Morning Guided Meditation for Positive Energy and Motivation

Morning Guided Meditation for Positive Energy and Motivation

I’m so happy that you’re watching this
video because I am a big believer in morning meditation, and this morning
guided meditation for positive energy and motivation will help you get
grounded and embody calm vitality so that you can face whatever this day may
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because I post new guided meditation videos every week get comfortable
sitting down on the floor in a chair or even lying down on your back so that
there’s no physical tension in your body and let’s bring on the positive energy
and motivation for this day settle your body comfortably and gently
close your eyes breathe all your air out
then inhale deeply and fully into the abdomen ribs and chest open the mouth
and exhale from the back of your throat with a sighing sound
repeat two more times as you inhale fill up with calmness and peace
as you exhale release tension and worries you now soften the lips tongue and jaw
and breathe quietly and naturally through the nostrils as each part of the
is named imagine that place becoming vibrantly alive and filled with a sense
of positive energy it may be helpful to visualize a color
or sense a subtle vibration like a buzzing in that part of the body
start at the feet send the awareness to the feet
moving the feet feel and sense the right foot left foot
feel both feet at once since the soles of the feet of the feet
the tips of the toes imagine energy flowing into the feet now visualize the energy gently waking up
the feet with a sense of being alive now bring the awareness to the knees
feel the right knee to me
both knees together the kneecaps
the backs of the knees and the sides since energy flowing into both knees now send awareness up to the hips
since the front of the pelvis this and the tailbone right hipbone
left hip bone feel the whole pelvis together at once imagine energy flowing into the whole
pelvis bring awareness to the hands right hand
left hand palms of both hands
backs of both hands since all the finger tips imagine energy flowing into the hands
now become aware of the elbows
right elbow elbow
since energy at both elbow joints together Travel attention to the shoulders
feel the right shoulder and shoulder blade
left shoulder and shoulder blade feel the entirety of both shoulders
together imagine energy flowing into the
shoulders now since the whole front of the torso
beginning with the collarbones ribs
evil lower abdomen
bring the awareness up the back of the torso feeling the lower back middle back
and upper back the torso completely front back and
sides with energy bring awareness to the center of the
torso the whole spine feel positive energy flowing through the
whole spine and along the spine notice the movement
of breath in the body finally bring awareness up the neck to
the head since the face
back of the head top of the head scalp
imagine energy flowing into the mind now awakening calm alertness and motivation bring awareness to the breath in the
throat on the next inhale breathe in strongly
through the nose and feel the breath move from the throat to the navel
and on the exhale empty the air out from the navel back to the throat inhaling from throat to navel
exhaling from navel to throat continue
feeling the whole body energized through the movement of breath you encourage deep breath to fill yourself
up with lightness ease and enthusiasm you feel the prana flowing freely through
your whole body rolls of the feet
to the crown of the head lifeforce awakening to carry you through
this day of limitless possibilities you now release the visual and as you relax
the breath since a kind loving and positive energy flowing now into your
heart receive these words spontaneously as
your own today is a new day I am open and available to receive new
possibilities I welcome this day as an opportunity to
live fully and joyfully everything is happening for me where I am right now is exactly where I
need to be since the whole body and mind
free to flow with positive energy and motivation to live this day fully notice the impulse to move toes or
ankles fingers or wrists encourage any movement that feels good moving the body
now as you sense the free flow of positive energy within you with the support of the universe within
and around you slowly open your eyes to complete the practice

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  1. Good morning! How was your experience during and after practicing this guided meditation? I love hearing from you in the comments.

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