Mantras for Karma Removal given by Gurus are Fake.

Mantras for Karma Removal given by Gurus are Fake.

Acharya Shree: Wow, if mantra can remove karma, they have nothing else to do. Mantras are very popular. Mantra helps you to
grow spiritually if they are spiritual mantras. There are many kinds of mantra. The mantra, generally, is misused. Basically, mantra means the divine sound. But when they do
ucchatana marana, that is the voodoo things in India. That is also called mantra. And people are into
those mantra alot, big population, because they are scared. So they, the guru people, they will give those
mantra, or do this or do that. But let me tell you, mantra is a divine sound. You can repeat, it might make
you concentrate on one point. Mantra is just an instrument to remain in one direction. And mantra can be anyone, anything. But the special mantra according to individual. Because sometimes particular individual will not like that kind sound, so if the
master is enlightened, will see which mantra will help this individual. To concentrate. Mantra is only to concentrate so your
energy, your thoughts can flow in one direction. It is one instrument towards rising up or concentration. Towards meditation. It is one step maybe. Mantra is used since many, many years. But the so-called popular gurus
you are asking, they think that the mantra to remove all the karmas — they are very wrong. 1st place, they are wrong, so don’t follow
their teachings at all. Why? Because mantra doesn’t have power to remove the karma. Mantra has power
to make you healthy, if you know how to recite them. If you don’t know how to recite them, they cannot give you that benefit. Yes, it has to be pronounced very very correctly
because the Sanskrit language is like that. If it is mispronounced, it will give you different meaning. So the mantra,
when it is pronounced correctly, it makes you healthy on the first place. But you have to recite it loud. You
cannot recite mentally, or in your mind. Mental recitation, it is called japa. It might help you to concentrate. But if you
recite loud, then it helps you physically to be healthy and then concentrate on the sound. The sound converts into electricity, and electricity again enter into your body because there
is a system in India, all the temples, they were made that way. And they used to make a gumbad, a round dome, kind of. So in that, if you sit underneath that gumbad and you recite mantra aloud, the sound will
change into electricity and when it transfer into electricity, it doesn’t go away, that electricity. It will enter from the top of your head all the way to
your body. When it happens, it makes you purified already. And when you are purified, you feel very
peaceful. You feel calmed down fully. If you are scattered, stressed, your stress is gone.
That’s why they’re made that way. If you recite those mantra under the pyramid,
it will give even more effective result. You will feel suddenly calmed down. Not only calmed
down, if you had headache, headache will be gone. I will suggest to you one simple thing. You make a little cap like shape of
the pyramid. If you have a headache, terrible headache, you just wear that cap. And you will feel after a while, your headache is gone. Because
the air stays in that shape, it just sucks your headache. That’s the way it is. The mantra has no power to remove your karma,
but mantra has power to make you healthy if it is pronounced correctly. And has power to…you can go towards meditation. When you go towards meditation,
you might get benefit mentally, physically, and next step you learn meditation. Meditation you cannot even repeat mantra. When meditation
happen you have to forget the mantra. So mantra doesn’t have power to remove karma. So I
want to give you the message. All people. That don’t get trapped. It looks like they are
bribing you that mantra can remove the karma. Karma cannot be removed by mantras. Yes, karma can be
removed by sadhana. That is called spiritual sadhana. And there is a sadhana about mantra up to certain
steps only. Mantra doesn’t work after that. Up to certain level it works. So then you have to learn other kinds
of sadhana. When you learn sadhana, then it begins to remove your karma. And sadhana doesn’t happen in one day. Sadhana you
might have to do all of your life. I will suggest for you to remove your karma, the best thing is understanding. Right understanding. Just don’t get stuck repeating mantra only.
You need to learn a lot of things. When the real learning happens in your life, your life totally will be changed. Your lifestyle will be totally changed. And you will be totally divine person. You are going towards divinity because you are learning. Learn first step. That is the first step of every religion. Learning. And right learning. Right understanding. Right learning brings right understanding. And you automatically will calm, will be peaceful, then you will
repeat mantra or not, it doesn’t mean anything further. Because you’re learning the right thing. So learn the right
steps. Since beginning I call it right understanding. Right understanding has that power to remove your
all karma. That is spiritual sadhana. That’s what I will talk maybe another time.
But, spiritual sadhana can remove all the karma. Not mantras. Remember, mantra gives you physical benefit plus mental benefit only.


  1. so basicly you're saying that dattatreyasivababa is fake? if what u say is true than many people as well as myself are in shock. however, clearly he is a great person attempting to help people become better individuals in all aspects so what is it that makes him fake?

  2. Namaste.
    Great message. Guru teaches this one that only those free of karma are those enlightened/liberated/realized and those under sadhana have what is known as prarabdha karma which plays out until realization. No mantra can remove karma, only the Truth does. Mantras are used to still the mind to keep one from reengaging in more activities and thoughts that produce more karma, that is all.

  3. Karma can be lightened by the use of mantra, but cannot be removed. The only salvation is through oneself by deeds, not God.

  4. The states of consciousness we can achieve through breath, posture, imagination, language – tone, pitch, tempo, rhythm, etc. and words – can help dissolve the seeds of karma ( samskaras ) or our tendencies. When we relax deeply, make a resolve, a sankalpa, and chant, tone, listen… we can access states for change by changing the focus and/or quality of our attention. Also, certain sounds form specific patterns in our brain waves. So if we have a context that we want to change, sound CAN do it.

  5. This guy doesn't even know the meaning of "Mantra" Word Mantra is combination of 2 words "Man" means Mind "Tra" means Free. Since our mind is attached,engrossed and entangled with materials things it is bounded wid those With Mantras your mind is Freed from this materials entanglement>he Finally says "By sadhna we can remove Karma and that Sadhan is done by Mantra" but this guy is tricky, he is just manupulating words.I want to Challange this Person-Admin. of this video can contact me

  6. i guess by sadhna he means meditation, so it is true mantra leads you to deep meditation and then karma can be removed.

  7. if you don't believe in karma, you can call it unconscious mind as scientists call it, the mind that guide our 95% of life…

  8. if you'd like to be yourself the pilot of your life, and not that unconscious mind, the only options are: hypnosis to remove bad memories (karma), energetic psichology, and those mantra meditations…

  9. I mean I love your videos. I just dont really believe* so much in what you say a lot of the time with mantras removing headaches and vegetarianism curing aids. peace and luv =)

  10. if a demonic mantra can do harm as this yogiji told then it do benefit also its quite logical and perhaps their is no harm in trying and seeing if it can help remove karma or not

  11. You aren't doing right if it hasn't been effective for you. Perhaps try meditating in a different environment. And vegetarianism is always going to benefit you, there are really bad hormones in the meat you consume every day.

  12. The main reasons for Decrees are Re-polarization to transmute and purify the laggards.This means all Reincarnating life streams that have created imperfect radiation of hundreds or even thousands of life times of Embodyments,

  13. first off, thank you for your videos. thank you for helping many. what if im a good person in this life but an evil person in the next? how am i able to stay a good person for the rest of eternity? plz answer this question thank you.

  14. Spiritual vibration of words. It must be spot on or it means something else. One must thus be very careful with chanting. Chant wrongly and something else manifest.

  15. Dear Master, everything you say is true here! mantras are made to help concentrating in a view to elevate the spirit and not to do quick magical, it is well know that the vibrations of voice (or sound) has impacts on the manifest. All creation has a sound and many religions knows it (for ex the "logos" in christianity…). Voice seems a bridge between spirit and substance.

  16. @EnterdaTube look at this way, you soul has a memory but it is unlikely your conscious mind will easily remember your past lives.
    So with each lifetime is another step up on the ladder. You are a good person – fear is your friend you do not need to fear it!!!

  17. @whoever137 I would like too to receive a response of the same question from this video. Are you saying Sri Siva is wrong???

  18. It's pretty obvious that most people want to do things and not be accountable for their own actions, nobody wants to take responsibility, so the easiest thing to do is to wish for it all to just go away or blame someone else rather than taking responsibility, growing and leaning from their mistakes. It's just so easy to just chant a mantra and make it all go away and not change oneself, that's what most people wish for.

  19. People always want to believe things in order to keep themselves from taking responsibility for their own actions, it's just so easy to believe that a mantra can remove your karma. I think that mantras, meditation, and wisdom can help people to learn, grow, and transcend their karma; but it would stupid to believe that one can remain the same and still do the same things without learning from their actions and just chant a mantra to make it all go away. How can people actually believe that?

  20. Mantras start a powerful vibration which corresponds to both a specific spiritual energy frequency and a state of consciousness in seed form. Over time, the mantra process begins to override all of the other smaller vibrations, which eventually become absorbed by the mantra. After a length of time which varies from individual to individual, the great wave of the mantra stills all other vibrations.

  21. if you can't see what is fake about siva baba then you've drunk the cool aid. he says he's ushering in the golden age and he is incarnation of Babaji's Guru and so on. these are all false statements to make you believe he is something special and you will purchase more and more of his products. I've been to a few of his seminars years ago and was gullible but nothing sat right with me. now it's easy to see how false he really is. in terms of spirituality fake gurus sell well


  23. I have been to a couple of Siva Baba, or Dr. Pillai seminars and also done the rituals they asked me to do, spending a lot of money. Am not sure any of them actually helped. Secondly, they charge a bomb for any ritual and keep telling u to do a new ritual every day. Its a great sales machine. They also do these powerspot trips to India and rip the folks off, charging big amounts for each trip. I think they are preying very well, on gullible followers.

  24. I have been to a couple of Siva Baba, or Dr. Pillai seminars and also done the rituals they asked me to do, spending a lot of money. Am not sure any of them actually helped. Secondly, they charge a bomb for any ritual and keep telling u to do a new ritual every day. Its a great sales machine. They also do these powerspot trips to India and rip the folks off, charging big amounts for each trip. I think they are preying very well, on gullible followers. So, question your results and not b blind

  25. anyone can tell me about mantras like KLEEM (mantra of love) SHREEM Mantra of weatlh…Thak¬īs

    I¬īm very interested in those mantras are they usefull?¬Ņ?¬Ņ?¬Ņ

    God bless all of you…


  26. lol man if mantra could take away the bad karma associated with rape, incest or murder…then we would have no suffering ever.

  27. Its a scam bro. You are here to pay the price for your bad and good karma. All the miseries in your life…yea u asked for it, you deserve it. Mantras can invoke Deities.

  28. I don't know how about other mantras, all the remedies or mantras given by Siva baba or Dr pillai definitely work. In dire straits of money sometimes , I have done some of his karma removing rituals and got money within the hour. and not once many times.and i know some people who have done his mantras even casually and yet got results.

  29. Siva baba has invented a new business model. you cant put comments to his videos. he is a very clever person and all his remedies simply dont work. further he contradicts himself in his different videos talking some nonsense arranged in logical order. We see people who hurt others living happily but they are reaping fruits of their previous good karma, once that account is closed the consequences of bad karma will surface…we will see siva baba will be trouble and even his mantra wont help him

  30. shiv baba is a big liar. he just started using the channel of youtube eversince it was launched which gave him the advantage being the first of his spiritual kind on the web and he just capitavated folks and started churing out money on astroved

  31. shiva baba is only after money. you cant put comments to his videos. he is just fooling people looting money from them. he sends you his picture to worship when you'd opt for his remedies thus reclaiming himself as self proclaimed baba. mantra removes karma ..tantra removes karma ..yantra removes karma .right sadhana = right mantra + yantra + tantra = removes karma. hari om. read all the vedas and try to seek your own sadhana thats the best karma removal remedy.yogesh guruji is at least honest

  32. yes sara this is absolutely true but if the guru intends that the mantra i am giving should benefit all then that mantra will work like an initiated mantra.Like shreem brezee

  33. Why Hindus Have  one God and so many devatas? When you feel  hungry you need food  When you feel thirsty you need water when you are sick you need medicine to solve your problem all three are matter. Entire universe is Matter. Matter is Energy. Hindu Veda start with praising fire (Energy).Our Great Rishis in deep meditation visualize 1000 sun rise together. That mean they visualize entire universe as one and the same energy Electricity. Magnetism, light heat, water, air food every thing one and same energy. One  energy appears as diverse matter having different property. That is Maya. Light energy plant can convert to Life force. Consciousness  is life .That mean entire universe is one and same consciousness. That is advaitha  of Hindu. Even though all are energy when you feel hungry you have to take food. A stone or water will not solve your problem. Because every matter having special property. In this world infinite number of  invisible forces which are the cause of creation destruction and protection etc. Our Rishis  visualize this force as devi  and devatas .So infinite number of spiritual power is also there; is a scientific fact .Some educated  people think that Rig veda  praising air, water lighting etc is a tribal men believe. In  this scientific age people find difficult to understand this scientific fact. That is why our  Rishis talked one God and they praise lot of devatas. Because of Semitic religion  Hindus are shy of having lot of devatas. Some semetic religious people are even laughing. Soon or later science have to accept it.
    If you study Semitic book you will understand that they also accept other powers. They saying you bow to a particular power, other wise you will not reach heaven. This is the reason all Semitic religion is intolerant.  Jinn, Ibilees, Angel. Satan are other spiritual forces according to them Ibilees  is not obeying Allah.  45 days Jesus was under Satan custody, denying food to Jesus. In Peter Jesus said If God have sent Angel He could have been saved from death. That mean Angel is superior than Jesus   Cross ,Jesus  St;mary Saints all are their idol .Kabba(black stone ) and Satan are  Muslims  idol. Muslims are the only one bow to 5 times a day to  black stone. it is a paradox they are talking against idol worship .Sree Narayana Guru said by doing animal sacrifices you are cultivating negative power in the nature even if you got some temporary benefit ultimately that force long for your blood also .That is Why Muslim are killing themselves and  others. As long as they offer animal to Allah and reading Quran they will destroy earth because they are worshipping Allah who want Blood shed to satisfy his blood thirst. In Daivachinthanam-1 of Sreenarayana Guru of Kerala revealed the necessity of Devata worship even though he said only one God. Nabi preach to kill all Khafar. Jesus teaching is that Prophet who came before  him are thieves and dacoit  That indicate  that  his teaching is similar to Nabi’s.Top most way of worship in Hinduism  is mentally offering flower to one of a deity or own soul. But unfortunately 99% Hindus today are doing ritual only 1% percent is doing prayer. That is the biggest problem of Hindus today .Every body will not accept advaita. They can follow the path of Dvaita concept (like Semitic religion) all religious ways of teaching are in Hinduism. So Hinduism is the Only one system of teaching that suite all type of Individual according to his Mental development One person asked Sree Narayana Guru of Kerala Idol worship is bad Muslim destroyed Lakhs of Idol  and temple. But Idol could not save themselves from Attack. Guru asked who created human. He said Allah. If a man is killed what Allah do to the Murder. Then he understood  his foolish logic

  34. For Daily Spiritual Inspiration, Guidance & Truth visit Acharya Shree's FB Page:ÔĽŅ

  35. Namaste Guruji,I am a Practising Vajrayana Buddhist,(my mother's side has a Buddhist ancestry,my father has a Hindu background) and my teachers have been experienced acharyas from the Nyingma and the kagyu traditions,they are not very high profile or famous,but the sincerity and the love of these teachers have been extremely genuine,and here we(my sangha) have been initiated in a practice called the Vajrasattva practice,which we believe mitigates our excess baggage of karma,and we do it with all sincerity and at the same time being very aware of our thoughts words and action,it has helped a lot of us,I thank you for your words of wisdom,i just wanted to share another view point.Pranam

  36. I used to have dreams of future and past and speck to the spirits and now I am working on getting it back. I just need your help.

  37. This¬† is so¬†, now day,s you see so much of this ….. karma remove mantra ….. where you have to pay lots of money to do this . (thanks fore your view )¬†

  38. Your videos have been my favorite channel on Youtube, year after year. I have gotten a great deal of clarity from your discourses. Your channel has certainly changed my life in a positive way. Thank you for providing these videos.

  39. This guru talk about the (A C BHAKTIVEDANTA  PRABHUPADA) 

  40. Do  you mean to tell me that  i'm not  going to become a Millionaire by chanting "Om Brzee Namaha"  108x,  your breaking my heart!!

  41. Lahiri mahasaya practice 28 years the gayathri before getting initiated into kriya. Shiv sakti and omkar mahamudra, nahbo kriya and jyoti are best but mantra initiated by true guru definitively works too

  42. One thing we can all agree on is this: experience trumps all.

    If you are basing your decision on this video, of whether or not mantras burn karma, WITHOUT experimenting for yourself, than you are simply agreeing with what you already want to hear. If you are truly interested to find out the truth, take the time and energy to decide for yourself. To simply write something or someone off otherwise, is ignorance. Experiment for yourself before making your judgments.

    I have studied with Siva Baba for years, and from my experience, and having witnessed the experience of hundreds of others, I know without a shadow of a doubt that his techniques work. I'm not going to try to convince you, because if you don't want to hear that than it won't matter. I will say if you are interested, go at it at least with an open mind, and put in a sincere effort and see what happens.

    If you are totally negative about it, don't even waste your time, because it won't work for you plain and simple.

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