Mice & Mystics Gameplay Runthrough

Mice & Mystics Gameplay Runthrough

hey everybody today rado runs through mice and mystics which is a very sweet hearted kind of fantasy fairytale adventure game for players of all ages and when we were trying to run through today for it just give me an idea of what it’s like now this is an interesting game to do a run-through for because arguably one of the game’s strongest selling points is it’s lovely lovely story this game comes with this big thick manual full of I think it’s like eleven adventures that form one big campaign called sorrow and remembrance which is all about these little mouse warriors there used to be humans but they’ve been changed into mice through magical means and yet they have to save the kingdom somehow and I don’t really want to do a lot of spoilers because so much of the fun of this game is in you know learning the story as it goes but still I have to demonstrate something so actually I posted on BoardGameGeek and asked fans of the game what should I do and it was almost unanimous that everybody agreed that I should demonstrate the following little sequence which you’re about to see now this sequence takes place in chapter one so it’s pretty much right the beginning of the game during chapter one fight – barks burg when our heroes and our heroes have recently been turned into mice thrown into a dungeon cell and have to escape the castle so that’s all we’re doing and now I could read you know the big long you know story that sets up actually it’s a very long because another part of this game is you know it’s kind of like bedtime stories I think in fact the prologue is called bedtime for tip and the rules suggest that whoever is the strongest reader actually read all the stuff out loud to kind of set the scene there’s a very big prologue and then there’s a fairly bit of text reading and I’m not going to read all that but suffice to say you know it is the basic set up of the game which you know hopefully spoiler alert um you were a bunch of humans living in a castle a very old there is Prince Colin and you know the the Royal advisor and all kinds of people and you have been turned into mice because of the evil wicked queen who has a dastardly deeds in his trying to get you out of the way and so this is just happening we’re trying to escape so we started out here in the jail cell we had to basically escape through the the grate and end up in the sewers and that’s where we are right now we’ve just had a fight with a bunch of cockroaches in the sewers and that is about to end and we are about to move on to the next zone so we’re about to finish this we’ll play through this and maybe if time allows we’ll move on to the next one as well we’ll see how far I get so and let me come over here and show you the board where well you know we have this situation now like I said we start in the jail cell which is actually the other side of this tile if I were to flip this tile over you would see the jail cell I’m not gonna do that right now so I’ll miss everybody up and so we had to fight some guards in there you know we beat them and then we went through the sewer drain and we found ourselves down here in the sewer where there happens to be some rush rushing Rapids which had the potential to drown us if we’re not careful we have to fight some cockroaches and there is a few the big thing about this game is on almost every single tile there are always going to be special rules that pop up and that was certainly true for this time one if we were to actually search while we’re in the water we have a chance of finding the fishhook which could come in handy later now we’ve actually tried a couple of times but we keep failing and I’m about to give up on even trying to find this fishhook because time is running out every adventure you’re on there is a timer and if you take too long you’ll reach the end before you and you can see we’ve already finished page one one page two we don’t have that much more time so I don’t know if I’m going to keep on trying to search for this folks oak or just move on without it but we can’t move on yet because there is still one nasty cockroach still alive and so you can never leave a room while there are still live active creatures in there so we got to take out that cockroach and enough this setup enough the preamble let’s just start playing okay so if we look over here on this board there’s there’s several things that you know there’s the timer there’s cards we can draw for encounters and if we search we draw from this deck but more importantly there’s what’s called the initiative track and this defines the order their biggest to attack when you have when you first enter a room and you have an encounter which means you draw one of these encounter cards you find out what it is you’ll be dealing with in this room when we came in here we ended up dealing with four cockroaches because we were on page one so and there’s only one of those cockroaches left when you first do an encounter you take all the encounter the initiative cards for your characters and this run-through I’ll be playing filched tilde callin and match notes we take their cards and the cards of whatever monsters are in here in this case the roaches we shuffle them up and lay them out on this this iniciative track and this determines the order of combat for the entirety of this encounter so as you can see in this encounter the cockroach has got the jump on us because they got to go first and pour a little filter he’s last on the on the tongue for last but not least certainly so let’s just get going we’re about to start around and we it starts with the cockroaches and remember there’s only one left and he’s kind of hounding it Prince Colin over here so if I look at his card it tells me what I need to know basically cockroaches are kind of special all the creatures that you fight in this game the rats the cockroaches and spiders they all of them have special unique things in this case they when they attack they roll two dice when they defend they roll one die to defend themselves and when they attack if they successfully hit somebody they don’t hurt them they steal from them if they can because in this game cheese is life’s kinda like dune spice is the own but in this game it’s all about the cheese and because you save cheese up to be able to use your special abilities like for Colin to use his battle squeak ability he needs to spend a cheese for arm you know Maslow’s test to spend to cheese to use his mystic blast etc and but if you save up enough if you don’t use him for your abilities if you get enough cheese you can level up if you get six cheese you can turn them in level up and get another special ability so you can see right now Colin has four cheese we’re trying to get him to level up in fact we’ve all been as we find cheese we’ve been giving it to him so that he can level up and um but the cockroach if it hits Colin will actually steal some of because those nasty cockroaches and in fact it’s the cockroaches turn so the first thing that happens on a creatures turn is you roll this die now these dies are special they have a lot of things on them they have if this comes up it means the creature could successfully do a ranged attack if this comes up they mean successfully do a melee attack if this comes up it’s a successful melee attack or a successful block if they’re rolling for defense and if this comes up they find some cheese so the prefer and no there’s only thing there’s numbers one two and three that determines you roll for a creature that’s how far they’re going to get to move so let’s roll to see first we have to do is roll hop arc in the cockroach move and he gets a three he can move up to three spaces although in Ching Li they always move to the closest character they can and this cockroach is closest to Colin so even though he can move three spaces he’s only going to move one and now he’s here in the water with Colin now it’s interesting this water has a rushing current will push the characters around but creatures ignore everything to do with special terrain traversal stuff they aren’t affected by water they’re not affected by mouse traps they’re not affected by changes in height they just ignore all that stuff so the cockroach jumps in here he’s in the same spot and he’s moved to the closest character he can gotten as close as you can and now he will attack he’ll always attack the closest character they can and so he’s going to attack Colin remember cockroaches when they attack they get to roll two dice and if he gets successfully attacks he’s gonna steal some of Colin’s cheese which we don’t want to happen let’s see what happens he rolls and all right this was a range he was attacking with melee so this means nothing but he’s attack McNelly so he got a sword so that means he successfully hit four one and now colin has to defend against that one hit now Colin here he has a natural defense of one in fact all the mice have a natural defense of one you know just if they have one toughness but Colin has starting equipment of Colin sword and a leather breastplates that means Colin actually has +1 Colin has two dice he gets to roll for defense so he’s going to roll and he’s hoping to get these shields the swords won’t matter it’s only the shields that’s all he wants to see you right now as long as it gets at least one shield he will block that talk roaches hit and he failed he failed miserably you got a bow which does nothing under these circumstances and you got a cheese now whenever you’re attacking or defending if you roll a cheese you get a cheese so that’s great hey I got some cheese says Colin blink but that means he did not block against the cockroach so the cockroach steals oops steals one of his cheese so that she got he immediately lost because the cockroach ate it okay and away he went so now that was it the cockroach is done if there were more cockroaches we’ve killed all the other ones if there were more they would get to move now as well but as it happens um the cockroaches are done and so now it is Majin OSes turn he is kind of the wizard mouse in our little adventuring party by the way I should say in this adventure I arbitrarily the game says you can choose whoever you want there are six mice in this game I chose to bring along Colin / Prince Colin Madge knows the old wizard Tilda the healer cleric II type and Filch the the thief II type character I could have also if I want to instead of one of these four I could have brought along uh what’s-his-name Fez rez I haven’t really played with him much yet he’s kind of the engineer tinkerer type you can make items in one on he’s got he’s a warrior he’s got a really big strong help but I had to leave him aside there’s one other character whose name is Lily and she’s an archer mouse but the rule specifically said she could not be in this initial adventure because she hasn’t joined the story yet she will join us at some point in the future you know in in some later chapter so we couldn’t choose her and when I setup I chose these four characters alright anyway it’s Maginot cistern he gets to go first now maginot s– has a magic staff and it’s kind of interesting weapon it can be used either to shoot from a distance or to punch people up close if you’re if you’re right next to him you hit him over the head with your staff and it counts as a blunt attack if you’re farther away you can shoot at them and it counts as a ranged attack so it’s the staff is actually really really flexible and whichever way you do it you get plus one so normally Maj noses default attack means he gets to roll one but because he’s got this weapon he gets to roll plus one and let’s see now he has already made it to the other side of the water he doesn’t want to jump back into the water because he could get swept away by the current man and yell and get captured mice never die in this game they get captured so you you doesn’t want to jump back in plus it’s a special rule of this tile to be able to leave this tile and move on to the next one all the heroes have to be on this side of the river so it doesn’t make any sense when we jump back in the river but since he’s got that magic staff he’s going to take a shot and hopefully shoot that cockroach because until the cockroach is gone we can’t leave the room anyway so remember his attack is 1 plus 1 he his troll and since he’s doing a ranged attack he’s trying to roll 4 bows and there’s only um two of these on the sick side though so he only has a 1 in 3 chance of success for each of these if he ran up and tried to hit them he’d have a 50/50 chance because there are three swords but there’s only two bows so it’s implicitly harder to hit but on the flip side you you’re safe does you’re in a distance let’s see if he succeeds he’s rolling four bows and wow look at that boom two bows there are two hits heading the cockroach’s way now the cockroach remember has a defense of one so he can only roll one defensive die so it is impossible that cockroach is dead even if he successfully rolls a defense he will still die because the other hit will get through so you might think well let’s not even bother rolling who cares you always have to roll defense and we’ll see if the reason why comes up so he’s going to roll defense and alright he okay he did he got he failed so two point two damns go to the cockroach the cockroach dies now what could have happened is I see it would happen come on come on okay now he could have rolled a cheese which means the bad guy the cockroach could’ve gone to cheese whenever the bad guys roll cheese they don’t take it for themselves they don’t use cheese to level up or use powers or anything when bad guys get cheese they take it and they put it on the wheel of doom the cheese will doom and whenever this fills up there is a surge more bad guys come out and our time starts to run out so it’s always dangerous because they could I mean even a creature who’s you know going to die could still hurt us on the way out but fortunately you know he didn’t roll a cheese he rolled a sword so he missed it and Maginot nailed into the wall the cockroach is gone and now we are free to leave the room because there are no bad guys in here although now an interesting thing happens whenever a room is empty of bad guys the danger now becomes the cheese wheel because if we ever make it through okay so the cockroach is gone he’s off the initiative track now it’s just us whenever the initiative track has no bad guys on it when everybody has made a move and we get to the end of a round that means another cheese gets added to the wheel so we don’t want to stick around for very long because the longer we stay here and goof around and search and do stuff the more likely we are to trigger another surge and then we can’t get out so we got to get out of here before time runs out but anyway so maslow’s took a shot yeah me I did it okay now characters get to do on their turn they actually get to move and do an action now they can do any way they can do the action that move or move into the action and the actions they have several to choose from let’s see if I can find it in the rule book it really it’s a real shame that this game does not come with a nice player aid so we’re here because it could really use one because all the information there’s a lot of stats a lot of special rules of stuff and it’s all scattered throughout this twenty page rulebook I don’t know why this game didn’t come and play raids it’s crazy but anyway when it’s a Mouse’s turn they can they can do a move they can move through space and then they can also either scurry which is an additional move if they want battle search recover or explore so now imagine Oates he just did his first thing which was he did a battle so he can’t do any of these other actions now and so his other thing he can do is move and so he will go on ahead and move and he’s going to move over here to the door so he was ready to leave oh no actually he’s not he could move but I think he’s going to stand still and he’s got a good reason to do it also this is tricky yeah yeah he’s definitely gonna stand still so you could move but he’s going to stay still for reasons that will become clear in a moment now and it did so he’s passing on his ability to move and he’s already done his battle now you can also during a turn do free actions you can share a clip and level up and you can do these in addition to moving in one of the actions now right now I mean he doesn’t have anything to share he doesn’t have six he’s not gonna level up and you know he doesn’t have any equipment in his pack he hasn’t found anything yet so I think he’s done his whole turn was done it was still very good turn because he took out the cockroach allowing us to leave so imagine us is done now we move on to Collin now Collin is in the water and there are special rules about movement in the water one is that no matter how many movement spaces you get to go you only get to move one space per movement because we were fighting against the current so Collin normally has a movement of two normally he gets to move two spaces plus whenever a mouse is going to move they roll their dice and add the number to it so really he just rolled a three so really this turn Collin with his move action could move up to five spaces but since he is in the water it doesn’t matter he only gets to move one space so he’s going to move one space now his movement is done and if he wants he can do an action there’s nobody to fight but the other actions are he could scurry so he could move again and try to pull himself out of the water he could search and try to find this fish hook that I keep failing to find but you know what we need to get out of here so he’s going to move again he’s going to do the scurry action and that means he moves now whenever a cat whenever a mouse is in water and tries to pull themselves out of water they have a 50/50 chance of success because what think I do is they got to roll the die you see these old star bursts there were three star bursts one two three on each die if he rolls and gets a starburst he succeeds at pulling himself out if he doesn’t give a starburst he fails and he’s basically wasted his action his scurry action he’s going to try and do so he’s got a roll one die he’s at 1580 chance he might be stuck in this water for a while but here’s a cool little teamwork thing if he is trying to move into a space where there are other mice they try to help him out so instead of only rolling one die if he were trying to get out of the water over here to get to here he’d have to roll one die in a 50/50 chance but since he’s over here and trying to jump here he gets to roll three dice one for himself and one for his two buddies that’s why I imagine those didn’t leave he stayed here to help call and pull himself out of the water so Collin actually gets to roll three dice and I’d say there’s a pretty good chance he’s going to pull himself out and yeah he in fact actually all three were successes all three have starburst so he definitely for his second action he’s scurrying and he successfully pulled himself out of the water ray and now he’s done now yet still do a free action if you want to he could give some of his cheese to um either you know to anybody else because he’s right next to everybody but he’s holding onto this cheese because he wants to level up okay so Colin is that now it still does turn and now this is interesting choice I think I’m going to take one last shot tilde’s in the water I’m going to try and find this fishhook one more time now whenever you do a search you roll a single die unless there’s special rules that break that but normally you only get to roll one die and again you have a 50-50 chance and so Tilda is going to roll and we’re going to see if we find this gosh darn fishhook come on because this is our last chance cuz after this we’re leaving alright k2t chance and nothing I think that is the fourth time I’ve tried to find this fishhook and I have failed again so sorry fishhook we’re gonna have to leave you behind okay remember Tilden gets two actions she could stay and she could search again if she wanted but we got to get out of here because the timer she’s a tickin so for her second action she is going to scurry or move she’s going to move right I’m sorry no she couldn’t search again because every turn you get to do a movement and one action so you can’t do an action twice the only action you do twice is moving because you’re one actually be moving and your other could be scurry she did an action of searching she failed miserably and now she is gonna move and just like Collin she has three she has three friends helping out so she can throw a one two three four dice to see if she can pull herself out of the water the first person get out of the water can be pretty tough but then once they’re out they can help everybody else so let’s get her out of the water and right okay and yeah she got plenty of successes and so she is out now and you’ll notice she rolled a cheese as well you do not get cheese unless you’re rolling offense you know blocking or attacking if your old cheese any other time it doesn’t matter anyway she’s pulled herself out and now her turn is over and now finally it is Filch’s turn he’s the last guy now if we do not get out of this room before Filch takes his turn it’ll be the end of the round there’s no bad guys and we’ll add another cheese wheel so we have the we could stay in here we could search for a while but that runs down the clock and we might be in danger so we’re going to leave now so Filch has a movement and in action his movement is going to be to move over here to the exit and then his action is going to be to explore the exit so we can get into here whenever character is going to move they always roll and you know most the time you don’t have to do this but the rules say you always do it so I’m in a roll I should have done it with tilde when she moved as well I should’ve done with Maginot so I just didn’t really bother all right so he has two plus three means he can move up to five spaces but doesn’t really matter because he’s only going to move one he moves one space and now that means he is adjacent to the exit that was his movement and now his other action is going to be explore and when you explore if you’re at an exit you get to leave the room and drag everybody else with you so doodly-doo everybody he’s explored and everybody comes out and comes into the next room and now we’re done with this we could go back here but because of the timer there’s no real reason to we could go back there and keep searching but we have now entered a new room and whenever you enter a room you have to find out what your encounter is going to be alright so we’re here in the room and let’s see here so first of all when you’re going to check an encounter here’s the robot you look in the big story book and you see if there’s anything special about this room we are in the kitchen tunnels the tunnels that are underneath the kitchen and in fact there is a story we’re going to have a story moment so everybody sit back and let me tell you a story when the mice explore the kitchen tunnels which means they just did so they’ve Raynard choose a player to read the following aloud nez held his chin and observed the gloomy tunnels the mice had entered I would guess these tunnels were mouse made he mused dug out who knows how many centuries ago suddenly a familiar cry echoed down the tunnels from far away that’s miss Maggie’s voice cried Colin we must be near the kitchens observe children we must be near the kitchens observed tilde the tear woman sounds distress let us find her with all haste okay so there’s a little bit of story and now what’s happened is an optional side plot has appeared we have a choice here we are in the tunnels and you notice there’s this little ladder here we can climb up the tunnels and flip this tile and be in the kitchen and we heard miss Maggie the the castle cook you know a close personal friend of all these characters she’s in trouble so we have a choice to make we have a timer we have to get out of here before time runs out but do we stop and you’ll because all we got to do is we got to finish this room we got to finish this room and then after this room we make it up to the surface and we ask to finish this room so you guys still got to go one through three more rooms before time runs out we got to find a lot more monsters but are we going to take time out of our busy schedule and go helps Miss Maggie Tula what should we do Tula give me a yeah look at her she says totally we should go help Miss Maggie so we’re going to help Miss Maggie and do the optional plot the side plot now we got to go back to looking if there’s anything else so you also side plot well this section basically describes in this room do a standard encounter bog-standard but when it’s over you have the option of leaving like normal or going up into the kitchen in which case we’ll do this optional kitchen side quest so now we have to set up the room and we’re going to show how a normal room set up happens okey doke so let’s see so everybody’s here you know they they came in on the room and so this was the encounter card these were the four roaches that we faced in the sewers we’re done with that encounter card we now have a new encounter and because we’re on page two we’ve already had one surge and so the time is move forward a little bit more on page two we have to fight three rats which honestly I’m happy about fighting three rats and five greedy roaches because greedy roaches they stride if they try to steal your cheese and because they’re greedy when they get it they put it on the clock and run the clock out honestly I think five greedy roaches are more dangerous than three rats but anyway we have to fight three rats and if there’s a surgeon here two more rats will appear there’s gonna be a lot of rats in here so three rats was it yes so let’s grab three rats one no that’s tilde grab for your ATS and now whenever you are there are rules for how you spawn bad guys if there’s a boss monster they spawn as close to you as they can if there are ranged if you know enemies with bows and stuff they spawn from you as far away as possible and these are the very spawn points if they are melee they get spread around as best they can amongst spawnpoints so I’m just going to go ahead and slap the SS to spawn points up actually where do they start where did the what are our heroes start oh it doesn’t say it doesn’t actually show where they start in this room so I guess they start there and so this guy can’t spawn here because all our heroes are on this spot so and you know if there’s equal number players gets choose so let’s spawn him over here so there’s two routes over here and one rat over there okay and we’re ready to go see I could I could be wrong about that but I think that’s how we would spawn in this case somebody if I’m wrong somebody correct me alright so and I like he couldn’t spawn here because in a given space oh there’s only room for four characters so all four characters are on this base so there’s no room for a rat to spawn there otherwise you would have spawned there if you could because they try to spread the rats out as evenly as possible or the melee characters so we’ve spawned and now we’re ready to go and because there are rats in this room we got to find the roaches we have to find the rat spiders rat oh here we go rat warriors ok so we take the rat warrior card we take our heroes cards and now we have to shuffle all these cards up okay the initial cards shuffle shuffle shuffle never up it’s a whole this is my shuffling song boom oh by the way that was a special song written for me special by user at BoardGameGeek I forget who it was I’ll put a note to give him full credit cuz he I always go shuffle shuffle shuffle shuffle shuffle shuffle she gave me some lyrics shuffle shuffle shuffle never up if a whole this is my shuffling song fumble all right so we’re all shuffled up and you’ll be hearing that song a lot in the future ok so now we find out what’s the order going to be in this room first character to act Colin bomber arrgh okay so Colin is first the reason I’m bummed about that is because Colin has a special ability called born to lead he’s in he’s up front so he’s the leader but if he wasn’t when placing cards if Colin is not in the first initiative spot immediately add one cheese so if he doesn’t get to be a leader he gets another cheese unfortunately he’s in the initiative spot so he didn’t get his free cheese next up is Tilda next up is the rats and then Filch and finally imagine us imagine else is going to be last to act Colin is first so we’re all set up let’s going okay so Colin he’s gonna rush right in where angels fear to tread and do some damage first of all he’s got decide how far he can move he rolls he rolled it 2 sets 2 plus 2 means he can move up to 4 spaces Colin where you going buddy I see 1 2 3 4 oh no he can’t reach anybody 1 2 3 4 if he could have gone 5 he could have reached these guys 1 2 3 4 you can’t reach this guy so Colin can’t reach anyone well let’s move as far as you can although it’s interesting if he moves up if he moves too far that means the rats could get a move on him and strike him before so I think Colin’s only guess he rats can move up 2 3 so 1 2 3 trees a veiled attack here so I guess Colin’s only going to move one and be smart so that no one can hit him before he gets a chance to attack but he’s getting a little bit closer so even though he could move up to 4 spaces it wasn’t enough so he’s just gonna move one and now for his action what that kills search so he’s going to roll one die and let’s see what he finds and he found nothing no starbursts 52 chance he found nothing colin is done now it’s tildes turn let’s see how far Killa can move Tilda she only gets to move one space and she rolled a cheese but it doesn’t count remember cheese only counts for attacking and defending Scioscia Cyril one plus two she gets moved three spaces she’s got the same problem she moves too far up the monsters will hit her before she hits them so she’ll just move up one die Colin did and she will also search yay well done Tilda okay let’s see what she found yeah she draws the top card from the search deck and she found the tail length this is a trick play this card instead of taking a battle action if there’s at least one friendly Mouse in the same spaces you defeat the minion in this space okay so this is a guaranteed defeat of a minion although not large minions or bosses unfortunately so if you really need to beat somebody you can use this and guarantee do it now so he’s going to put this in her pack which means it’s face down although really let’s give you face up so I don’t forget it you can have up to three items plus any number of tricks in your pack and you’re in your in your rucksack or whatever so she can do is she could give this to somebody else she could give this to Colin but with that she might as well hold on to it because she has she implicitly wants to stand next to people because if she stands next to wounded characters she draws empathetic power and gets to roll more when she attacks is that what it is right oh yeah that’s what it’s on the mace add one to your attack and plus if she’s ever next to somebody when they get poisoned webbed or cursed or stunned she gets to cheese Amelia she wants to stand next people so it makes sense that she would have the tail link so I was her turn she moved and she rolled and found nothing right so now it is the rat warriors turns let’s take a look at these bad boys they get to roll for two they get to defend for two and they’re aggressive which means after they take their move they push their way up the initiative track so they’re going to muscle up in on the next round they’ll go second instead third that’s actually really kind of a cool thing that you know they attack more and more frequently as they push their way up so anyway right so we got three rat warriors we have to treat each one of them separately and we start with the one who’s closest it’s one of these guys I’ll choose one of them randomly we have to find out how far can they move this guy can move three spaces so he goes one two three next guy moves two spaces he goes one two this guy over here he goes one two three okay so you can see if Tilda are calling to move any more they would have gotten smacked but they played it smart okay so now it’s our good buddy Filch’s turn now Filch has a special power if he defeats rats specifically if he defeats rats if he’s won it does it he gets it he steals a cheese off of them so um you know Filch definitely wants to take some of these guys out so he can pick up some free cheese so let’s see first of all how far he can move he can move up to three three you can see that three plus his default three beans he can move up to six spaces so attack let’s go on ahead and have him go one two three you can even move you know you could stand inside he can move through the only thing he couldn’t move through if all if there were four rats on one space you would be able to move through that but um what that kill’d does that move over here and he’ll be by the exit okay and right so now he is in this space so he could attack this rat that’s Jason really so you couldn’t attack this one so let’s have him attack give this one um for that let’s have him he could move really far let’s go one two three four all over here and hit this guy in the back you know the strike guard his interesting thing is the mage I moved Tilden said the mage there we go the mage who’s back here he can shoot he could shoot from a distance and hit either of these guys but he can’t hit this guy so let’s have Filch try to hit this guy in the back all right so Filch has a default attack of two and his dagger doesn’t give him anymore so he’s going to roll two dice but the dagger has a special ability which is on your defender has less defense if they are below you on the track so if the rat Warriors were below Filch the rat warriors would fill would have an advantage cuz you know he’s be backstabbing him but it turns out he doesn’t get an advantage he’s just gonna roll two dice and then they’re gonna roll two dice in Japan let’s see if he hits that’s a big miss he was he got bows he wasn’t doing a range attack so he bit he pretty much did nothing so Filch is done he’s moved and then he’s attacked and he failed all right way to go Filch all right now finally Maj knows umm he will shoot from it as he doesn’t need to go because Maj knows is the weakest in defense he’s already been hurt once and he only has one defence he doesn’t get to roll to defense like everybody else so he’ll stay in the back and shoot so he’ll just go ahead and shoot at the back he’ll shoot at the further one the ones further off in the distance he gets rolled to attack dice and wow look at that two hits okay and now the the rat they have to defense he gets to roll to defense and he rolled one defense so he blocked one shot but not the other one and the rat is gone boom actually oh I totally forgot matthos has a thing where he oh no he hasn’t done that yet okay anyway he rolled two attacks one defense didn’t do it rats toast so now we continue on it’s Collins turn again now Colin rolls see if Howard can move although he doesn’t plan to move very far he can move three plus two but really he’s just going to move one space or what the heck he’ll move two spaces so he’s right here and he can get it either of these guys now he’s going to attack he’s our toughest guy he gets two plus one he gets through all three dice and that’s three successes so this um let’s say it’s this rat that rat doesn’t have a chance he gets to roll to and he didn’t get any cheese so he wrote he defended he defended it twice he got two shields to Collin all three so that was still enough this raddest toast okay now it is the rats turn rat gets to fight back he wants to move to the closest God first of all we have see how far he can move all he’s only going to move one so it’s kind of pointless to roll this he could roll up to three spaces focus three spaces but doesn’t matter because he can he will only move to the closest guy now there’s two guys he can move to that are equidistant so to break the tie monsters always go after whoever’s at the highest initiative and that’s Colin so he’ll move he’ll stand here next to Colin he gets the roll two dice to attack oh wow he missed but that’s not good he got two cheese so we’re about to have another surge boom boom one more cheese the bad guys roll and we’ll have a surge and that means we’ll have two more rats in this room okay so boom boom and but that means you didn’t hit Collin so that was it for him and now Filch Filch I’m not gonna he’s only gonna move one space I don’t need to worry about it and with that he’s going to move one two three because he can move three by default I’m not gonna bother with his roll and now he’s going to try once again to stab this rat this is his second attempt and boom two successes the rat gets to roll defense and okay the rat rolls oh noes okay the rat rolled one cheese and no defense so umm well actually we knew full well because he had two attacks the rats dead and because he was a rat Filch pilfered some cheese off of him so that’s nice but unfortunately the rat also rolled a cheese and that means boom we’ve just had a surge folks bump on bond so we clear the wheel out we lose more time and two rats appear so to Wayne just we were about to leave this room two more rats appear and so they’ll just go ahead hey they walk in here what’s good about tha and so now we got two more guys we have to take out before the Oh see nationally I think is it I don’t think it’s really much that much but is a timing thing as soon as we killed that last no no no I’m sure it all happen same time if it wasn’t Ratched came in but cockroaches or a spider or something like that the rat would go away the spider would come in and we have to reshuffle the initiative Jack visited since it’s more rafts I guess we’ll just keep going alright so that was filching now it’s imagine us is turning in what that kills shoot again from a distance dipped it today so imagine us is going to shoot he rolls to he’s going to shoot at this guy you can’t shoot this guy because there’s no line of sight through that wall and he got one hit the rat gets to roll one defense and he got to defense so that’s a total miss now the other thing madness can do he could move but he’s not going to move he’s going to search see if we can find something good success hooray and what do you find treachery it’s an abduction play immediately this mouse maginot s– is captured and can only be rescued when a fellow mouse makes a successful search action so dunk dunk dunk match knows is out it’s just the three of us now and we cannot find him until we do a search okay so now and then we roll around it’s Colin’s turn again we got to take these guys out because we’re running out of time now I’m thinking maybe we shouldn’t because we only have two more pages if we get two more three more surges it’s over maybe we don’t have time to go for Miss Maggie anymore but you know what if you want to find out what we’re going to do you can hit the button it’s on screen or follow the show notes links to extended play and I’ll keep playing I’ll take these rats out I’ll decide at that point if we’ve got enough time to go up into the the kitchen you can see what happens there or otherwise we’ll come over here you’ll see what happens here and you all try to demonstrate some more stuff or you can hit the other button and go to final thoughts your choice in five four three two one


  1. Thanks.  I have been flip-flopping on whether or not to buy this game.  One word for you, "SOLD!" 

    Now to wait for it to get back in stock….

  2. I've been dying for this Run Through to help decide if I should buy this for the family.  Like Groovy Munki said……..Sold!

  3. ya this game is awesome, you can play it solo too. I still need to finish the story and I'm thinking about getting the expansion.

  4. I've been playing this game with my 8 & 9 year old daughters. We have reached chapter 5 and decided to take a short break. We'll pick it up when summer vacation begins. The only feature I don't care for is the timer. It seems far to easy to fail the chapter because of reaching 'The End' marker and a crummy way to lose. We have consequently applied a house rule and removed that mechanic from our game so we can better enjoy the story. However, if all characters are knocked out (captured) from the game (which has happened to us already), we will replay the chapter.

  5. Great run through (as usual) 🙂 Just a small rules note that might make a big difference: when you drew the abduction card, the mouse gets captured with all the associated rules, so you would also have to move the hour glass marker. I think it is the most brutal of the treachery cards, though luck! (Source: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/882805/abduction)

  6. At 8:42 when collin rolled his defense dice against the one cockroach hit, i've played where the shield and breastplate would count as automatic blocks so collin would only roll his one defense die. Have i been playing wrong???

  7. 33:41 You only get one cheese, no matter how many you roll. Thanks for the video. Just got the game and am watching this while waiting for my wife to be available for us to play.

  8. Richard, I know you did this a few months ago and probably don't plan on playing this game again, but I just discovered these player aids on BGG. I just picked up the game, and these aids were amazing: http://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/84138/player-aid-cards-alt-design

  9. Soooo… how replayable is this game? I want to purchase a game and i like this one, but i also like Myth, too despite of the messy  rules it seams more replayable than this one. ….fuuuhhh…i can't chose. I watched over a 40 reviews until now….:-). So far i have : Level 7(Escape), Rune Wars, Mice and Mystics, Descent 2 edition,Wrath of Ashardalon,Defenders of the Relm, Myth. Most of the times will play 2 or 3 players.

  10. 18:40 she can move and do one action. But not two actions. Search then move, or move then search. Page 9 in the manual. Edit: dont mind this comment. I just continued watching ^^

  11. is there somewhere a dutch version online of the manual? my group would love to play the game but the story telling seems a bit  like a problem to us. so if someone can help us 🙂

  12. This is going to get expansiv for me. Watching your videos give me just more and more boardgames to buy. Your video really help us to check how the game works (well mostly) and your thoughts of it in the end is just the crust on the pie. Thanks once again.

  13. I love this game, I've got both expansions and it's just super fun.  I can play it with my 6 year old nephew or my 40 year old friends

  14. From what I remember when you explore into a new tile 24:18, the mice all go onto a space adjacent to the white edge of the board. I think its up to the players to decide which space is chosen and nothing in the rulebook says anything about blocking spawn points during an explore action. So I think you were right.

  15. Seems like Mouse Guard meets Descent. VERY tempting to buy. (Also it is said that someone who worked on Heroscape designed this one. Absolutely ideal for kids to get them into role playing / board gaming.

  16. Mice cannot move through minion-occupied spaces. They stop when hitting a space with a minion on it, regardless of how many

  17. Simple dark lord question:
    1:17 why not just kill them ?:D
    2:44 so why not put the mouse to a mouse cage/orture box?:D why a regular prison where the can escape because there is a convenient aqueduct

  18. Great job and I am a big fan of your videos. One thing is that in the FAQ to the game, the designer clarified that "cheese results always happen first." This means that cheese from a roll gets immediately placed (either on the minion wheel or in a mouse's stash). Hence, at 34:30 you were not incorrect to initiate a surge and Filch would have to take his cheese from the general supply.

    By the way, my six-year-old and his eight-year-old friend LOVE this game. Although it is challenging for me as an adult GM to essentially navigate the fiddly and at times unclear rules. You are so right; there should be player guide sheets boiling down the essential elements of the game! Nevertheless, I love it.

  19. At 35:20 Maginos takes his turn. He first shoots at a rat and misses. This would have been his one and only action. However, he then searches (an illegal second action on the same turn) and finds treachery and is captured. This significantly altered the rest of the game, especially in to the kitchen room shown on the extended play video because you could have used his range. Am I interpreting the rules wrong, or was this just a critical oops moment?

  20. Two questions I'm curious about in game play;
    Are tricks only usable once and then go back into the search deck or reusable?
    During game play after minion are defeated rounds continue between players such as search or movement and every completed round with no minions on the board encure one cheese to the wheel?

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