Morning GRATITUDE Meditation Guided | Best 12 Minutes

Morning GRATITUDE Meditation Guided | Best 12 Minutes

Welcome to this morning gratitude meditation. One of the best ways to start your day on
a positive note is to be grateful for all you have in your life right now. Yes, you can aspire to have more. And the best way to attract more love and
money and good health and fun into your life is to fully appreciate what you have right
now. It’s the foundation upon which more good can
flow into your life. So let’s start this morning with an attitude
of gratitude. Let’s set the tone for the day we are about
to launch into. So whether you’re still in bed or whether
you have already gotten up, put yourself in a comfortable position where you can truly
focus on this short meditation. Take a moment to stretch if you need to. Stretch your arms. Stretch your legs. Roll your head and your neck. Scrunch your shoulders. Just wake up the mind and the body to prepare
yourself for this day with a sense of gratitude. Also take a couple of slow, deep breaths in
… and out. Another big one in … and out. Take a moment to relax and listen to the music
and just clear your mind. There’ll be plenty of time to engage in thought
and launch into your day and be consumed with the task at hand, but right now give yourself
this little oasis of peace. So, what are you truly thankful for? What’s good in your life? What are you truly grateful for? Let’s start with aspects of you. Are you grateful for your five senses? Your sense of sight and hearing, smell, taste,
touch? And if you happen to be missing one of those,
is there a gift in that? Regardless of your situation or what is swirling
in your life … Where is that silver lining? What else are you grateful for? What about the dwelling, the place that you’re
in right now? Are you sitting on a couch, in the living
room, are you still laying in bed? If you’re out in a park in the fresh air,
just be grateful for your surroundings and the environment that you’re in right now. Are you safe and comfortable, relaxed? That’s a blessing that should be savored. Think about the people in your life — your
family members, your friends, your community, the groups that you’re involved in, activities
that you participate in. Just think of a handful of people that you’re
truly grateful are in your life. What do you appreciate about them? And maybe how do the things that they do that
drive you crazy, how do they truly benefit you? What do you learn about yourself by being
exposed to their personalities and their unique talents? How about what you currently do for a livelihood? Do you have a job? Are you self-employed? Is there something that you do to generate
income? No matter how positively or negatively you
feel about that activity, what’s the benefit? How is that serving you? How can you be more and more thankful for
that job, for that activity, for that vocation, and perhaps the income and the joy that it
brings you, whatever amount that is? Let’s also consider your own talents, your
gifts, your personality. What are those unique, specific, maybe even
quirky aspects of you that you can embrace. Maybe not everyone embraces them, but can
you embrace them? What are you thankful for that is uniquely
you? What aspects of yourself do you truly love? What skills have you developed? What talents are you either interested in
or have you displayed? Think about those things right now with a
true, deep sense of gratitude. Soak that in for a minute and relax into your
sense of thankfulness, appreciation, and gratitude. This would be another good time to take a
couple of deep breaths in and out, nice and slow, as you let that feeling of gratitude
wash over you. Are you not truly blessed right now in this
moment? Breathe it in. Any final thoughts about what you have to
be grateful for? What have you missed? What have you overlooked? What’s something or someone that maybe you
haven’t thought of in a while, but you can also be grateful for? No matter what thoughts might cross your mind
when you look in the mirror, I know to my core that you are a unique individual. No one else like you has ever existed on the
planet, exists to this day, or will ever exist on the planet just like you. No one has your unique qualities, your individual
experiences. No one brings to the table the unique gifts
and capacities that you do. I encourage you, be grateful for who you are
right now in this moment. Life has brought you to this point in your
life and it is good. Is it not? Can you feel the good? Can you sense the good in your life, emanating
from within you and radiating out? Feel that. Sense that. Know that right now. Mmm, feels good, doesn’t it? I knew it would. Take another couple of deep breaths here as
we head into the stretch of this short meditation. Breathe in … and out … in … and out. Return to this recording any time you need
a boost of gratitude. Any time you need to remind yourself of the
multitude of things in your life that you have to be thankful for. And this feeling that you have right now,
this feeling of gratitude … You can take this with you and let it be your companion
throughout your day — this unique, one of a kind day. I know it’s gonna be fruitful. I know it’s gonna be amazing. It’s gonna be incredibly productive and enjoyable,
because you took the time to focus on you and all the gifts and the blessings that you
have in your life right now. So go forth and have an awesome day.


  1. I had been putting off meditation for months now, and i took the first step with this video today and I am so glad I did. In fact, I'm going to be coming back to this particular one every time now. I had expected it to be difficult and long, but it 12 minutes passed in a snap and i was so shocked. I feel aglow and light with gratitude. Thank you thank you <3

  2. Thank you 😊 . Today has been extremely amazing 😉! Very enjoyable 🌻🦋. Full of unconditional love , unexpected miracles 💛💫 ,& much gratitude 🙏🏽🌻.

  3. Beautiful words and music to start the day with an attitude of gratitude, thankful for this morning aspiration 🙏🏻💕

  4. Just affirming this recording found me at the perfect time, on the perfect day. Alligning, Divining, gratifying! Much love and thanks

  5. Lost my mother almost a month ago, yesterday just lost my job while in the midst of applying for a new home rental. Life has a way of coming at you so fast. Million an 1 ways to knock you down. But I can't and refuse to stay down. I have no time to cry excessively, due to me knowing where that path leads me to which is to wallow in all that I've lost and don't have. But instead I'm extremely grateful for God waking me up this morning to see my children's faces, to give me another chance to find the path He wants me to be on. I can't be negative, I have my daughter that looks to me for answers and security. I'm grateful and thankful Lord for all I have and All I don't as well as things to come. I know there are many other single mothers that are and have struggled to do right by your children, strong on the outside and cry in private. Stay strong ladies, it won't last forever. We can get through this.

  6. Am so grateful for you Bob,due your wonderful inspiration meditations: y health, mental peace is improving so much and my PTS3

  7. I can’t find the words to express my sincere gratitude for this morning meditation. All I have is a giant THANK YOU!!🙏🏽💘

  8. it's so good that the older generation are still able mind and body and care for themselves and their own home.
    thank you for the beautiful weather but it's still warm in a roll in dreams only for 50 minutes at a time. Thank you for the Quality Inn in close proximity to Oceans thank you for the clean healthy water and air we breathe every day.

  9. Thank you that I have my own space :privacy, comfort and rest self-expression.
    Thank you for the safe travel.
    Heath: gym membership Jim 10 minutes away. Positive kind and respectable members at the gym.
    Clean air my coordination my balance my Symmetry and proportions all the things I don't know I can do

  10. I am thankful for what God has given me. My blessings are too numerous to mention. At age ,70 claiming employment I Jesus name.

  11. I am grateful for every single person and opportunities that have come into my life. I am grateful for New beautiful beginnings. I am grateful for this morning, this moment. I am thankful for you Bob for taking the time to make these beautiful affirmations

  12. Your videos are my go to. Your tone of voice and the pace you use with your words are exactly what I need to stay focused and able to pay attention. You aren’t too fast or too loud. Very easy and pleasant to listen along with. Thank you so much for believing in us.

  13. Thank you for you Bob Baker for sharing these techniques and putting them together, I have been listening to this one lately and a couple others that I truly enjoyed and believe are helping me.🙏

  14. I Am so grateful for all I have in my life Morning gratitude Meditation
    I am successful in life I am thankful for being life
    I am thankful for being love

  15. This morning I am gratful for my cosy warm bed. For my safe space at home and in my body. Grateful for my health. For my family and friends. I have so much to be grateful for. Thank you God x

  16. It was like you were there with me. Thank you for a pleasant morning start, thank you for reminding me of the good in my life. I am truly grateful.

  17. God blessed me with another day 🙏 he hasn't called me home yet thank God he gives you the blessing you need everyday he will carry me through the day the 3 simple things that were blessed with is a roof over our heads food on the table and clothes on my back some people don't even have that be blessed carry God in your heart 🙏

  18. Thank you Bob for such wonderful morning meditation. Listening to this audio, made me realize how many wonderful things are around me that I'm grateful for. One big one, that fact that I just WOKE UP sipping an a cup of coffee looking at this beautiful snowy view listening to this audio is a beautiful thing. Some are not that fortunate. So, yes I'm grateful!♥️ much love from Michigan.

  19. I'm grateful for life and all it has in it for me.God has been good to me.He woke me up again this morning.I thank him for it.And I thank him for you. Peace

  20. Does anyone else use their suggested videos as a form of guidance from the universe on what meditation they should do for the day?

  21. 💌

    The best way to start my day☀️

    THANK YOU ♥️⚡️♥️
    THANK YOU ♥️⚡️♥️
    THANK YOU ♥️⚡️♥️




  22. I’ve done so many gratitude meditations in my life but this one is among the best. Thank you for reminding me to be grateful for the basics like being able to see and hear. So thankful for this meditation.♥️🙏🏻

  23. I returned to this gratitude affirmation/meditation this morning, it was awesome. Thank you Bob for your service to humanity with this channel. This channel has really been one the key resources for my spirit. Ashe!

  24. I am so blessed for my healthy body, my beautiful son, he is smart, funny, loving and cares. I’m thankful for my travels and for having the opportunity to mentor others. Thank you universe, I feel the goodness in my life

  25. I am grateful to have the awareness of the importance of gratitude. Gratitude can change your life for the better in every way.

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