Mandao Returns – A Cult Indie Film Sequel on Kickstarter

Mandao Returns – A Cult Indie Film Sequel on Kickstarter

(dramatic music) – Hey everyone, I’m Scott Dunn, the writer director of feature
film “Mandao of the Dead” and its upcoming sequel, “Mandao Returns.” – And I’m Gina Dunn. I’m the producer of both films. Our first feature, “Mandao of the Dead,” is a supernatural comedy
about a guy named Jay Mandao who uses astral projection
to time travel on Halloween. (air whooshing) (upbeat music) – Now, if you haven’t
seen our first movie, actor Sean McBride is gonna
tell you some more, so Sean! Sean? (creepy music) (air whooshing) – Hi, I’m Sean McBride and I play Jackson in “Mandao of the Dead.” And I’m currently astral projecting. It’s when your spirit leaves your body and you can travel anywhere
you want in space and time. In our first film, Jay discovers
that he can astral project and he goes back in time
to save his friends. Well, I better be getting
back to my body now. Catch you later. (air whooshing) Whoa, that was wild. – Hi, I’m Sean Liang
and I play Cousin Andy. Where do you want this? – “Mandao Returns” takes
place on Christmas. This time, Cousin Andy
steals money from the past, which ends up being
disastrous for everyone. And Jay and Jackson have
to use astral projection to try and fix everything. (crunching) Why make a sequel to “Mandao of the Dead?” To me, it’s something I have to do. I mean, I’m obsessed
with these characters. I created Jay and Jackson
when I was in high school and over the years I kept
trying to figure out a way to put them on screen
and I finally did that. Now, I wanna take it to the next level. – We put everything that we have into making this film series
over the past two years. We combine everything that
we love from horror, sci-fi, and comedy and we use practical effects so that we can pull off a
big story on a small budget. But the heart of Mandao is really within its quirky characters,
their relationships, and how they become a family. (upbeat music) – Will you get me a coffee, too? (laughter) – “Mandao Returns” is a
micro-budget feature film. We’re pulling a lot of favors to make this one a possibility, but we still need your
help in raising the money to make it a reality. We’re offering great perks for both films. – And if you can’t donate financially, the next best way you can help us is by sharing our campaign
on Facebook and Twitter. (bird chirping) – Donating to “Mandao Returns”
means that you support new, original work from emerging filmmakers. Or, you saw the first one and you loved it and you wanna see what happens next. – We can’t do this without you. Thank you so much for
supporting indie film. Thank you so much for supporting us and we’ll see you again soon. Thank you. Bye. (upbeat music)

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  1. You guys definitely have my support! Looking forward to Mandao Returns! Let’s make this film a reality!

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