Meditation for capacity building- क्षमता वर्धन हेतु ध्यान प्रयोग

Meditation for capacity building- क्षमता वर्धन हेतु ध्यान प्रयोग

Pranaam (greetings)! Om Namah Shivaaya (Obeisances to Lord Shiva). Right now I am on a Himachal Pradesh’s road which leads to summit of a mountain. There is a small beautiful village behind me, you can see smoke there. Someone is burning crop residues so smoke is coming. And, It is really cold here. But, this environment and cold is very good for Saadhanaa. You can see a small forest here which goes to the summit of mountain. Also let me show you what is below, you can see there are also forest stretches. And now I am going to show you a very special thing. You can see Himalaya ranges over there. The MahaaHimaalaya called as Great Himalayan Ranges can be seen a little bit. You can see it. The first snowfall recently occurred. So owing to first snowfall you can see the Himalaya a little bit with snow deposited. So the nature is very beautiful here. Beautiful and cold environment. And whenever I get a chance to come in such isolated places, I feel very nice change in me. So, as I have got some time, I want to tell a practice which you must do and experience, as quickly as possible. It will be very beneficial. First let me tell you a little important things about the practice. We sleep and wake everyday, but each new day seems to be the very same. And we feel as if no time is changing. So we loose our sense of experiencing time. Though in cities people go to jobs running, students go to school and colleges, businesspeople go for business. So you have a strange sense of time due to this rush. But it is all artificial surroundings. But when you come to isolate places like mountains. It is all silence. A small noise of bird chirping, and a little noise of far away river or waterfall is coming. Very less noise. Even soft talking of villagers over there can be heard. It is this silent here. If Sun were not here, we would not even be able to sense the time, day or night at all. We would be empty minded about time. But this is on a very large scale. So understand it on a smaller scale now. Whenever you wake up, you see every day to be the same, there is just no newness in life. When we were kids, every day was new, but now no newness anymore. So mind becomes monotonous and very mechanical due to this. Today we have become like machines, ever ready to fight with others. It is because everyone has become very contentious, always criticising others. So if someone throws a brick to us, we want to throw huge stones to him. We have become this quarrelsome. And amidst all these competition and unnecessary rush, we forgot a very important thing. That thing is our real identity, our purity and piousness, and the need of growing our mind consciousness to greater levels. The need of our mind to be new and fresh continuously. So always keep check of monotony mind. When no change come to your thinking style and it becomes monotonous, then your life goes on a whole new plane called “Death”. Try to understand it. If my skin does not change constantly, if wounds on my body stop getting cured, so what will happen? And also think if this constant development of my body stop, then I would reach old age which is equivalent to death. What is death? When changes stop coming, when new creation stops in us, when development stops, then it is called “Death”. Our mind always lives in a specific style, but to get rid of that same style we must accept changes. This change is not only important for daily life, but is also important to experience real time, as per our Rishis, Gurumandal and Scriptures. Like there is a constant flow of new fresh water in a waterfall, the same way there should be new freshness in your thoughts in day to day life. If you live continuously only in one thought, one plane, then you must know you are stuck somewhere in time. The times does flow externally, but the time of your consciousness and development becomes stuck like the water of a lake. The water of lake is stuck at one place and starts getting stagnant, the same way your consciousness starts getting blocked. Do you see me? I always keep experiencing changes. Sometimes I am in crowded cities, sometimes in secluded silent places like now. Sometimes I read Vedas, Puranas deeply, sometimes I am engaged studying Tantra and related scriptures. Why? Because if we do not have this deep sense in our life we will never find real truth of our life. Our ascendants lived in this beautiful environment of mountains, in this beautiful nature, and gained knowledge and intelligence and various experiences here. So what did they learn? They learnt that we must be serious at this newness, this freshness of mind. Only then you will understand Spirituality and Righteousness. You see. We must not see spirituality or righteousness as separated from our lives. Because what today’s people, media, and argumentative people who call themselves “intellectuals” or “high thinkers”…. say that religion is a separate thing from your life. It is completely false what they say. They are not separate from your life. They are all necessary and full parts of your life. This is the truth. And if you do not try to understand this experience of change, then you will never develop. So try to understand it. Change is complex process. So people often fear it. Whenever a new thought, a new thing comes, we do not accept it easily. Because it is hard and difficult. Now let me explain. See, this is a mountain and I have to go to its top. So I have two choices. One is that I go through this road. I can even walk backwards and I can walk forwards even with eyes closed on this road very easily, see. It is easy to walk here as it is an artificial road, no hard work required. But walking on it, I will never have self development. But if I go to summit from this path. See how difficult it is. So you can see I climbed just four steps but how much effort I had to apply. Not only this, now I will have to see for my security here. As I miss a step, I will fall right down. Now I am not on the smooth road, but on a steep climbing. So problems do come in life. You want to get success in Spirituality, Righteousness, Politics, and other parts of life. But wherever you want success, you have to face this climbing. When you make your own way, instead of walking on already made roads, then only you are a Yogi. If you encourage yourself to have some new and fresh experiences daily, then only you will understand Spirituality and Righteousness. This is why Rishis and Munis stressed upon introspection of self and mind. Always remember, everyday when you wake up then close your eyes and take deep breath and check whether you learnt something new or not. So now it is clear to you and you are ready. Now, what is that experiment, that practice and how to do it to develop your mind, let me tell you. See what height I am now at. The Rishis and Munis also used to do Tapas(penance) and Sadhanaa in forests, on very high heights on mountains. Why? Because it is ‘Nature’. Nature is the best place of all. But I know that you do not have the happiness that I have. At least I have the happiness of freedom. I can go anywhere within country or abroad…. or anywhere in forests and mountains. I can do Sadhanaa here. But most of you live in houses, in apartments, in cities. So you cannot do Sadhanaa like here in mountains, in Himalayas, in forests. So I give you three experiments and practices. The first one is Praana (vital breath) Sadhanaa. Praana Sadhanaa is practice of breath. Our ancient Rishis, Munis, Yogis have been meditating on breath. What kind of breathing? Breathing with both nostrils equally…… inhaling in a circular manner. When you take breath in to your lungs, imagine the breath going in a circular manner. Take breath in slowly…… and imagine two circle cycle of breath in your two lungs. Rotating like this. And when you exhale out, imagine it coming out like this. So, in morning time, sit in any Aasana (Padmasan, Vjrasan or any other) comfortably, and meditate on breath in this circular manner. So this is the first exercise. Practice it for some time. And then take breath in ->Rotate the cycles of breath in lungs ->Store the breath in lungs ->And take this breath energy towards mind. See again. I take breath in ->rotate it in circles and hold it in lungs ->and then take this breath energy up towards brain. And then see my whole mind ->and then exhale breath out through my brain. This is only an imaginary. You cannot actually breathe except from lungs. So we use this imaginary to practice. By this practice, our mind is refreshed and the time of your thinking which had stopped starts and revives again. This is your first exercise. Now second practice is Naada (sonic or sound) also called as Mantra. So choose any one among these three Naadas- Om, Hreem, Kleem. So choose any one and keeping mouth slightly opened take breath in, and make sound of your chosen mantra slowly. So you have to keep your mouth only slightly opened. And make sound so that neither it is very loud, nor it confines within mouth only. Like- Om……………… Buzzing sound like bumblebees. Hreem…………. So take any of the three Mantras and make buzzing sound like bumblebees. First, take 5-7 breath in breath out through nose and get relax and comfortable. Then keep mouth open slightly, and take breath in through mouth, and make buzz sound of your mantra through mouth itself and repeat this some times. So this is second practice. Now the third practice, which is very important. After some days practicing the above two exercises, do this third. You take any new topic or thing, and properly see it, experience it, taste it, feel it, and then ‘explain it.’ This is an important thing. For instance, I see these grasses. One, two, three, four types. Now I will see the qualities of these grasses. So I properly see them. I see three grasses. One this, second this, and third one up there. Now, first I see the three grasses properly, and then explicate them in my words. Like, I see this first grass…. it has long leaves, with tips sharp. So this way I explain the first leaf. Now, I see the second one. It has big and hard leaves, and they are a little bent. Now I explain the third leaves. It has small leaves growing in cluster of 3, 5, 7 leaves and this way I explain. So what is need of this? Why did our Gurus in Himalaya use to make us do these practices? For growth of ability. Now see. Both material life and spiritual life have great mutuality. They are not two separate lives. Both are one. For instance…. butter is obtained from milk, and…. buttermilk is also obtained from milk only. The source of both is only one, milk. Same way both you and I live in this world. Some amongst us becomes a Yogi, and some other becomes materialist. Someone gets clutched in trap of Maayaa, some other one gets free of it. So we do these practices. Like, if I eat a piece of apple….. and then I explicate the experience of its taste. So first you do those two meditation practices mentioned. And then this third one. Whatever you do, see, study, hear, start explaining it and its experience in your words. Doing this activates the blocked centers of mind and makes it strong and fresh. So these are very small practices. So I hope I did not give you a very big and lengthy practice. These are small exercises which can be done even by a small child. So you must do these exercises and when your level will rise higher, I will give you even higher level meditation practices. Due to time shortage, I told you these small and effective exercises. So I have told you three practices. First, take breath in, imagine circular cycles, take to mind and exhale. Second, do buzzing of your chosen mantra with slightly opened mouth, inhaling also from mouth. And after the two, the third explicating anything. Anything. For example, if you see a film or movie. So what you experienced after watching it, explain in your words. Or like, when you eat something, then explain its experience. So do these three meditation experiments. So these are are meditation exercises I gave you. Try explaining things around you, like any new book you studied, or…. the clothes you are wearing how they feel, explain it. Et cetera. So do these beneficial meditation practices. So I will come back soon. Accept my love to you, and take care. Om Namah Shivaaya. Pranaam.


  1. 🌹प्रणाम गुरुदेव
    ऊ नम:शिवाय
    राम राम जी .
    प्रकृति प्रिय हो ………….

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  7. Thank u guru ji. Muje Jo
    Ohara hai me appko Kaise batha oo . sandna continue karu ya roku patha nahi chalraha hai . light araha hai mere pass mere me violin hota hai me kya karu. Plz bata o guruji. Head ache jadha hai

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  12. Thanks a lot guruji Your advice is purely practical I feel ecstatic while listening to you You always bless us and provide beneficial tips to make life beautiful and fresh. Be blessed by the existence and hope you spread this message of love and purity of mind all over the world. OM NAMAH SHIVAYA

  13. Guruji Pranam,Om Namah Shivay.
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