Madras Meter Mantras | #IamWaiting | #Mantra05

Madras Meter Mantras | #IamWaiting | #Mantra05

Lots of Issues Man Hold on for a second. I am calling Cab Driver Hello There is a red Can near me..Thats the signal I got you Thanks Yeah say Man How Could I explain it.. It only makes me tensed Sir.. Tell me the Ride Number One second 7423 Shall we go sir? Yeah start Sir wear your seat belt I know that stuff… You drive the car Nothing Good Happens Man I expected my Project to get approved… but gets delayed While trying for better jobs the only response I get is ” Wait ” as standard Answer When I try to do a business… nobody supports me with loan and Yeah… Finally I spoke to my Girl friend’s father for wedding… Even he asks me to wait wants me to wait for 1 year.. he says it casually ! Nothing can happen by waiting This cab driver is looking at me (Whispers) Leave all that… This Taxi driver was late for 15 minutes… he dint even say sorry but Rides the car like Schumacher’s brother sorry sir What… ??? No sir you were on call.. Dats y Watch the road Man I will talk to you later Bye Sir can I ask you something Do you like Mysore Bagu (A Ghee Sweet) what???? Mysore Baggu Sir, Sweet Yes I like so what? Will you eat a Mysore Bagu If I give you now? Yes I will,Do you have No sir.. I dont But… Do you know From where we get it done Krishna Sweets No sir from Dhal Powder Sir The Mysore Baggu Dhal…. Do you know who planted the Dhal and where it was grown I dont know ok, What about the its sugar Do know the sugar cane’s Place of plantation I dont know ok The Ghee used in it.. Do you know when the milk was obtained and from which cow How will some one know all this Ok leave all this Atleast Tell me when was all this mixed to make as Mysore Baggu ? What are you talking about ? sir When a small Mysore Baggu undergoes such a long making process to be served to you God makes such a Big Plan Your life is Bigger than Mysore Baggu Will he leave that plain… wait to understand his plan Dont Ever think you are waiting realise you are learning from it If I dont believe in god Half of the feel will make you win I dont understand Belief !!!! – That is everything Anyway you are right Can I play song Play Illaiyaraja’s Song It’s his Son’s Song Where did you learn all this ? You were waiting 15 minutes for me. I waited an Hour for previous customer… It is where I learned all this


  1. எதுக்கு wait பன்றோம்னு தெரிஞ்சிகிட்டு wait பன்னலாம்..but சில பேர் ?

  2. thanks for uploading this video right time in my life …. had helped me over decision making crucial time thanks a lot

  3. balaaji bro really really awesome concept bro i really thank u.. epdi bro ipdilaam… ipdiyoru heart touching film pannungelen

  4. Woow nice message..tomo is my b'day. .I was depressed. .it gave me confidence to hav belief!! thanks madras meter☺☺

  5. bro it is really good but I've question people are saying we should always try for new opportunity some time people saying we need to create opportunity ….. i don't understand whether i should wait for opportunity or look for new opportunity

    even some of our literature confusing too

  6. White board car is using as Cab small mistake. but concept is good. Must wait. பொருத்தார் பூமி ஆள்வார்.

  7. The quality of your content shows your maturity earned and learned over years. It has uniqueness. Good work ..keep going.

  8. Wow super sir. Today I was bogged down due to some mishaps. Aana indha video enna rombave inspire pannirthu. Thank u for this.

  9. ரொம்ப நல்லாயிருக்கு balaji க்குஒரு பெரிய salute

  10. Great Inspiration!!
    I was thinking why Madras meter not frequently uploading the videos!! But post pannuna Chumma Nachu tan iruku !!

  11. This is what I wanted to be heard as off now,
    trying to imbibe in my heat

    Itha nejamma practice pannaaah the day of the we can 100% we are succed.

  12. இப்பல்லாம் TVய விட youtube நல்லா இருக்கு … மக்களும் TVய விட youtube தான் நண்ம்பரங்க.. எல்லாம் youtube channelsum ஒண்ணு சேர்ந்து youtube தமிழ் னு channel ஆரம்பிக்க கூடாது..,,,😏😆😆😆

  13. Amazing video concept. Was really in a sad mood when I was watching this. I feel so much better. Kudos to the team and crew. Mind telling what's the song name at the end ?

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