But what’s up, guys All right, all fine? And me what i’m glad What happens, how are you? I’m good as always Well good good for everything not Good but a little bad It has to be said
And you’ll say What’s going on with you, Auronplay? Tell me, man No, just a moment, please, I just started
Don’t be anxious Before I start I have to cheer up a bit An annoying video I can’t do because it can result unsavory And there’s one way I can cheer up I’m here, hanging around Spotify And it just appeared a song that I believe that… Can cheer me up a lot Ok ok, I’ve already cheer up, already cheer up I’m crazy here
Here comes hulk and with a punch in the chest I leave him blue Hulk, you dont impress me with your muscles
I’m not afraid about you Also your’re green, like the weed, like the joints No way, Hulk NO WAY Well, after death threating Hulk, no? Haha Normal thing to start a video, doesn’t it?
The normal F***ing Youtube, has destroyed my mind. There was a time in Youtube in which it gave me to comment paranormal videos That they seemed to me ridiculousness But there came a point that I said
Look, it’s done. I dont do this anymore cause I’m tired Each one do whatever they want, don’t they? If you want to upload a photo of a plastic ghost And then sell it to me like it was real It’s up to you, baby. But today i’ve started to look, and the paranormal theme in youtube’ve already completely gone far. It’s so crazy Right now, Youtube is full of videos like:
I go to an abandoned house, I meet a girl The girl says to me I’m a douchebag Then, I reply to her:
I sh*t on your deads, girl The girl punches me, so I tell her:
Ok, I don’t punch you because you are a girl The girl gives me a note, the note gets me to a puzzle I solve the puzzle, a door opens, that door gets me to McDonalds I eat a hamburguer, I fatten 7 kg And next day I wake up BUT WHAT HAPPENS? Let’s not talk about the videos kind: CAREFULL! DO NOT PLAY MONOPOLY AT 3 A.M
YOU CAN DIE! And you say
Fine but what happens, Fine but what happens with the Monopoly? Then all videos are the same
They start to play the Monopoly There is someone in the other room that starts moving a chair, like this “OMG, a noise is heard”
Thumbs up, suscribe. The ones that go to houses, hospitals and stuff like that and create a story like:
I found a girl, the girl is my sister Anyway, It’s just entertainment I don’t see it bad at all
It seems to me like a f***ing sh*t because it’s like a bit pfff. But it’s entertainment.
There are stories that can even be ok. Look, at least they try it, don’t they?
They try to create a good story of paranormal entertainment And you say:
Well, It’s okay, it’s okay. But then there are the ones that directly: This is your face, ok?
Well, they laugh in your face And these are the ones of the invocations This invocations things has already completely gone far I think in the last video of this guy I made I commented an invocation of SpongeBob You say:
The mind has completely gone far. It’s over, we’ve lost the judgement If you thought the invocations thing can’t go more far You are wrong It has completely ran out of control There are people invocating as far as my grandma, who says: What are you doing here? Go home! We’re gonna start slow, and we’re starting with a guy who ensures he knows how to summon Goku. And it isn’t like a joke
it isn’t like a parody, no no no The guy, with his two brown balls, wants to summon Goku
And he says he has gotten it. You have to be very carefully in case the candle falls. And lights the mattress, opposite case the whole house will burn You get me To start, he is not clever at all because who would think to put a candle there, above the bed Any movement it falls a fireball there and f*** everything Buddy, you just summon Goku and do whatever you want But if you fire the house, I tell you:
The dragon balls won’t work with you. I’m going to summon Goku Selfish doctrine He’s going to summon Goku “selfish doctrine” selfish doctrine We’re going to need a knife same as salt, you can put the salt in the candle’s dish, a little bit of salt. How not, in a good invocation, it can not miss nor the knife, nor the salt You put there some lettuce, some vinegar You make there a nice salad af One two three four five six seven eight nine ten I see this and far from doing me grace or entertainming it piss me off IT PISS ME OFF! To summon Goku “selfish doctrine” Just got to grab a candle, salt, a knife, a Goku doll punch it in the chest some good punches in the chest to the doll and then Goku appears *Doorbell rang* Normal thing, Goku just rang the doorbell He just rang this guy’s doorbell I just, just, just… *The candle went out* Goku has blown the candle out, hasn’t he? Because he’s afraid of a fire Go home. Well, not to home because you’re already there Fire it. Fire the house *I had to stop the ritual counting 125 more times* Goku has gotten into the house, blown the candle out, and then he is fighting with the furniture He’s destroying this guy’s house Do you know what’s worse? You go to this video’s commentaries and you’ll find a lot of comments like: “Go home, so fake, go f*** yourself” And you say “ok”. But then, there are another ones like “Wow, you have summoned Goku, amazing, i was afraid” And you say:
What happens, what do you have inside here? Hello? Hello? Is someone there? Hello. You copy me? Hello? Now we’re talking about a video, kind of: Don’t do this at 3 a.m How I said before, there is a new huge trending of videos, kind of: Don’t do this at 3 a.m I don’t know, either play videogames, eat some cereals, watch tv Because apparently If you do it, you could die There have had a certain video that called a lot of my attention You’ll know why It name is:
“Don’t have sex at 3 a.m” In brackets:
“This is what happens” In brackets “this is what happens”
But what is going to happen? Doesn’t have much story Your handlebar will go hard and drop the poison like you were a scorpion I’m gonna… I’m gonna show you guys because I’m crazy In this website I have found a picture Which says “Man dies for practicing sex at 3 a.m Well, What happens if we have sex at 3 a.m? I don’t know, but we will see i this video This guy was hanging around internet He found a report, you’ll know where did he find it What it said: a man had sex at 3 a.m and he died And what does he say? “Wow, such interesting. Well, lets try it, see If I already die”. Getting ready. I’m going to… I want to try it, I have curiosity Don’t know what the f*** happens because we would have sex at 3 a.m There’s something that says we can’t have sex at 3 a.m It’s almost 3 a.m. What happen? You’re gonna put a camera while… If this goes nothing, I just turn it off and that’s it. They did something at 3 a.m, and the guy got something in him and he died. Oh dear, what it has to be done to get 4 sh*ty visits I just, I don’t give credits. I’m like Cofidis. Don’t give credit. If the owner of this video is watching me You know, i don’t have anything against you basically because I don’t know you, but Was this necessary? Really? WAS THIS NECESSARY!? 2:59 It’s about to change to 3 There are 20-30 seconds left so I’m gonna Caution, It’s almost 3 The guy gets ready now The guy gets ready to pull the sword out and start to fight there. *unintelligible* *unintelligible* The situation is this *complaining* They’re supposed to be a bit “Pim Pam toma lacasitos”, don’t they? Believe that they are doing nothing I want to think it because this…
C’mon They’re supposed to being “Pim Pam” giving everything, aren’t they? When suddenly, in the distance, It sounds like some cutlery falls and the reaction is great Because her one is turn around But the best thing is she laughing she is laughing her ass off She is noticing herself this is ridiculousness Where have we gone? I don’t get it Where they have taken the ways of the Lord!? I just, just, just, really… I just really drop the chair to you They’re making the love and then it starts to make some horrible noises It looks like the apocalypse And the reaction is “They have entered the house” And he:
“Well, I’m going to look” A bit of blood, man.
They entered your house Defend your place and your wife please Go there with the hard c*ck and end with all the felon The f*ck Have you seen how is all this shit? It must be the anti sex ghost, doesn’t it? It detects when a couple is having sex and dedicates to go to houses to destroy everything “Listen, do not have sex” “I throw everything down” “I’m crazy af” You have closed the door? No, i wasn’t Dress up, we are leaving It isn’t a joke, dress up we are leaving Now, but hurry up Hurry up, we are leaving I’m leaving That’s it, they grab and leave home the anti sex ghost got away with it He just f*cked all the “raka” Final text seems wonderful “Never ever have sex at 3 a.m don’t know what the f*ck is this but it’s real” “Will we get to 10k likes?” “Suscribe to win the giveaway and don’t forget to… I understand that sometimes in Youtube, it’s hard to get a lot of views It’s a big market, there is much competition and It’s hard But man, I don’t think it should be necessary to ride this show Pretend to be there with your couple “having something” Record yourself and everything It’s just… Anyway, each one have their channel and do whatever they want with it If this is what you want to do Well, at least I laughed
It’s better than nothing. Honestly, I had thinked to comment several videos of this type but It just gave me the time to comment two If you would like to have a second part Leave a LIKE so I can see you want that second part And that’s it. But before leaving, i want to say thank you for the support gaven to the video of RUMANIA the first part. I see you liked it so much And that’s why I have uploaded the second part of my trip to RUMANIA which is same or better than the first part I personally like the second part If you want to watch it, down here I leave it to you Like always, I hope you laughed That’s the important thing And we’ll see in the next video


  1. este chico te necesita es una persona con TIENE ESCLEROSIS MULTIPLE hace 1 año esta tratando de comunicarse contigo necesita una medicina que venden en tu aqui esta su video pidiendo ayuda https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEG4tEfSpLU

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