Locals FEAR This Haunted House in Aussie Outback | SCARY Paranormal Investigation

Locals FEAR This Haunted House in Aussie Outback | SCARY Paranormal Investigation

very very haunted almost like feared by
the locals like no one comes out here ever people want to stay away from this
house it almost sounds like something moving or scraping on that there’s
already noises so we got to go in and through through crazy vibe in here can
you come close to my hand and I just feel like something it was like crawling
up my back not like a spider I have you all right I’m not gonna lie this
place is freaking me out a little bit this mysterious abandoned farmhouse lies
in a remote part of South Australia’s York Peninsula and has a fierce
reputation for being haunted locals supposedly fear this house and
refused to enter the property due to the paranormal occurrences set to happen
here although little is known of the home and it’s ghosts it stands out
amongst other abandoned dwellings in the area as being the haunted house I was
made aware of this property by someone local to the area who told me if you are
searching for ghosts this is the place to look just go inside the haunted
abandoned house this place outside looks amazing there’s a lot of cool stuff just
left around I see it be a boat already and this looks like o-line I don’t like
fake tiles so it’s kind of cool I’m just going to explore in some of the ruins this one already has a massive firefight doesn’t it flooring it’s pretty cool
super flop ice in it yeah today we’re gonna floorboards on this floor at some
point you can see that the tile isn’t stuff down here it’s like one ratty bit
of curtain leftover as well huge barrel to bird’s nest up over its a
tumbleweed as well yeah there is some bug didn’t mean don’t touch she’s wise I
don’t know if there was anything Sissoko I love coming to Mannin places
and there’s actually stuff left over like little these bottles little jar we’re not a fireplace like this could
have been say kitchen or something this looks like probably a bedroom this is a bed reckon that is this place
is kind of notorious in this area it’s not well known outside of say New York
opinion she loved I actually got talked about this place by a friend of a friend
that people are scared to come here because it is so haunted and I mean it’s
kind of scary just to walk through not even considering that it could be
haunted and just seeing the state of everything and how everything is left
but it’s basically just an old farmhouse you can see it soapstone built as all
stone down here it would have been a nice place back in the day there’s one
more room which is just behind giant so you go first there’s a tennis shop sorry yeah it’s like that
this looks creepy how this has like my mind growing up the wolves what’s out
this winter is both junk what’s that
FATCA rims yeah the back rim has no floor it’s just a big hole guys this
place is friggin creepy I don’t know what it is but there’s a lot to see in
here check it out oh my gosh it’s like some weird creepy work shed gosh what are these things exams and playing table tennis ping pong
in here today how much I even trust this floor just because I reckon that room in
there is where is my floor yep that’s where there’s no fool all
right guys we’ve explored a lot of this abandoned house and it’s very creepy and
I can only imagine how much creepier it’s going to get later when we come
back here to investigate at night I do just want to let you guys know that this
is a two-part episode the second part is actually going to be filmed on this with
which is a free 60 degree camera so you guys are going to get a really like
immersive experience where you can look around as I investigate around the whole
room so I’m excited about this please let me know leave me a comment if you’re
excited about it too but I think we’re going to get out of here and kill a few
hours until we lose the Sun all right creepy this we’ve just made it back to
this abandoned haunted house at night I can tell you what as well guys this is
seriously creepy we haven’t even gone inside yet but just looking at this
place oh my god really weird vibes I’ve also been hearing some very strange
noises come from within quite bad yeah see that sounds like
movement and it could be something like to see all this corrugated iron
everywhere it almost sounds like something moving or scraping on that
from within from within from within I don’t know what would be making that
noise oh and tonight’s gonna be good night yeah
there’s already noises so we got to go in and okay we’ve just light it aim that
I’ve already hiked through the room crazy vibing here so we just don’t have
a quick look around and just double-check there’s no other people
here or anything that could really hurt us in the dark was i but yeah look just
I don’t know this place goes do it already just that ring ring today
how creepy doesn’t look in the dark yeah it’s very creepy photos now I reckon I must admit this
room here felt the weirdest to me tonight maybe it felt weird to me
because there is sort of a bad stewing it so it feels more lived-in than the
other rooms Oh kind of smells as well yeah I mean this whole place stinks
let’s be honest yeah I hope that my f is creepy I I didn’t see anything out of it
okay alright I think we just pick a room and we can kick off our investigation my god so you’re just I move around this
really really area buddy abandoned house that was said to be really really
haunted now I do want to kick off my investigation here this is in one of the
front rooms of the Oklahoma stead I just feel like this is a living room or
something because we have the lovely big fireplace yeah so I feel like this is a
good place to start now another thing that I should note is
I don’t have a lot of history on this place all I know is it was an old
farming house that has fallen into abandoned obviously I do know that in
this area it is fought to be very very important almost like a feared by the
locals they can no one comes out here ever people want to stay away from this
house so I don’t really have any background or ghosts the specific ghost
stories to use in my investigation so sometimes if you’ve got a name or you
know there’s supposedly a certain person haunting a place you can call out to
them and talk to them directly but this one’s a little bit different because I
don’t know who may be here who may be wanting this house what is interesting
though is I was actually driven out here by someone who was telling me about this
house and they showed me this house specifically and this is the haunted
house it’s not any any others because along a couple of stretches of dirt road
here there are a lot of houses just like this one just these old abandoned
farmhouses sitting here but this is the one that has the reputation this is the
notorious one so it’s interesting for that I think it’s about time just to
switch everything off we’ll go lights off and I’ll start to call out and we’ll
see if we can make communication with anyone that could still be here as we
lately lights out and I’ll tell you what it is a really dark night tonight I
can’t really see a lot at all in here that we’ve got a couple of LED lights
and that’s it that’s just for the infrared the night vision that you guys
are seeing now and we got to run a ghost tube session if you guys don’t know this
is actually an app that Jared and I developed and we’re really really happy
with how it’s all turned out you guys can download it for yourself for free
and I’ve got links below but I’m going to hit record right now so you guys want
to see some readings come along with out of the screen we’ve got an
electromagnetic detector so that’s the green biasing we have a ghost dictionary
so we are listening for words that spirits may be able to deliver us also
EVPs just the general sound reporting yet we also have a brand new feature
currently at the time of filming I don’t know where this video is coming out but
this is only available on Android right now and basically it’s a proximity
sensor so if anything comes towards my phone it comes that close hi my name is Amy and I’ve come to visit
your house with my friend jar and we would really love to know if there is
anybody here with us I’ve been told that there are still people in this home and
I would love to know who is here if you could tell me your name that would
really really be a good deed of you another way that you are able to
communicate for me or let me know that you’re here is if you can come close to
these lights that are in my hands you can come up to them and touch them or
just come a little bit closer to me we might be able to tell that you are here maybe you can use this device in my hand
to communicate with us can you tell me your name if you’re not used up seeing the lights
light you that’s pretty freaky where are you standing in the room if y’all watching me we would love to
talk to you can you make a tap or make a noise in this room I’m just gonna stand
up as well so is that why you’ve been standing
you’ve been watching us you’ve been watching me from behind me there’s a
behind me doctor scope and diving day are you actually in this room what I didn’t police it could there’s a little bit of wind to
my guys so it may be something is blowing out there can you come close to
my hand if you can come this close to my hands you’ll be able to make a noise and
I’ll know they can hear with me it’s definite footsteps out there hey we didn’t need the room but out there there’s our central sex
out there I want to tell you guys that it’s a ghost because it very well could
be an animal and we can’t really see to confirm that I might just stop this
session okay I can literally just see a bush
can you see past the bush no I had a dog or something man
but he’d sounded very far away and these footsteps no clothes all right I’m not
gonna lie this place is freaking me out a little bit like I mean just look
around just look at what this place looks like and already I mean all we’ve
done so far is just a ghost cheap session and we already holy words
watching you and then when I asked like where are you in this room what she
hasn’t said behind you so that’s kind of that’s kind of scary but to think that
we’ve got some of these weed footsteps Alan’s outside the house that’s also
kind of scary and you guys know I’m always more scared of living people I
doubt anyone is out here it’s super super remote but weird to hear things
out there now we are going to head into another room and continue the
investigation but I did just want to drop a little reminder to you guys that
we also have a free 60 video on this place it’s coming as a part 2 so if you
guys are excited for that one please leave me a comment because I mean this
place is amazing already and for you guys to experience it and 360 is going
to be a lot of spooky fun all right guys now what we’re gonna do
is we’re gonna walk around I’m gonna use the thermal gun right now whatever it is
the famine camera as we go around and so if we can pick up any weird temperature
fluctuations or even figures you can see them pretty clearly on this now there is
a little story that I wanted to give to you guys before we do this now it
doesn’t necessarily prove or mean this place is haunted and it’s just a story
because I don’t have footage to go over but we were using the drone earlier out
in the little paddock just in front of the house and acted really funny and
I’ve never seen the drone do this before now there are a lot of people who
believe that spirits can mess with electronic equipment I don’t know that
that you know mess with the drone ER or but it did take a long time for us of
like resetting and restarting the drone for it to fly what was happening was we
would say take off it would take off to about yay high and they’re not just
hovers and waits for a command we’re moving the joystick surrounded it ones
that are not responding to that so it was pretty odd but I mean you guys
probably already seen the drone footage so we got it working
but I mean worth noting weird not necessarily paranormal going so let’s
just go for a walk around with this and see what we can see yeah
okay I’m currently filming I can kind of see that door down there and I can see
the window there’s yeah so I can see the window on the camera and the door and
just so you know what a person looks like I’m just gonna film charge whoo
there he is just a lot of quick see the light no you just look like you look everything’s about like 19 to 20 degrees
I’ll put what that is in Fahrenheit because I don’t bloody normal that is slightly pad it around this empty room
well we can definitely see the windows in here I’m just looking like you know maybe
there’s like a cold spot in a corner or something like that or if this this kind
of has like a precise laser and it tells you the temperature of wherever the
middle of this is pointed out so I’m gonna go in let me see anything all right place how cool would it be if
like the fireplace was hot as if the fire with them
does it look cold it doesn’t I can’t really see it so it’s nice to know what
our program yeah all the same everything’s about 20 degrees until I
get to stay the windows and then everything changes because there’s a big
cold drop and reckons it’s like 14 degrees outside you know what a mistake
if we had this in the armored up let’s go to the other room so back truck to
those charred we will backtrack to where we were just doing the first obsession
is imagine if we had this going when I said behind you II and I could align me
with this she’s in the old noodle standing around this room yeah you can
definitely see No and the fireplace here would
technically be behind me and it’s like 18 19 degrees in here pretty
consistently everywhere I’m gonna go back to this corner area you’re still in
this room can you come and walk in front with me please it looks color this corner here there’s
nothing like distinct no I’m saying that’s like you do degrees colder than
the room I did something bounced out of me so you
give me that window you can see that door oh I thought I could see something
in the door then but there is a frame on it you knows I’m mm-hmm and this door
can’t let me see that door okay I think that we should maybe reach out in this
room and see if we can get anything here all right crypt keeper’s we are in that
the one of the back rooms of this abandoned haunted house I believe this
was likely a bedroom I mean I’m pretty sure this thing down next to me it’s bed
we are going to attempt to reach out and conduct a spirit box session to please
listen for any words or phrases anything that you hear that comes through this
especially if it’s meaningful and if you hear something very relevant then please
drop me a comment especially if I miss it hi my name is Amy and I’ve just
walked into this room I hope that that is okay I realized this map in your
bedroom can you please say hello or tell me your name do anything to give me a
sign to let me know that you’re here and that’s okay that you want to talk to me I would love to know your 90 with you
all here are you originally from South Australia or is this someone somewhere
else in the world that you are from wow this foot likes I was something quoting
on my jacket or something funny pulling I’m calling my check other night there’s
nothing remind you to get caught on are you just touching this guy that’s
with me can you touch this chord that’s hanging
from this device can you pull on it all right I mean I’m gonna stop can you
take this I can hear something out I could hear
something in here then and I could hear something down home well if you’re in
here can you make a tapping noise for me please you can just knock on the wall or
tap or move something on the floor alright Jared I need to know what
happened like what happened so I was filming to you you’re standing right
here you were there where you are now we
haven’t really moved you know and I just felt like something was like crawling up
my back not like a spider like psyche heavier or creeping somebody pulling or
like a hand or like a mouse like that’s how thick it felt so could be what the
size I him yeah our mouse it wasn’t it it wasn’t this cord was far away from
this Cory cuz I was not in the corner I’ve moved from where I was coming so
this is it Mike was here it was something like here felt really weird
yeah it was like something was in my back and then I thought I heard noises
in a distance coming from the other end of the house but it could have just been
at the same boys we were just hearing it outside yeah that was a noise outside
didn’t know I could hear something scratching down here I mean you know
he’s maybe there are mice in here you know what that reminds me I like he was
fine because it means if I’ve got bugs crawling on my hands I kind of keep
filming I’m just like I just have to suck it up by mosquitos yeah if you’d
actually move is weird yeah I gotta go do something there’s
nothing that I’d be honest this reminds you of Farina like just this place in
general but also because you said that something tugged the arm of your jacket
though yes in this Cemetery yeah and this is like this just gives me
vibes and Farina if you guys haven’t seen Farina
its ghost ghost town Henry a cemetery here in South Australia as
well and that was that was a crazy place all right let’s go down the mm-hmm all
right guys tonight has been great so far we had the most sinister weird things
comfort and goes to in the front room we’ve heard some really weird noises in
there and around this house and just why we were doing the spirit box Jared felt
like something touched his back and I mean the fun’s only getting started
because we’re about to start filming with a 360-degree camera and if you guys
really want to watch that video which I highly recommend I think you should make
sure that you are subscribed and leave me a comment letting me know how excited
you are for it below on this video now if you guys did enjoy this video
here tonight please make sure you like comment share and subscribe you have no
idea how much that means to me it really does help me out if you want to do any
more reading on any of the haunted places that I have visited or from all
around the world then head to my website amyscrypt.com you guys can also keep
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