Mantra Africano para o Amor e Beleza, Rejuvenescimento e Auto Amor!

Mantra Africano para o Amor e Beleza, Rejuvenescimento e Auto Amor!

hello stars in today’s mantra is a
African mantra for oxum goddess of love and beauty
Oxum helps develop the high love and self-esteem helps us find
a love that is in tune she is also considered the goddess of
wealth and it pours gold river into our life
remembering that this gold and this wealth this prosperity
they are linked to all areas of our life a rich life means more
that only money means loving yourself means to have an intense relationship and
true means looking around you and see everything thrive
this mantra should be sung by at at least 40 days so we can feel
day by day the effects on our life and on our back
the goddess energy goes beyond your religions here is a direct contact and without
religious dogma Oxum is the goddess of fresh water
the youngest goddess of the African pantheon and that brings all the freshness in love and in
relations the benefits of this mantra which is
sung in Yoruba ie a west african language
come talk about the love and goddess of love oxum
it will purify your aura improve the health and help find love
universal and removes obstacles fears and doubts is also a mantra that
rejuvenates and teaches us high love this mantra talks about oxum to the goddess
of love talks about a necklace that is a symbol of initiation to love
in ancient times wearing a necklace was express a dignity
the necklace is a symbol of safety and spiritual protective link pharaohs
Hebrew priests the masons masters identify through necklaces
the esoteric message contained when we present someone with necklace is something
respect for your knowledge in the love meaning means I give myself
completely to our love if you like this kind of content and
of sacred African chants leaves your like comments share video for
help the channel a kiss and lots of light


  1. Vanessa amada. Não quero que vc me leve a mal, só uma dica mesmo. Seus audios estão deixando a desejar, sempre mto baixos … tanto esse como outros de outro canal seu. Melhore a qualidade do seu audio . Uma crítica construtiva. Bjs 😘♥️

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