Let's Make a Vinyl Record Player!!

Let's Make a Vinyl Record Player!!

hello everyone today we're gonna make a vinyl record player this actually isn't even mine it's my mother's she bought it at some discount store I don't know they were having some sale and then she just sort of surprised me I was like hey look I really want to play vinyl and you're gonna assembling stuff so since I gave birth to you you can assemble this for me and do something for me for a change I was like alright fine fine I'll do it and let's see vinyl is back revive sounds from a different era with a simple turntable it may seem unreal but you'll be assembling one and so yeah DJ yeah that's weird okay so and apparently this is for kids Aidan over which is just right at my reen level you know how great um did you know at night in no no in 1856 DC eighth grade reading level or eight-year-old that would be third grade I think did you know in 1856 a machine called a phone Oh autograph was built to to Drew soundwaves over a drum blackened with smoke and allowed recordings to be made but not play them but but but watch this next sentence doesn't make sense years later the first phonograph was created a device they evolved into the current turntable it seems like there was a sense missing in between there did the phonograph actually play what the phone phone autograph recorded it doesn't it seems like something is missing there it's like there it's like they gave you two facts in a paragraph that are completely unrelated it seems like because we don't know the relationship between the phone autograph and the phonograph but I'm guessing the phonograph is what plays what a phone autograph four chords let me see skills exercised fine motor let's see if we learn these things fine motor learning curiosity and discovery listening and communication so in the comments you guys can grade me and tell me did you guys actually learn any of that did I learn any of that I don't know let's open up and see all right how do we open this thing I hit the camera here we go oh wait hmm okay so we got all our wheels right here I hope I don't put them out I'm just gonna take everything sorry for the noise okay let's see for the needle it uses this it uses sewing needles aside that you can use sewing needles or thumbtacks this is a long freaking manual I guess it's just in different languages but let's see where does English end okay here we go oh my god this is so long wait yeah we're not gonna have time to look at all of it but okay what the hell fun fun almond Oh phenomenal okay they're trying to make a pun right there phenomenal let me introduce you to make to play we're gonna have to you know just get through this okay okay there's all the directions yeah that's strange ah you know what this is probably where we could learn about the phone autograph what the hell is that uh Oh a megaphone okay you can assemble your own megaphone they also make that that kid yeah that's interesting okay let me just go into the directions take a close look at the list of contents yeah I'm pretty sure we have everything and also I had batteries so we're good there read instructions completely nope no time for that fix the two driver wheels to the assembly plastic base all right let's see all right we have this and I need something to uh I need something to clamp down but oh well we'll just have to deal with this all right so all right so we have this and there we go it's in the proper orientation it feels like I'm assembling IKEA so this week goes there yeah that wheel goes there this wheel goes here and let me see flip the base over and secure each driver wheel with a screw oh shoot I don't know if I brought a screwdriver uh you know what actually yes I do wait it's this weird one here we go it's this one I use it for all sorts of household matters let's see put that together voila screwdriver all right don't forget I'm just gonna jump cut this part there we go oh that's not too tight oh wait yeah I think it does need to be a little looser let's see these things were held to get in I don't know how they expect to do it kids at my level all right now we get a rubber band and we clip those two parts together all right I hope all these rubber bands are the same size cause if not that is going to screw me over yeah I think they are all the same size all right geez jump cut there we go Thank You future me for that jump cut oh wow cool that's like a gear alright let's see what else we gotta do avoid stretching and twisting shoot oh well I have more rubber bands if I need to but alright and then we need another rubber band that can go into this thing wait what how you get one in there it's you need a rubber band to get in inside there I guess I guess this is where I call an adult for help not okay okay you use like a pencil or something to get it in there but hopefully hopefully I could get it in without another jump cut please there we go next uh find a push pin or sewing heal from home if you've seen a sewing Neil uh you know what I didn't know that it was that type of push pin that we needed cuz I have those nevermind I don't even need these sewing needles alright so we got to put it in here oh let's see alright you know what yeah this thing is actually made for pushpins okay yeah so Neil that would be a pan yes um how would you actually use the sewing Neil I guess that's that one right there Oh what you need put a little insert in there like some aluminum foil well that's just stupid let me go get a pushpin give me a sec here we go so there you go easy peasy 1 2 3 Z um and then this part ouch that's gonna adult for help or else you'll poke yourself like I just did cool you see that was easy as hell just put that little cap on it and there we go we're off to the races all right and now we need wait wait the needle will improve the sound quality what the hell is this set and you know must be in the middle of the hole oh okay okay you need it to be in the middle okay all right to me it doesn't seem like that would even wait plastic speaker what the hell wait wait I think that's in there still in the box all right it's just flimsy plastic so I thought it was just part of the packaging this is the speaker what the hell okay I guess is this teaching kids about how vile works because I thought that like how an electronics speaker but I guess they could get the music from the needle directly I don't know this this is all witchcraft what the hell oh and you can make your own amplifier by making a paper cone this is actually looking pretty cool I feel like a kid that's actually learning this stuff Wow all right um place a penny inside see way wide out there busting with my goddamn mind attach the cone inside the plastic speaker you know the cone for the amplification place a penny inside and see what happens when playing it it will increase the weight over the record and turntable okay I guess maybe you would make it louder I don't know this is all like a science experiment now I love it let's see attach the arm support onto the assembly base oh we're getting close to the end all right all right so we have these final plastic parts and let's see now we have this right here this part goes there then this arm goes over here I guess and I guess now is when we're going to make this for oh shoot I should have made this part second oh well I don't think it makes a difference hope it doesn't alright so we put that together and now this part we put in here right oh wait it only goes in one way alright there we go cool yay I'm actually having fun with this I don't know if you guys are about having fun alright and now the big wheel which will be the turntable thing we we have the circles facing up ok so that's like the grip for the record and then we put this on the big wheel and then we guys secure it with oh shoot tonight Oh for a second I thought I lost the last group put that in there ah that's harder to get them you think no that's not gonna work there we go good thing I have two sets of screwdrivers there we go perfect and now oh wait the amplifier we got put it on here alright now we got to put batteries in it right did I miss that step I'm pretty sure I missed the battery step but that's a no-brainer let's go ahead and put batteries in this sucker oh there's the power button let's see what happens cool it's a little wobbly though I'm sure it's my fault but oh god damn it I messed up the little rubber band shoot another jump cut alrighty check this out it's kind of wobbly but I wonder if it's supposed to be like that it seems does like you could stop it you see and I hope that's correct because I put that note down as tae-sik ago and hopefully that's all she can do but yeah I time to test it now see if the stupid thing actually works and I know so little about vinyl that it's set on there the the the records I need be 33 rpm and I don't know if that's like the standard if I could just get something off the shelf but then it works I thought so I went ahead and went to a thrift store and I got this this is some thing about like movie things like a whole bunch of movie things like like performed in an orchestra type thing hopefully hopefully fingers crossed that will not excite a copyright bot and yeah so the reason I got this one though is because it says there specifically they is a 33 and a third rpm version so that should work on this if we did it right but let's test it out all right if I don't need to be like clean like a CD I don't know because this one it seems like it's a little dusty but oh I'm trying to get good the step off and I'm sure somebody's gonna be telling me I'm destroying the damn thing okay damn it's so dirty yeah there's like pet hair and dust on this thing oh well time to try it out there we go carefully we're doing this all right it's moving now and let's see what happens when we put the little handle on it what the hell okay is not working damn it I guess it needs to the nut needs to be on there a little more because this thing is just stopping it yeah that does not sound like music so back to the drawing board uh-huh I found the problem there's this little little notch right here and that needs to line up with this notch right here so that's why it was so so crappy because they didn't tell me that that little notch needs to line up so I thought they was just wobbly and that's how it's supposed to be let's see and it's actually pretty hard to line this two up did I get it I think so yeah I got it now all right and in fact I should probably even just work like that but we'll go ahead and secure it down all right test number two on there that's better now will it actually play music let's find out I hear a little ah I hear it it sounds terrible but I hear it it works it's alive all right how do these work by the way I know that you have to play like in the middle of a groove so I guess right there but I know that when when I was younger we would put it on there while it was actually going I don't know I'm amazing this nigga actually words I feel like a kid I am amazed that this stupid thing actually works and let you see like it has no precision it just always wants to scatter around you see no just keeps on wanting to do that hola Italy still works so okay it's still gone so why don't we learn did we learn about fine motor learning curiosity discovery listening and communication fine motor skills no because this is not a fine motor so I don't think we learned jack-shit learning I read quite a bit I didn't know that vinyl you Kathleen your god that sounds terrible I didn't know that you could actually make the speaker like out of the needle I always thought they'd like it went into the vinyl record player and did some magic and then that's how you get sound I didn't know you could just do it like that okay now it's really good there we go now you behave cool sound like garbage but still now you're behaving all right and so yeah we learned the vinyl you can work like that three awesome discovery well it did ignite my curiosity I do actually like this Lert listening and communication well you've had to listen to me and I'm not the best communicator so you guys can tell me that part but I'm genuinely a mate I was about to say I'm Jane you look genuinely amazed but this thing is actually pretty incredible I'm gonna regret giving this back to my mother because now I want to see what else it can do but oh well that concludes our episode thanks for watching us I'll see you next time


  1. Based on my experience with mechanical, horn-type record players (the kind often called Victrolas), I can tell you that there are two problems with this device, and they're not the manufacturer's fault.  One, your thumbtack needle is dull.  This is why the tonearm slides across the record, any why it sounds like crap.  The track (spiral groove) on a 33 RPM record is very narrow, and a dull needle point literally won't fit into it.  Second, the tonearm head, which holds the needle, should be straight, but yours is leaning a little to one side.  The manufacturer COULD have prevented that, by adding a little notch in each end of the straight part, like the one in the bottom of the turntable.  And as for everyone saying that this machine will destroy records: That's possible, but if the needle is sharp enough, straight, and not too heavy, and you set it down on the record gery gently, it's probably actually quite safe.  This is exactly how old horn-type record players work (except that most of those are driven by clockwork, not electric motors).  And they had MUCH heavier tonearms and large, comparatively crude, steel needles.  Of course, 78-RPM records are made of shellac, which is much harder than vinyl, and their tracks are wider than those on 33-RPM records.

  2. Is the point of this POS to destroy records that may have been in the family for three generations?

  3. there are 2 standard speeds, 33 and 45
    i think 33 is used for the albums, and 45 is used for the singles (usually)

  4. I recommend only playing a really beat up record. You can find broken down old records on Discogs for a low price.

    Beaten up records (in my eyes) are practically worthless, so if you played one of those crackly records on a pushpin turntable like this, it wouldn't be the end of the world. But no matter what, there will always be a whiny audiophile complaining that you played a record on something worse than a Crosley.

  5. Hopefuly little Bob learnes something while he destroys daddy's record collection with that thing…

    Vinyl is back! Listen to records like its pre WWI!

  6. I SAW THE WORD EXODUS AND I WAS LIKE "OH HELL YEAH!! WERE GONNA THRASH" but than you said it was a movie soundtrack which very boring compared to metal. But at least you didn"t wreck a good thrash record……..

  7. my dad showed me that the needle produces the sound and the machine amplifies it by turning off the speakers that were connected into his player while he was playing a record on it

  8. Not my kind of gadget that I wouldn't buy for playing my LPs on that. Only cause damage to to the records.

  9. This isn't doing vinyl any justice. I usually buy vinyls for bands and media I want to support. They actually sound Very good, some even better than digital in my opinion.

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