LIBRA FEBRUARY 2020 Tarot Psychic ** PREDICTIONS ** Twin Flame Signs

LIBRA FEBRUARY 2020 Tarot Psychic ** PREDICTIONS ** Twin Flame Signs

welcome to Sonika’s Guidance. I’m a
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cards Libra and I bring this reading to you with love and the knowledge that
your spirit guides and your guardian angels love you and care for you and the
reading is handled with care ok let’s see what’s coming up for you in the
month of love all right interesting knight of swords reversed four of Pentacles reversed OOP nice the
Sun card upright awesome the m4 is reversed
interesting Oh in the knight of Wands reversed okay it’s interesting okay
they’re giving me a message right now Libra for you and the message is that
there may be something that I like Pollock possibly feels incomplete in the
month of February for some of you or there may be possibly the sense of
feeling different from the group of feeling different from the crowd or some
family endeavor is feeling incomplete or like it’s disintegrating or it suddenly
come to a halt or stop that could be maybe let’s say the family is all
involved in some immigration or visa or government concern where you know you’re
trying to maybe bring all the family together in one country as an example
right there could be some blockage to that there could be also maybe family
disagreements that leads to you know like hitting like a like taking needing
to to hit the pit stop you know like it’s something just gets blocked there
could be that as well there could be this sense in some area of your life
where there’s maybe it’s not biological family we’re talking about but for some
of you this theme may play out in a in a workplace or community situation or team
work situation where suddenly something hits a pit stop or if there’s
disintegration people are not agreeing with each other it’s a little bit hard
to kind of mingle with certain personalities in this group and I feel
like the group is more than it’s like you libras involved with more than two
other people that’s what I’m seeing in the vision so in some group dynamic this
month they say prepare for differences of opinion prepare for those who may
want to just who just have maybe difficult personalities and want to make
things purposely difficult possibly prepare for for these kinds of energies
okay and month ahead of February 2020 alright
let’s go ahead and get started so you have the four of Pentacles reversed now
the four of Pentacles reversed here indicates that for some of you there
could be this sense of feeling more relaxed a relief
anxiety is is driven away pressures are driven away or you’re able to feel more
free and liberated in some regard because something does happen it could
be that one project concludes in an in an area of your life or now you maybe
are feeling a little bit more flexible and liberated and wanting to spend like
spending money or your time your energy your effort in one obligation or toward
a commitment you feel more willing to somehow you feel more open to it you
feel like now maybe it’s even time it’s time now I feel a lot of you kind of mmm
maybe also maybe showing off something or presenting something or opening up in
a sense in a way that you have in two before possibly you’re also being
bringing a project more public now you’re ready to to to engage or enact
something an initiative in some area of your life that before was either kept
bottled up or held back in some ways or really maybe previously you felt it
wasn’t ready for release okay some of you may be opening up your heart or
opening up your feelings for someone it could be an opening up in that way as
well okay now because this is a general reading I just want to mention you know
something very quick by textbook Tarot textbook there’s good for some of you be
like excessive spending or you don’t know how to set proper boundaries or
this is something where you know you overdo the energy right you over in a
sense obligate yourself to someone you overdo it in a way you’re maybe extreme
in some regard okay maybe you share too much maybe you care too much okay that’s
possible with this four of Pentacles reversed some of you this could indicate
loss or misplacement of a resource possession or something you know
meaningful to you or useful to something you care about it could be
miss placement okay something you know kind of escapes your your grab okay
that’s possible as well or it’s just you know misplaced lost the four of
Pentacles in Reverse for some of you can also indicate extroverted energies being
more social being maybe even more charitable more giving in some regard
okay and certainly it’s also about mingling you know mingling not not being
standoffish or uptight or having you know your guard about you there’s a
sense of mingling here especially for you libras so see how this theme plays
out with the four of Pentacles reversed okay
fascinating um I want to mention with this card they’re saying something to me
also some of you this is an ending that’s a release but I feel like many of
you either by late January or men most of you I feel like it’s in the first two
weeks of February first two weeks could be in the first week of February 2020
the first two full weeks I feel like I want to say that yeah that makes sense
to the energy you are engaging or enacting a new project I see you walking
into a new project but some of you it’s like introduced from outside of you to
you so it could be that your boss putting on you are you on your new
responsibilities or at ask your manager saying you you’re gonna be put on this
project or with this team now so I see you in tripping the introduced to
something new and the introduction obviously doesn’t happen from you
yourself you don’t introduce yourself I feel you’re introduced or led or guided
in that direction so that’s also coming through from your spirit guides now we
also have the Empress reversed and the Empress card major Khanna card reversed
indicates that for some of you in February twenty twenty there could be
this possibly difficulties with a mother figure some of you I feel like this is
focal tees with the Divine Feminine maybe some issues with religion or
spirituality some of you the Empress and reverses challenges with is with and
there may be something here about their saying to me females female problematic
female some of you this is like one very loud female in your life or Oh a female
who just likes to talk a lot or very opinionated it may be somebody who’s
very you know it’s like hard to quell her or she just doesn’t back down and
you’re dealing with this particular kind of an individual somewhere in your life
okay either family or in the workplace or maybe in love maybe it’s a very
difficult wife or love partner that you’re dealing with somewhere there’s a
problematic female in your life libras in this month and she’s gonna be playing
a major theme she could be a source of headaches and challenges mentally and
emotionally the Empress in Reverse for some of you can also be to maybe an
elderly parent or also you know these are also portraits you know specific
cards in the Tarot not many people realize and they’re like portraits and
for some of you this could be someone you are memorializing you know you’re
remembering maybe a passed over loved one maybe a mother grandfather someone
with maternal energy you’re memorializing someone who has passed
over some of you the Empress in Reverse is a lack of someone’s presence lack of
a key presence in your life this could be a woman living far away an individual
living far away for others this is really strong concerns about the woman
or a woman in your life in this month libras that’s gonna be take I really get
this strong kind of like your emotions and your mind are captivated by
something happening around her now this could be a person who is sick or ill or
going through some challenges real serious challenges in her life and you
are concerned for her that’s also quite possible and so she plays a central
theme she’s here to stay she’s sticking you know I got this kind of violet she’s
sticking for some of you the Empress in Reverse is going to be about maybe
you know maybe pregnancy challenges family planning issues conception also
maybe difficulties getting the respect or the appreciation that you feel you
deserve maybe you feel underwhelmed by the response you get or receptivity you
have you get with some people maybe you feel like you’re not getting enough
respect or regard or your do you credit maybe there’s a negative review at work
or something like that okay something to that effect so there’s a sense of like
I’m feeling like I’m not being respected or my place is not respected or what I
have to say is not having the effects that I wanted to say there’s some
challenges here with receptivity I do get that with the way you are received
with the way way you the reception you get possibly for your personality or
just who you are okay late January because you have to
remember you know there’s no heart starts and stops – energy flows life is
very fluid some people actually believe that a new month starts around the
twenty twenty second when the Sun the Sun a major major astrological energy
body transitions into a whole new zodiac sign so some of you will start to feel
these energies in the last 10 days of January and then you’re going to be
feeling them in major or minor and subtle or more visibly apparent concrete
ways throughout February 20 2008 libras some of you by I feel like mid more like
late like January 20 onward in this timeframe and then going into February
maybe a lot of emotions I feel even for some of you they make me want to say
like there’s some danger or negative effect or ill effect related to maybe a
cancer Scorpio or Pisces relevant in your life for some of you this is just
like I’m even seeing like maybe this is a hurricane or a like water damaging
basement or water leaks and it’s just water element may not be your best
friend libras let’s just put it like this
in the month of February 2020 there could be there’s something here
about the water element but also I’m seeing it in like liquid water ice you
know be careful if you have winter where you are and you’re walking you want to
be really careful don’t slip on that ice you have to be aware of this water
element around in your life in February 20 20 including emotions okay including
emotions I’m getting that on the Empress reversed emotional energy here yeah oh
this is powerful okay for some of you the Empress in Reverse can be physical
health right vigor vitality concerns and issues there may be challenges here also
with the you know sometimes this is about like the breasts you know there
could be some concerns here about breasts or maybe some connections with
breast cancer yeah there’s something about a challenge with this feminine
nature this real feminine nature and for others it’s about your authority getting
respect and obedience for what you what you feel you deserve you know like what
you feel you should get that respect and obedience for so see how it plays out
for you some of you may be feeling some lack of abundance in some area of your
life there may not be all these comforts you may be very much on your feet you
can’t get a break you know you’re on the go go go go go maybe you’re feeling more
like a workhorse as opposed to like that pampered you know Empress who basically
has like 100 different servants working for her you know what I mean so she gets
a break and then you can see it she’s able to rest and relax and you know take
care of her looks and all that but maybe this month there may be some challenges
with personality with image but also possibly with getting a break or feeling
abundant and secure enough to be able to be at a position of rest of to feel
secure this could be just because you there could be some concerns related to
money or outgoings in combination with the four of Pentacles reverse that makes
you feel Restless and makes you feel like you you have to maybe still work
for all this material sick but in the upright I mean look at her
she’s you know in the upright she doesn’t need to bother with that in her
mind that’s not a concern for her right so that’s the difference right between
the emperor’s upright and the reversal now we also have for you libras the sun
card upright which is interesting the ampersand the sun card popping up some
of you this could very well be something about a challenge with a fire sign in
you you know you and the fire sign possibly butting heads or maybe if
you’re dealing with youngsters or individuals who have a flair to them and
a personality to them that they just they’re gonna be who they are you could
have maybe a hard time disciplining or getting a hold of them or taming this
fiery element it could be an Aries Sagittarius or Leo for some of you okay
that possibly you’re not able to really easily
you know tame or use for your benefit in a sense or crew or you in a sense have
as a real solid positive effect you know some elements that doesn’t give off
positive effect in your life and may be a bit hard to to tame or control or to
to make work for you in a sense in February 2020 late January but the Sun
card could also be children you know maybe act up a bit but at the same time
they are being who they are the sun card also is a message for you libras to be
who you are in the month of february 2020 see how spirit guides did that it’s
to also be who you are that’s the key in some ways we can learn from those who
are you know may be hard for us to tame and train or use for our benefit we also
have to be who we want to be like in relation to the message I just mentioned
so the Sun card you know it’s playful energies it’s
extroverted energies it’s being social it’s been welcoming it’s being
optimistic it’s your reflection how you come off okay so I feel for a lot of you
this is someone else in your life who’s being this way who’s really personified
by the Sun energy here but it’s remember what the spirit guide said libras you
have an opportune – okay so see how this theme plays out
with the Sun card right victory celebration optimism growth harvest
reproduction creation and it could be that maybe family planning or children
just get you very tired okay that’s a possibility as well here with these
matters personal life matters so again to see
how it plays out a husband or male figure in your life very prominent could
be an Aries Sagittarius or Leo but does not have to be could even be a water or
an air sign I’m being told maybe a really pivotal key figure here yeah
definitely I feel like there’s one male energy in your life libras for both male
and female libras watching who’s going to be a very key and central theme here
a prominent figure for you let’s put it like this any month of February 2020
late January now you also have two nights which is interesting night of
swans a knight of swords reverse knight of sword reverse at some point in the
month of February you may feel like you need to hold your tongue you may feel
held back you may feel also pushed back and held in place in a sense um some of
you I feel like this is you realizing maybe you have to tread carefully you
can’t rush you can’t be impulsive or you can’t just do what you just really want
to do or what you feel your next action should be possibly taking a step forward
is not as smooth or quick or it’s not going to happen for you possibly this
month where some step forward isn’t meant to be had just yet or it’s a
longer cycle some of you the knight of swords again yes it could be watching
your tongue it could be the sense of feeling held back but it could also be
delays in communication messages from other people lack of response
obstruction in a sense I’m even being told to say obstruction of justice
obstruction of justice so for some of you who may be dealing
with the elements of what’s fair to me what’s not fair to me what’s ethical
what’s not right what’s not balanced you may have some obstruction of justice
okay there could be delays in the delivery of a judgement
there could be this sense that somebody’s maybe walking over someone
else and you’re not able to go on the offense or the defense to to kind of you
know come to the rescue or kind of have the save for some reason you might be
watching you know you might have sort of the situation may be very delicate you
know it’s not the you don’t feel entirely comfortable with just doing
what you would want to do in the situation or maybe even being a freedom
fighter in a situation because there’s something about the situation that is
delicate okay it’s just not an easy answer like that okay like this just
charging ahead and you know being the savior or doing what you feel is right
right now you may realize that there’s an agenda or you may have your own
agenda in the situation you realize it’s just not an easy answer it’s not a quick
win for some reason the situation may be more intricate or complicated or maybe
even more personal than you thought it would be you know what I mean by
personal it’s like there are trade-offs to be made and you have to watch
carefully before you you you make those you you take quick action because you
may end up risking an outcome that you would have been at least suitable down
the road so there is an element of feeling held back here most definitely
the knight of swords in Reverse could be an Aquarius Gemini or libra male or
female energy in a general reading somebody are thinking about over and
over again dealing with interacting with wandering about or it could be
challenges in the areas of writing communication you know communication
works public relations books literature short stories letters all of that right
like challenges here or delays or difficulty with possibly even setbacks
or failure possibly for minority of you I really hope nobody and even if it’s
gonna happen I hope it’s a very small percentage of you where there could be a
significant setback you feel like there’s a setback in these area
definitely want to watch your words want to watch impulsivity in this month of
February late January 2020 um maybe not rushing when it comes to also
transportation and telecommunications okay
transportation telecommunications that includes walking walking power walking
racing okay getting on your bike your electric scooter okay so see how that
theme plays out now we also have the knight of Wands reversed and the knight
of Wands reversed here indicates libras that for some of you I’m really getting
something very interesting here I feel like some of you either are focusing on
like the horse is a big animal right that’s what the spirit guides are
pointing me to it’s a big animal the horse is definitely a big animal some of
you may be benefiting from like smaller animals this month
you know like cats or in some people have insects right as animals or snakes
or gerbils or hamsters or rabbits um bunnies and you know I feel our chickens
like some people raise chickens these is it I’ve seen videos where people are
actually raising pigs in their home and lambs and all different kinds of smaller
animals so if pigs can be big piglets so I feel for a lot of you smaller
animals will have some positive effect for those who choose to you know bring
that sort of element or embrace that element in their lives you know or bring
it assure it into their lives some connection with a smaller animal okay
you may have a focus or those smaller animals may be a feature in your life
and they may be very helpful sometimes it’s you know it’s can be animal therapy
right a lot of people use animals for animal therapy um for therapeutic
reasons on but yes smaller animals some positive effect is fascinating I don’t
think I’ve ever gotten that message for this this card before so it’s not a big
animal the cards reversed focusing on small animals will help you libras in
some way for some of your positive effect
um you may be getting a small animal that’s possible the knight of Wands
rivers can also indicate for some of you just sticking
with the textbook version of the of the card
you know slowdowns again you’re not getting excited by an Avenue or an angle
or set of directions or one direction maybe that might be calling for you or
it’s not calling for you maybe it’s just available you might be not moving toward
it you might be not excited by it you might be purposely pulling back there
could be hesitancy suspicion caution sometimes it’s even flat-out disregard
for an avenue or an option or an opening that you could walk toward it could even
be toward a relationship or an interesting person that comes into your
life or a job offer and possibly made to you you’re somehow not excited or you’re
purposely disregarding it looking the other way or you’re holding yourself
back right purposefully there could be the sense of challenges with again vigor
health vitality you got to maybe slow down a little bit libras not move too
quickly in the month of February late January there could be a challenge again
with an eerie Sagittarius or Leo which was mentioned also with the Sun card
energy some fire element for some of you you may feel like you can’t embark yet
on a trip or there are delays with telecommunications and transportation
possibly as well a lot of you I feel like this is you purposely feeling
either constricted or held back or held in place and some regarding your reality
and again if you need predictions coaching guidance I’m here for you you
never know until you try you can always reach out to me for a personal reading
okay – to understand how you can get out of that that that possibly limited
structure or restriction of some sort that seems to be present in a lot of
your lives libras in this late January through February 2020 timeframe okay now
libras I’m gonna pick for you I’m gonna run the cards here and I’m gonna give
you an oracle card as well this is from my own Oracle deck that I developed
using God and the Archangels and you know if you wanted to purchase it to
read for yourself you can just purchase it on my website I think it’s like less
than 25 bucks and it’s the new angel language system it’s not so new but it’s
I’ve introduced it to the world I’ve made it more public it’s the angel
double letter system for libras interesting very interesting
angel double letter AAA Foster joy libras this is a solution for you this
is something to in a sense get your you know you may feel like you’re you know
your head is against the wall or you you want to put your head in the sand you
feel tired or exhausted or something’s really draining you the solution out of
that is for you to yourself foster joy you have to bring in a sense the Sun
energy out of you okay you have to foster joy and the angel double letters
AAA you may see these very randomly just like people see angel numbers very
randomly and repeatedly if that’s how God chooses to show you or remind you of
sonic Oz message on this card foster joy as you’re going through January Feb 20
2008 or a on license place documents very random places online just suddenly
your eyes get drawn to that and it’s very important for you to foster joy you
are the actor okay this is a solution to help ease the energies any negative
effects to help mitigate any negative emotional effects or drainage in the
month of February 2020 you must focus on fostering joy and you have to be the
actor in that okay so libras please you know share these videos with your family
and friends it’s you know now is the time to hit that share button if you are
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