Mujer es conducida por un Gato a un Extraño Lugar – Caso Real

Mujer es conducida por un Gato a un Extraño Lugar – Caso Real

Hello and welcome.
As you know faerie is very protein … but also very mysterious.
This time I will talk about a … quite strange case of a woman
who was very close … in my opinion of course … to approach the fey world … but as
if Alice was in Wonderland … It was late afternoon in a small
village in the Cordillera de Cascadian, USA in 2010 And the protagonist, whose pseudonym is Skuttle Star, had
a whim fort, going to a park that only happened once. It according recounted, to the being a small and safe community, was often finished
visiting someplace nice, as it was a fun way to occupy their time. However, this quirk was unusually strong, as if someone was waiting.
Despite this, the cold and had to walk half a foot, He did not give more importance,
even thinking that this would help in their studies. So he puts on his boots along
with his coat and left. 20 minutes after start his walk,
he began to descry a new moon, and he realized he had forgotten to bring a
flashlight, something that made her cuss their luck, because under the conditions of that region,
the darkness soon would prevent see clearly. However, concern took second up for a moment, when the sun still
was quite high in the sky and something caught her attention to a tree. Without understanding that, she remained next to the tree waiting, and was right there
when I saw that on top of this, suddenly appeared a black cat. The cat jumped down and sat her freta very regally. In that meowed as
if he were trying to talk and then made to run along a path of the park … before returning last few seconds, sitting again that rigid, meowing and run again … The same scene was repeated 4 times, until
finally the young, thinking he had nothing to lose, he decides to follow the cat … The chase continued for a while, taking the animal on a road that was in unusually good condition, year despite officially being a way very considered. The cat and the woman jumped up some rocks and slopes. Something that given the long distance traveled, began making that the girl put more nervous every time,
mainly because it was aware that soon darken. Finally, they reached their destination … but will surprise you expect young, when I gasped the scene. In front of her, she lays a strange door
appeared to have been built in stone. The entrance, which should not be too large (3
feet up the mountain) seemed headed for the heart of the mountain itself. It was a charming wooden door with hinges, but it did not reach perfection, because
missing one of the tables in the door at the bottom. It was precisely this space that the cat was introduced, jumping in and then out again meowing, telling the young man who was his turn to come and should follow. But it was precisely at the time when the last rays of light began to fade and darkness began to cover everything. Hence the young man told herself and now must go into this dark door without a light? That was how the young prey to panic
told the animal “cat, sorry, come back tomorrow” In his perceived like everything was becoming too worldly, and both his guts and his bones told him that nothing of the world opened the door. When turned, the cat started meowing and meowing at her, “I will be back
first thing in the morning!” He was what I managed to say to the cat as he retreated. The return was not easy, I use the last few centimeters of light that were to orient and when I finally got home, she was overwhelmed and could not relax. When he awoke the next morning,
she did before dawn and unable to sleep well. So wait for the light did
this and decided to return to the park. That it was how down the path once
again crossed the river and finally reached the site. But what he found was far enough definitely what I would expect, that came to impactarla so that thousands questions ravage your mind for life from here on. The door had seen, and was not such
as I remembered, had succumbed to the vegetation. If the door hinges lay on the floor by the force of dry thorns sprouting from within, as if time had elapsed unmeasurable. Given the large amount of vegetation and the
status of it, it was illogical to think that it was something one night. From then realizing that the local folklore suggests that these experiences are related fairy the image of the cat left an indelible mark on the young, with the biggest question of all: What would have happened if , as
Alice had followed that animal through that mysterious door? I’m Jonathan Janshon, subscribe, comment and share ♥


  1. Uf, que buen relato para una fría mañana de café con leche! Muchas gracias por compartir! Feliz año nuevo!

  2. Muchos youtubers del misterio estan asegurando que en los bosques suceden cosas extrañas asi y mas en Estados Unidos en Argentina tmb tenemos bosques y selvas nunca vayan mucho tiempo solos y si sienten algo extraño vayan donde hay gente .

  3. Oh que hermoso relato, deberia de venir a mi país acá en las zonas rurales que están llenas de maleza estos seres andan muy frecuentemente la gente que viven por esos lugares dicen que son duendes y que son muy traviesos….. Saludos y feliz año 😊

  4. Excelente trabajo mi querido amigo👏👏👍🤩 te envío los mejores deseos para éste año que está entrando, éxito, reconocimientos, salud y amor.🤗😘

  5. Impactado. Me intrigó tanto este testimonio que lo siento como si me hubiera sucedido a mi. Saludos y feliz año nuevo. 😁💫

  6. Es muy difícil no creer y también no sentir miedo, las leyendas y sucesos que vivieron mis abuelos relacionados a seres fericos no han sido nada agradables aveces es extraño comparar las historias de Europa que hablan de los mismos seres con las historias de América latina

  7. Hola Jonathan! Podrías hacer vídeos acerca de los mitos y leyenda del paraguay. Saludame por favor en tu próximo vídeo.

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