lifetimes. People buy the book and think they are gonna just spout a few affirmations and magical powers will come to them. And frankly they just weren't really paying attention. The Secret people never told you that it is really, really hard to change your subconscious, and so they let people believe that it was easy. Oh well. But honestly Richard, what you're rejecting is the entire basis of genuine healing, which is to rid yourself of all the fears and pain and baggage and direct your mind toward building the life you want. I'm puzzled as to why you would be so quick to dismiss these ideas as someone whose job it is to facilitate healing?

  42. The LOA is real, but it absolutely is not aligned with trauma healing. Meaning, you cannot think a happy thought over deep seeded CPTSD. You can, however, set the intention to heal your trauma, and all of the sudden some dude from the UK named Richard Grannon shows up in your YouTube feed with videos about CPTSD that help you heal a long-standing issue you’re trying to heal and have been spinning about in your healing before that moment… 🤗 And here we are.

  43. Great analysis but it does seem like you cherry picked “the secret” as if it’s the authority on the law of attraction. That’s like using ancient aliens as the authority on ancient people LOL. I haven’t even seen or read the book, just have been getting into a lot of YouTube videos and observing my own anecdotal experience based on my mood (which apparently is the whole point of it all), but from what you’ve said, it sounds like they’ve got it wrong. Thx for taking the time to do this though

  44. To summarise…. "Omg, it's the ministry of silly walks" "lots of people have nailed it though" "it's just not realistic" "it's based on science" "I'm not sure that science is relevant or extensive enough" "people that haven't nailed it are oblivious to the people that have nailed it, nailing it, and nailing them" "i have had some incredible experiences actually" "I'm not sure……….." "realistically it's all and everything and yet nothing at the same time" "yes, realistically it's nes and yet yo"

    Best law of attraction video explanation… ever 🙂 xxxx 🍾🍾🍾🍾

  45. Finally someone comes out publicly and tells the truth. The author's answer was to convince people to believe this Hocus Pocus

  46. The part that gets lost is that you have to believe you are abundant in something to receive more.
    For instance most people will think if they focus on positive thinking for health, they will become healthy.
    The truth is you have to be abundant in health to receive health. The same with money.
    Basically if you work on being your healthiest or getting rid of the internal barriers to create your financial goals, taking the steps and having a “strong focus” key words, intentions and feelings aligned on those goals daily. Reinforcing and refocusing requires intense effort and discipline and creating clear boundaries to achieve this. And then there is keeping that pattern and energy going. So it is intense discipline, confidence and faith. That’s where people become tired and give up. Letting go of fear, you are right, getting rid of the fear boundaries and perceptions of the fear is key to being able to obtain those goals.

  47. You are welcome to see it that way. But for the people that experience it consistently, we know it's real. I got a car with a paint problem, and in my mind I thought I'm going to fix that paint job as soon as possible, within a month somebody wrecked into me and I got a brand new paint job. Will go into crystals for a second, I wanted a crystal a big geode Cathedral, I couldn't afford it don't you know that the Universe gave me $1,000 geode within a couple months. You don't have to believe it but I watch it work in my life all the time

  48. Billions and Billions and Billions are spent on getting us to want what we want. Think Tanks and other people are creating our culture. When do we really think for ourselves and want for ourselves….and why are so many miserable and unhappy when they get what they thought they wanted. Just saying…so glad to question all the crap that becomes so much apart of everyone's belief system. Thank you Richard for making us think!!

  49. So you're saying that there are hundreds of videos, books and seminars and hundreds of counterpoint videos exploring the idea of how wanting something is linked to acquiring something, wow.

  50. Lol you should really try reading the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Or study the work and teachings of Earle Nightengale. Or look at the work of Bruce Lipton. Listen to testimonials of people using Dr Joe Dispenza’s work. You are missing quite a lot of the bigger picture. It is absolutely more than just thinking. The Secret is misleading because it’s missing the feeling aspect. Napoleon Hill also has lectures uploaded to YouTube.

  51. THANK you. This position on it has been my nasty dark secret for years. All you have to do is notice that LOA folks still look both ways before they cross a street.

  52. Playing your videos, not watching screen, but paying close attention to words. So, I know you do humorous mockery and I thought I was listening to that but it was lasting long so I looked at screen and it was advert for some kind of course. Mockery spot on 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣!!!!!!

  53. Please, please, please, you said that you would tell the story of that grand synchronicity you encountered. I would so much love to hear that!

  54. 14:31 “what do you know with your 5 senses to be true?” … given the fact that phantom limb experiences can and do exist in our reality I wouldn’t dare to assert the question relying on/trusting the data collected by my senses/my sense perceptions being arbiters of truth.

  55. Resources + Action + Intention + Emotion = Intended Outcome.

    The car is the resource. Driving the car is action. The destination is the intention. Gas is emotion.

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