Mantra mais Poderoso para 2020… Se conecte com a energia do Sol e Brilhe! 21 Repetições

Mantra mais Poderoso para 2020… Se conecte com a energia do Sol e Brilhe! 21 Repetições

hello stars
The year 2020 will be governed by the sun. I will make a specific post about
O what that means in our life and how to enjoy
this radiant solar energy full of light that this our next year will bring. But here in this mantra we will make the greeting
in the sun. This will tune us into this energy that
is coming will potentiate all that good she has to offer us our
connection so I’ll talk a little bit about the meaning of each of the sentences
what is repeated in this mantra which is also very
done when you do the surya namaskar that is a sequence of positions saluting the sun.
when we salute the sun we are not saluting only the sun but all nature, all creation
can be greeted through this energy of the surya namaskar since we are only here
why are we at the exact point of the connection and distance with the sun so we only exist
because there is the sun the ideal
is what this mantra be heard and practiced during
the day. There are techniques that connect us with the Here
and now that’s really a state that every more and more we need to train
this mantra also helps us to wake up in sense of getting out of automatic … of having moments
where we’re just here and now the great difficulty in evolving our light
and our spirituality is exactly in creating new routines for you to
your well being for your spiritual connection when we come in contact with the sun our
limiting beliefs appear why the sun illuminate all that is hidden …
so this coming year can be a year of great transformation and work
with the mantra helps to connect our energy with Gratitude
this mantra will help you clear thoughts , lose fears, transform your personality
in order to shine … the sun dispels the darkness … so there are 12 mantras that make the greeting
complete Om Mitraaya Namaha – One who is everyone’s friend Om Ravaye Namaha – He who shines, the radiant Om Suryaya Namaha – He Who Dispels the Darkness
and is responsible for bringing activity Om Bhaanave Namaha – One who illuminates, the
bright Om Khagaya Namaha – The One Who Is Present
in everything that moves across the sky Om Pooshne Namaha – One who nourishes and fills Om Hiranyagarbhaaya Namaha – He Who Has
a bright golden color Om Mareechaye Namaha – That that gives light with an infinite number of rays Om Aadityaaya Namaha – The Son of Aditi – The
Divine cosmic mother Om Savitre Namaha – The One Who Is Responsible
for the life Om Aarkaaya Namaha – Worthy of Worship and
glory Om Bhaaskaraya Namaha – One Who Gives Wisdom
and cosmic lighting you can do this sitting mantra with the
legs crossed and hands joined forward chest or while doing anything else
in your life the important thing is to feel gratitude for this
connection by the star, the God Surya, and that this connection can grow, improve expand
your own Light from your own Inner Sun. So be it and so it is.


  1. Feliz Ano Novo cheios de Bençãos e felicidades a vc e toda a sua família e para todos nós Amém🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💞
    Amei o mantra práticar obrigada🙏🙏🙏🙏namaste

  2. Feliz 2020 parabéns um belíssimo mantra do Sol sempre quis ouvir obrigado améi 👏👏👏😍😍🙌

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