Math se fait – Paranormal Activity

Math se fait – Paranormal Activity

The sloven made their choice. It is the turn of… Get ready, this is going to be rough! Let’s see what you’re hiding… “It is… huge and impressive!” We’re talking of the camera! Calm down… “It’s a very big…” Shitty jokes starting right now! Here we follow Katie and Mika a young couple, looking perfectly normal but what they really want is… “We could live happily ever after but we rather find what is wrong with Katie and burry ourselves with that” “We’re finally going to know if there is paranormal phenomena in this house.” “If we’re lucky, when we get the visuals, we will understand what’s happening” “And then…” “We’ll see?” Okay, so he think it’s a fruit, alright… A kind of pineapple poltergeist maybe… Don’t worry if we find them i’ll take my time I will break you apart little guy, You think it’s funny?! He’s making fun of me this bastard! You’re cheeky eh? I can tell who don’t laugh anymore you know Since she’s 8 years old, Katie has experienced paranormal phenomena many times “Hmmm, do you think they are following me since I’m 8?” But, since Mika nerver lived with her before, he’s going to have his own experience! “These things, you know how to make it happen?” “I don’t really want to…” Ok, 3, 2 , 1 …Go! There is a light with the camera! “I don’t want to provoke them…” “Provoke, provoke… Such big words!” Get undress darling… Yeah, I think..yes… With boobs out, it can work Start with one, go! Well..nothing, it is worth nothing! You have no impact honey! F***! His goal is to film in the night, so we can see if there is really weird things in this house! He choose the bedroom already! From the start he screw up the most peaceful room of the house. “I put it back on the base!” There! I hope you don’t mind! Then, you have to see something in the dark however. “Another one?” (Am I annoying?) “No, it’s okay!” (Absolutely!) I think we’re good now! Perfect! He calls a medium! So he will evaluate how morbid is this house. “This is Mika, I…” “Hello…Mika!” Medium who will shows up useless very fast! “I would like to take time so we can know each other..” (I’m trying to steal more money) “So talk about you two.” Psychologist medium, this is it! “You’re healthy right?” If you want us to lay down, we can also do that! “That’s a good start!” Sorry, yeah, yeah… It’s a.. a lighting camera! “I’m a student.” Alright, 35 ans still in high school, is it? Okay, on the basis of the fact that a medium is not easily respected. “You hate everyone!” Not true Jacky! I respect everyone…except for the mediums! But! If the guy don’t get even a little bit involved to convince you… it’s getting complicated! “So, when you told me that it has been following you since you’re 8,..” (Rubbish ending in…)
“ the place you lived in when you were 13..” “I can say that we are dealing with something..” “linked to you in essence!” You’re telling me, say if I’m wrong eh, that we have just, paid you, to tell us obvious conclusions? That’s right? “We can hear noise in the walls, like the screeching of nails on a board.” You know, like… Well, I’m not good at it but it’s an example! “It’s happening here mostly, that’s right?” “Yeah, most of the time.” Wow, fortunately it’s the guest room eh? Oh no, it’s is our …. bedroom Oh really… Very good… Absolutely ours, So there we are… Keep going please. Please undo your pants! Sir, please! Darling, please, take off his pants! Yeah, go ahead Sir, stop it, stop! “No draft but..” “… the door id opening itself.” “Oh shit.” Important thing in this kind of story, is to be solid You must be on the same page, it’s essential! I’m not really reassured with all of that I’m really scared! I can see that she’s crazy but sh’e on a different planet. I only live once One life, one fast life ! I confess that I was constipated a week ago but, now, it’s been two days, I can’t control it! What I want now, is a Project X in my house with the all the poltergeist, you see? You see my point? Actually, I want to die! Let’s be clear, if I was her I would have moved out already. “The recording is perfect. I want to take this to another level now.” What for? Damn it! No, I’m curious baby, honestly Holy shit! What an adventure! If the guy wakes up right at this moment, he ends up totally shooked. The girl is one possessed, we can say it; And it’s not the end! Because the guy absolutely wants to SEE these things! He wants to see it! “What do we want to prove already?” “Well, if someone walks here, it will leave footprints.” It won’t change anything, Katie knows that. “Okay, but we already know he’s here.” Listen Katie, I’ve watched four seasons of NCIS, don’t get on my nerves! Be nice and go back to Desperate Housewives! And indeed, “Come, we’re going downstairs!” “Hey look” It’s funny.. These prints make me thinks of something “No we’re not going to run away” It won’t be necessary indeed, I’ve already seen something like that in the 80’s I think. At the time, a kid became friend with that thing and both get away, with a flying bike. Don’t ask me why. I’ve always suspected a dirty story behind this case. But, you know, it’s nothing but my opinion! “I feel it…” “But what are you talking about?” “I feel a breath behind me…” I feel a breath, I’m telling you.. Mika? But what Katie?! Can’t see anything.. Mika? Mika dammit?! Mika! Oh I can see that, yes that’s right Absolutely, very well in fact Mika! Bloody hell! Oh shit! It’s awful what is happening to you Mika help! Mika! I’m coming, I’m coming right now. Shit, I need more lightening, it’s stupid.. Mika, you’re okay? I’m not bothering you ?! It’s starting to became too creepy. So Katie thinks “We’re going to call back the medium, to see what he thinks of that” “Please come in. Thanks for coming.” “I got here as quickly as I could. Hello Mika” And you know what is my opinion about him “Wow, I can feel that my presence is bothering it.. I can’t do anything.” “Sorry?!” Listen, I’m not welcomed here, sorry. You can’t see it but since I came in, it’s showing me its middle finger, i can’t take it anyore. Sorry but we didn’t paid your travel for nothing! It’s doing the helicopter with its willy now! No I’m sorry! And now weird stuff. Even behind your TV, you feel uncomfortable. Oh I cant tell you that the first time I’ve seen this movie, years ago you couldn’t help me to make my bed. There, no thanks, it’s nice, thanks! But it’s nothing! Okay, okay very well. Here we go I’m sleeping here then okay. After a horror movie like this one, you don’t sleep in the same way anymore. Before After Good night! Here we go, you were asking for it! What now? But it’s easy… You just have to take off this…


  1. "A sa place j'aurais déjà déménagé"
    Un problème: pourquoi déménager quand les esprits n'appartiennent pas à la maison mais suivent Mme où qu'elle soit?

  2. Bordel, j'ai l'impression d'être la seule personne à aimer les vidéos de Math UNIQUEMENT quand il met rien en scène… Je trouve ces personnages gênants et sa chanson du générique de fin j'préfère même pas en parler… Cet humour touche beaucoup de monde, mais j'ai l'impression de voir l'humour du niveau Mcfly & Carlito…

  3. 😂😂🤣🤣 "il fait l'hélicoptère avec son zizi" 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😄😄😄😁

  4. Ptn à la fin j’ai sauté comme une malade maintenant j’arrive même plus a bougé mon cou 😭

  5. Enculééééééééééééééééééééééééééééé je me suis pissé dessussss 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  6. 4:40 starfoulah la tu fais ton ramadan Kenny la tu tu va me dire tu fais ton ramadan 😉😂😂😂😂

  7. Moi une fois je me suis levé en pleine nuit et je suis allé devant la porte et j'étais debout pendant plusieurs minutes et c que le matin que je les su grâce à ma pote qui me la dit.

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