Lies – Epic Science #6

Lies – Epic Science #6

– When is the last time you lied? (electronic ringing) Here’s the dirty truth, we’re all liars. So I’m not trying to get into
your business or anything, but I really wanna talk about lying ’cause I think it’s very important ’cause a lot of times we just
kinda sweep it under the rug. If you live in a community, if you are not just a species of one,
then you have to sign this social contract that
says that you will cooperate in a world, you’ll get
along with everybody else, and in order to do that
every once in a while you have to drop a little white lie. In fact, the ability to
lie and to do it well is a cognitive milestone for children, it means that they are
really understanding the nuance of language. So hey, it’s great if
your kid drops a lie, but not all the time, I
mean that’s a bad strategy because little kids who
are dropping little lies turn into bigger kids lying all the time who turn into adults who
are vomiting untruth. Uh. The Science Channel has
this great documentary, it’s called The Truth About Liars, and it says that one in four conversations that last for 10 minutes
or more will contain a big old whopper in it. Maybe you’re trying not to offend someone and so you don’t
necessarily tell the truth or maybe you’re just exaggerating and that fish that you
caught just was so huge. Okay, my second question for you. Are you lousy at lying
or are you awesome at it? Well it turns out that
there’s one thing here that is going to determine
if you’re one or the other and that is self-awareness. People who are really self-aware are called High Self-Monitors, that means that they walk into a room and they start to think,
how am I being perceived? Or you could be a Low Self-Monitor, you could walk into a
room and sort of la-di-da all over the place and not even
think how you’re coming off. So you’re probably thinking which one am I and how can I figure this out. All you have to do is
use your index finger and then trace an upper case Q. Okay. My little tail on my Q
ended up over my right eye, I am just thinking about
where the Q makes sense to me. But if you put the tail
over on your left eyebrow you are probably an ace liar, you are a High Self-Monitor, you are anticipating
that someone’s gonna look at your forehead and try to read that Q. All right, we wanna hear from you guys. Where did that tail on your Q land? And when was the last time you lied? Really, and was it worth it? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to subscribe and check out some of our other videos.


  1. Darn, I wish you gave a little time before drawing your own "Q" on your forehead. I'm not sure if I copied it, or did my own on my own initiative. Anyhow, mine went to the right eyebrow.

  2. mine went threw my right, but only because you did yours first… maybe some impulse of trying to fit in with other people, and doing it their way. peir pressure and all that ^.^

  3. she shouldnt have drew the Q on her head while she told u to do it kus it influenced the detection since she drew it on the right side u see it going left and that might make u place the Q going left

  4. If you're a lefty wouldn't the Q go over your left naturally and vice versa? What happens I your q is lower case!?

  5. You should really slow down the jump cuts. By the time she said try the q trick she already explained the significance before I had the chance to try it. Bad science

  6. I have to disagree if you're right handed you will always make the dash for the Q right and if you're left handed you will always make the dash left side but I could be wrong

  7. So is it a bad thing to say out loud what one is really thinking? I mean, the other day I told a co-worker that her clothes looked very bad on her. Made her fat. She never asked me but I just had to point that out. Is that rude? I did that with good intentions.

  8. 9 times out of ten I bet your tail goes over the eyebrow on the side that your dominant arm is one. Why? because it's more fucking efficient that way. Basically all you're saying is that left handed people, who are usually more academically inclined, are better lyres. Well no shit..

  9. The point of this is that its a trick you fools. She says to do the trick and explains it at once so she can catch you lying. You didn't go left cause you followed her movements so she knows. If you said you went another way you would be lying Because she didn't go the other way.

  10. i agree! we should've put a couple seconds of delay in the edit. the Q test is from psychologist Richard Wiseman. He has a great article about in the guardian called "the truth about lying and laughing."

  11. Great! Our "Mind-Stuff show[s]" we're of the same mind. 😛 😉
    Thanks for the reference to the psychologist's article. I'll go check it out. Until next time/show, cheers.

  12. Right eyebrow, but I am a pretty ace liar. I like to think that I monitor the way I'm perceived all the time…

  13. I do not think that this "Q" thing is right… if someone as a dirt in his/her face, I show them where as I see it, and not as a mirror thing…but as a personnal perspective…

  14. Haha. I need another sort of test cos dis "Q" test got me a mixed result.
    My Q is on the right eyebrow bt am 100% sure my personality falls under the "high self monitors" please upload another method or I guess am part of the "exceptional" group.#sigh

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