1. Meditation have helped me so much in my journey and until his day I am still learning. Loving this video so far

  2. I love this! I didn't know the fact about 20 minutes of meditation being like 3 hours of R.E.M. sleep. It was great to see that both you and Hannah seemed refreshed after your meditation.

  3. So interesting! I wanna try it this way. I've done meditation from a YouTube video and it's similar to ASMR, but more rewarding.

  4. Hey Kati, I got enrolled for 2 scholarships for college because its college week at my school and I was wondering if there was some way to contact you because I'm going to be a therapist so I can have like some guidance

  5. I love Hannah !! But Katie I need help Hannah’s father is a Jehovah witness and I was wondering if you would do s video with her how to come out to Jehovah witness family household

  6. My therapist just asked me to start meditation this week. I'm finding it super challenging (I have a hard time sitting still), but will keep working on it. Thanks for the video Kati!!

  7. Can you meditate wrong? I’ve tried meditating and I still wasn’t able to shut my brain down and stop thinking. How do you clear your head and keep it from wandering?

  8. This is amazing!

    At the start of my week all I was seeing were signs confirming my negative thought and feeling and believed that they were all pointing what I was doing as far as reaction was right! Walking that high line is terrifying. I have taken so many steps in the last 48 hours to do everything I can to reverse it. Today all the signs I'm getting are empowering me to want to live and thrive within this life of mine.

    Kati, just has I turned to walk off the shore after some self positive talk on overcome my personal inner demons, I got a notification that you had liked a few of my tweets.

    Then I got a message shortly after conforming a appointment time with a new DBT trained therapist as well as her letting me know that I can still see my current therapist, follow up with a sign up for a mindful meditation class she is starting. It's so amazing that your next video just happened to be on the meditation topic. Ahh the signs!

    I know I need to be careful with feelings of intense excitement, however, I'm am feeling so meant to be here and living right now it's amazing!

    Love Love Love!!!

  9. Meditation is so powerful and has been a big part of my recovery. I love this series of videos, they are such a great addition to your channel 🙂 XX

  10. I have a little difficulty with this video. I think a therapist shouldn’t point in any religious direction but should be neutral. To me this is coming from a religious background. She is even sitting like a Buddha! If you are pointing this out as helpfull I think it would be fair to also put up a video about praying and focusing on Jesus. I love all that Kati does for the community, don’t get me wrong, but I just didn’t like this video.

  11. I was playing the piano to get into a head space but unfortunatley in the last month or so playing the piano for even a few minutes has leaves my forearms and wrists inflamed and I then have trouble sleeping.

  12. Strangely I was just intruduced to meditation by Lady Gaga the other day. She was kind enough to share her mantra and explain the benefits and encourage her fans to meditate with her live on Instagram for 20 min. The goal being to focus on calmness in this mad world. Although I wasnt ready yet to fully relax I did learn a lot. Seeing this video just a few days later makes me want to incorperate this into my daily routine even more. Thanks girls!

  13. Hi Guy`s , I am currently studying "mindfulness" and I don`t always practice what I read . but I have found that relaxing "private times" to spend moving inwards can bring an on going sense of peace. It is great that you are sharing this  , many thanks. O___Kati , is there anyway to know when you are doing a live video-cast on younow,com , perhaps I could use my MBPr and be a "guest" , thanks for showing me there was a way to life a happier life and providing the push I needed to seek help to do so by making such informative videos. I am ringing the bell !! LOL

  14. Hi Kati. This was a great video! Will you please make a video on determining the difference between senioritis and depression as well as how to deal with it.

  15. I have been meditating for a little over a year now just at home with meditation phone apps and every night as I'm fall to sleep i listen to guided meditation

  16. thanks so much for making this video, I needed it more than I knew. I've had a really tough summer, filled with fear and anxiety during the night and the question "what's the point anyway?"constantly ruining my alone times, my sleep, etc…this helped, I'll look more into it

  17. For those who want to meditate with Headspace and do not want to pay for the subscription to watch the videos – you can also try another app called Insight Timer. It is completley free. My doctor recommended this to me and it is hands down one of the best meditating apps I have ever come across. You get a wide range of instructors and meditative classes. I definetley recommend it!

  18. Yes yes yes this is the best!! 🙂 I don't often put time aside for meditation but it is really helpful when I do. I think lots of kinions might like this! Also, what I found out is that even doing a few minutes of meditation in your day can make a noticeable difference. It can hard or too much effort to commit to 20+ minutes, but once you've started for shorter periods, you can use it to anchor you whenever you need, and maybe work up to longer sessions too 🙂

  19. 1st of all I love your videos. 2nd of all I have captions on. Not because I can't hear but because I've been trying to learn Gaelic and I think it's awesome how it says "calm music" at the beginning.

  20. I used to think meditation was a bunch of bs until I actually tried it. My therapist finally convinced me and I found a really great app called Calm. I tried Headspace, but found the voice of who did the guided meditation not very soothing to me. Calm uses the same female narrator for all the guided meditations and it makes me feel more comfortable. I still haven't been able to find a new therapist so meditation has been a great tool while still on the search. I even meditate for 2 minutes before I walk into work!

  21. If you are new to trying guided meditation, imo, the important thing is finding a presentation, a voice, a style, etc. that works for you. My therapist suggested a couple and I tried them and thought they were stupid but then I stumbled across Jason Stephenson and others here on you tube and wow, some of them have been so very helpful to me. So if you are a skeptic like I was, keep looking for some that "speak" to you. Peace and love. Bryan

  22. I do do do recommend meditainment.com Seriously, try it out! I always struggle with letting go and be relaxed but with their meditations I'm able to let go and let myself completely guided by the female voice which gives me such a cozy and secure feeling. I can trust this voice therefore I find peace and am able to get into this meditation. I love their episode "meditation for depression", it's a really cute one.

  23. Amy is great. Would love to be guided by her,too. Unfortunately I live in another country but well, I've got my meditainment.com that is awesome as well.
    I really like that with her voice and her body language she's able to give you a space and time that is filled with safety and peace.

  24. I love this, Kati!🙌 I do guided meditation almost every night before bed w/ "The Honest Guys" here on YouTube! 🙏Their soothing British voices are just the best, they've really helped me with anxiety, my depression, insomnia, migraines, dealing with all my chronic illnesses & pain… they have so many videos & it's totally free!!

  25. I've tried meditation a few times and it always seems to make me anxious. Something about focusing on my breathing makes me uncomfortable. Any tips to avoid that? Would love to give it another go.

  26. I had a long period of intense intrusive thoughts, and I thought, like Hannah, that meditating would be a nightmare. It would be everything that I was scared of and the source of my anxiety, to be in my own head and not being able to distract myself, from myself. But somehow I got started with light meditation some months ago, and I have been doing it everyday since, and now I'm in love with it, and I strongly recommend it! <3

  27. Wow. What Hannah said really resonates with me. I struggle with anxiety right now and I'm already using my imagination to create fear. I can also imagine feelings of comfort. mind blown, friends
    I do wish we could have done that guided meditation along with Kati and Hannah I the middle of the video.

  28. Hello , I have some questions and i really need your help can you help me I'll appreciate it , it will mean so much to me , thank you

  29. I gotta say, as much as I love meditation – I do prefer the Headspace way of talking you through it. If you didn't like this, don't give up on meditation – you might prefer the "less esoteric" feel (Sorry) of things like Hesdspace, without that (to me) annoying music 😉
    Great video anyway! Sure some people love that way of guidance!

  30. I did not know that meditation is better than a nap! I'm going to have to try the app and look into groups! Im working on staying present, not sure if I can, but it's worth trying

  31. I've been meditating for 32 years and I cannot imagine doing without it. BTW, I learned the practice at Hazelden in Minnesota.

  32. This is unrelated but I just need to tell you that I had my first BPD assessment today after waiting 1,5 years for therapy. I really like my therapist and hope that we will figure out a treatment plan that works for me. 
    Your videos have helped me a lot with voicing my issues and asking for the help I need. Hopefully I will start DBT soon and be able to go back to school.

    Thank you <3

  33. giiiirl you deserve wayyy more subs. Mental Health should be a topic more people are open into discussing. all the love <3

  34. This would've been great with a guided meditation!

    I love your videos Kati but I think instead of just giving us basic information on topics I wish you'd actually show us instead. Sort of like when Alexa was on the channel, those video's were informative but more importantly had depth and insight. I feel like a lot of your videos just glaze the surface of topics and we miss a lot of the "meat" per se

    Anyways you're still amazing and I'll watch and support you regardless.

  35. Hey Kati, I’m a new subscriber and I really love your videos. My therapist is on vacation for the next week and a half, and I’m having a lot of anxiety about it. I’ve been seeing her pretty much weekly for 5 years, with some vacations here and there. I’ve been doing poorly lately, so she set up and appointment for me with someone I’ve met before when I was in the process of going to an inpatient program. I’m really scared that he’s going to want me to go back. I’ve been there 4 times in the last few years for various reasons. I just got out a month ago for a suicide attempt. Now, I haven’t been actively trying to kill myself but I haven’t necessarily been safe either. How can I avoid saying the wrong thing and being sent away against my will? I really, really don’t want to go back. Thanks

  36. SO much better than at high school where the chap on the recording swallowed VERY loudly and that's really all we could focus on. Many giggles, not much relaxation. 🙂 The counsellor at work is brilliant at this, I wish we could have it every day. 🙂

  37. do you recommend when not to meditate? i sometimes have the feeling going down the rabbit hole and cant really preocess what i experienced.

  38. This video convinced me to try "Headspace".
    "Beginner' starts with 3min meditations. Tim Ferriss had said (I'm paraphrasing here) 'If you want to form a new habit, make it ridiculously easy. Then you might find yourself going for "extra credit".'
    The reminder pops up, and even when I'm busy I find myself thinking, "it's less than five minutes. Five minutes is nothing."
    Seems to be really helpful as I noticed I get goosebumps sometimes.
    Thank You so much for posting videos, you're awesome. I'd love to continue to see more with Hannah, she's awesome too!

    Here is the video I referenced of Tim Ferriss, although, I don't necessarily agree with his closing statement. https://youtu.be/4a9GTtTUsIc

  39. Omg I love so much that amy highlighted the impressionability of the mind and how visualisation of specific scenes is as real to the brain as seeing it- the physiological response is exactly the same so mindful moments of focused thought is so powerful xxxx

  40. i hate meditation i also hate yoga it makes me want to punch a hole in the wall

    thx for this ha bisky vid even though i would never do this i found it very interesting

  41. I use meditation a lot more now that I understand what it is. My therapist introduced it to me when my OCD was really bad. It helps so much!! Thanks for the video!

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