LEO MAY Tarot TOP 6 Psychic Tarot Predictions and Free Psychic Love Reading

LEO MAY Tarot TOP 6 Psychic Tarot Predictions and Free Psychic Love Reading

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life okay so first Leo’s we are going to analyze the cards then I’m going to give
you the love card messages as well okay and then I will give you some more
messages some additional messages that came in through the channeling that I
did outside of the cards for you and then I will give you a motivational
message for you to take with you okay Leo’s um as you head into May 20 19 so
let’s get started nice ace of swords are bright good nice the magician card up
right okay okay four of Wands reversed okay ten of
swords reversed good ten of Pentacles upright okay so let’s go ahead and get
started Leo’s so we have for you in the month of May the four of Wands reversed
now for some of you there may be a little bit of difficulty maybe trying to
patch up with somebody or trying to make a relationship or a partnership or any
kind of association workout smoothly or more easy easy there could be up and
down sort of energies I see instability in some relationships and
actions for some of you there may be like these are maybe communication
problems you know they say like it all comes down to communication I often say
that actually the key to a successful relationship is comprehension not
communication right it’s comprehension everything boils down to understanding
but your spirit guides are saying Leo’s that the sum of this four of Wands in
Reverse if it has to do with you and some relationship difficulty in your
life could be with a colleague it could be with a romantic partner an ex a
husband or an ex-husband whoever it may be this may boil down to communication
communication challenges issues here in the month of May
some of you though this is like some other form of instability you know it’s
like too much on your plate too many things you have going on overwhelming
energy you trip up over yourself because you’re trying to do too much or schedule
and priorities get a little bit mixed up some of you may not be able to you may
not be feeling completely secure so you may be having financial concerns or
issues you’re not able to kind of cover your four bases right um
pay all the bills you know fend for yourself so there could be some
difficulty in that respect as well when it comes to practical material matters
there could be difficulty and what we just call survival is on what it takes
to survive and thrive in the Mattia the 3d earth ok 3d earth plane
some of you excuse me this for of one’s in Reverse can also be maybe not feeling
welcomed or a very unwelcoming welcome you know there could be somebody
throwing shade at you there could be this sort of mixed feelings with like
does this person really want to be around to me or be my friend or or or
welcome me and and is this a fake kind of a for some of you Leo’s it’s like is
it fake are they being fake with me are they being very genuine so it’s a you
know there could be some something there as well some of you this may be about
just simply picking up house you know moving of so moving stuff moving
elements so I do get a lot of you Leo’s this element of moving moving your stuff
around up reorganizing changing it up
so maybe overthrowing what is a currently established or an existence
what is founded what is settled overthrowing that shaking things up in
some area of your life literally or symbolically you may be shaking things
up Leo’s in the month of May for some of you this may be maybe not being able to
be around somebody not being able to make it to a date or an appointment or
to visit somebody far away some of you may not be feeling celebrated you may
not be feeling very settled and in control of things not feeling like you
have authority over some situation in your life you may be feel like something
is out of your control or more too fluid more fluid than you would like it to be
so some area of your life is there’s some challenge here for some of you
Leo’s now keep in mind – Leo’s there are no hard starts and stops – energy flows
life is very fluid and some people actually believe that a new month starts
around the twenty twenty second when the Sun a major major astrological energy
body transitions into a whole new zodiac sign so some of you have probably
started to feel these energies in the last eight or nine days of April 2019
and you feel that you will feel these energies again Leo’s in major or minor
in subtle or more visibly apparent concrete ways through May 2019 okay it’s
gonna be different for each one of you you all have different life stories
magician card excellent card beautiful card I love this card for you for May
2019 so despite to some other areas of your life which may be physically you’re
emotionally challenged in some way or difficult you have new beginnings
initiative something to be proud about something to take real action on here so
initiative sparks the conception so some of you this might be pregnancy family
planning events the joys the joys of conception here they’re saying to me
some of you this is about they’re literally saying to me like your twin
flame so some of you Leo’s are meeting your twin flame or around your twin
flame and it might become more apparent or visible relevant to you so again not
everybody’s meant to have a twin flame not everybody is I’m gonna be very real
I mean there’s a lot of fake information out there everybody tells you
yeah you’re with your twin flame but you maybe with a love soulmate a soulmate
but a twin flame is very different so some of you may be with your twin flame
some of you may not be some of you may get this but hopefully many of you do
you know I wish many of you do but it’s a general reading right so it’s gonna be
very different for each one of you so if you’re looking for love if you’re
looking for somebody you know who could spend possibly you could spend your life
with some of you are meeting your twin flame this person is very important
person who’s your equal or your around this person this person becomes more
relevant and apparent in your life more of a theme in your life much more
relevant in the month of May the magician card is also about action
taking action being very active you have all the tools that you’re on you’re at
your disposal or on the table to present something to to do something to get
started on something to create something so endings and simultaneous new
beginnings it’s a universal principle here okay so you some of you may be
putting on a show or there’s maybe some more public display you might be in the
spotlight in some ways for others this is a first cause first creator God so
this is God the Father okay this is actually God the Father in the Tarot
many people don’t realize that this is a source god the magician card is also
about again public speaking putting on a show confidence putting the stamp of
your personality out there into the world Leo’s this could be in any field
you may be in the medical field you might be a doctor you’re gonna be on top
of your game you’re gonna be doing something you could be this could be you
know you undertaking a hobby may be planting things so there could be some
material gain and benefit here and money and in other ways resources fruits
vegetables flowers the magician card is also you know you could be a public
speaker you could be an actor as somebody in the entertainment industry
and artists who you could be many different things many different you
could be involved in different various fields and this is this is very potent
energy this is powerful energy this time to go now start something maybe starting
in your life sta RT is what the spirit guides are
giving to me right now okay interesting now that being said you also have
another interesting card Leo so you have the ten of Pentacles so something may
also be ending there may be a conclusion resolution solution finality here may be
a windfall some of you this might be you enjoying maybe your tax refund or
something yeah um you may get some good easier benefits these could be related
to maybe beneficiaries on insurance or health insurance or inheritance estate
you know those kinds of matters gifts a windfall material gain and benefit to
some of you this is maybe concluding or meeting I feel like some of these like
meeting up with your family or come something is coming full circle
something finally make sense to you related to family matters structure
genealogy history we couldn’t be all different things it could be a family
reunion here as simple as that a fun family reunion or party it may not be a
big one but maybe you I feel some of you Leo’s are like meeting somebody you
haven’t seen in a long time or for a while so it may not be a family reunion
maybe a smaller party but maybe somebody in the family you haven’t connected with
or spoken to for a while or anybody you know anybody who you used to know
suddenly is there is there at that event or somehow pops up into your life and
you reconnect so there’s a reconnection for a lot of you Leo’s on this ten of
Pentacles in may twenty nineteen it could also be you know material gain and
benefit financial wisdom passing on generational wisdom here okay all
different people involved real estate matters moving moving out of a community
or a neighborhood going to something new towards something new fresh horizons new
horizons so there’s closure endings these might be emotional closures here
for some of you Leos and some of you I feel like now you know what to do so
you’ve you’ve put all the pieces together a plan is together here now you
know what to do yeah definitely new beginnings very key
theme now you know what to do they say all the pieces have come together you
finally put everything together the final piece for some of you Leo’s will
will be put into puzzle to complete that puzzle in May 20
19 okay interesting so I wonder what that puzzle will be for many of you okay
it’s gonna be different for each one of you right it’s a general reading
everybody’s got different things going on in their lives you also have another
10 card the 10 of swords reversed now Leo’s this could be again if you need me
for guidance you know come to me you can use me for intuitive coaching but also
predictions I am a psychic medium this card I have to admit why do I say that
this card comes in heavy something’s annoying you bugging you out
there may even be something here is like the past or nostalgia that keeps fitting
in your consciousness it’s like you’re having a hard time letting it go
it’s an annoyance or it may even be coming to the point where it’s like
impacting other aspects of your health your whole being who you are your
complete being who you are so this 10 of swords reversed is something that might
be unrelenting not getting off your back something while some other area of the
areas of your life there is a sense of you know you know packing up the boxes
everything’s come together it’s time to go it’s time to start something new or
now you have the green signal you can get going on something that you are
hoping for there is another area of your life that seems to so be trailing you
and maybe having a negative effect some of you may feel victimized or you’re
feeling like a victim some of you may be feeling like and like in what they’re
trying to say this to me it’s like an invalid target like it like
it’s unnecessary but somebody you may feel like somebody’s targeting you it
could even be a broken friendship it could be somebody who no longer wants to
connect with you or be friends with you or whatever it may be it’s gonna be very
different for each one of you pessimism negativity maybe some material of some
physical health concerns cramps some challenges maybe from an operation or a
surgery possibly incisions and cuts so that could be something that requires
healing something to get over again if you need energy healing balancing
sessions check out my real reviews on my website for my services okay do your
best on this one this turn of sorts you know I gotta keep it real I can’t do
fake readings and have everything be so positive and super motivation all the
time sometimes we have these times in our
lives that we just have to do our best to kind of work with and kind of release
those energies dissipate them dissipates the negativity so there is some form of
negativity here something’s not getting off your back and this may even be
related to the past or nostalgic for some of you Leo’s now Leo’s you also
have a brilliant card here ace of swords excellent so in the month of May 2019
good news truth data revelations communication a
victorious idea or maybe you are the one who gets the job off or maybe you are
the one who has chosen maybe you are the one who gets a good review or the you
know the thumbs up the like or the heart with the love so the ace of swords here
indicates something that might even perk up your energies make you feel good I do
got that like it makes you emotionally Park up and feel really good at this ace
of swords sometimes it’s about maybe maybe some of
you it’s like getting that refund to check in the mail or something you know
it’s maybe that time for not just the United States but many other maybe some
other countries around the world you know because this is a global audience
the ace of swords is optimism its expression of the crown shock or the
mind chakra strengthening removing mental blockages mental issues maybe
dissipate good good element good messages good energies related to mental
health and mental health awareness receptivity so maybe you are speaking
something you’re you’re able to get through to somebody so there’s good
reception in some ways for communication as well good energies for writers
literature very strong coming in here as well for for some of you Leo’s involved
in writing a book or literature interesting fascinating ok no Leo’s let
me give you some other messages that came through the channeling okay for
some of you there may be a back-and-forth of discussion maybe about
a practical matters may possibly already in Prague
maybe with a woman in your life there may be something here it’s like about
your future they said leo so it’s like you’re trying to maybe work out some
things now may not be a female for all of you okay remember it’s a general
reading but I see a lot of back and forth discussion very close oh very much
a discussion with somebody in close quarters intimate Tudors for some of you
these discussions about organizing something putting something together
something about your future your future movement your you know what step are you
gonna take or something like this and it could even be physical movement like
changing homes or changing job locations as an example company locations so
there’s a lot of this back and forth discussion interaction going on with one
specific person for a lot of you Leo’s about practical matters organizing
things priorities what’s best in this situation maybe you’re trying to strike
a deal with a landlord for example or you’re trying to negotiate a salary
random examples okay I do get this sense of seriousness for some of you I felt
the seriousness may even be related to would or wouldn’t products trees what
products if some of you I get this like hard work establishing something you’re
being serious about something and for others this may be even an energy
infused or being brought to you by a father figure could be a father who’s
motivating you somebody who’s living or passed away loved one father a
grandfather paternal you know figure paternal energy who is helping you along
helping you to remain focused work hard stay serious something like this coming
through for some of you I do get that message is being relevant for multiples
they said so multiple Leos watching that’s going to be relevant to that
message you’re taking something seriously that kind of energy is being
infused by the divine masculine or a passed away father figure or grandfather
somebody inspirational some of you I do see forms of new love or this could
easily be for some of you like Ace of Cups you know that’s what they said to
me in the channeling like almost this ace of cups kind of
vibe positive emotions could even be a new love a new introduction something
that something comes into your life makes you emotionally perk up
so positivity okay it doesn’t have to be a new love or a love message it could be
in any area of your life it’s in general reading okay Leo’s a lot of fast-paced
energy a lot of maybe some of you this is travel or adventure some of you maybe
those individuals who travel around the world all the time right so travel bugs
right you have your travel diaries and they’re packed with you know in
beautiful images and amazing images and so some of this may be travel local
domestic international or some of your just a lot of back and forth data
discussion a lot of fast-paced energy high energy activity for some of you communications from locally domestic
international something like this came through some of you may be a little bit
loose with your money so there may be a little bit of an instance where you
spend on something that is like they said like it’s it’s a little bit
expensive or so there could be something that you may become a little bit loose
with your money and you want to watch out for that Leo’s in may end of April
2019 may 2019 you may have like indulge they said yeah indulgence I remember
they said to me so it’s like you know do I really need to buy that expensive box
of chocolates for myself maybe ice cream will do just the same thing same effect
if I have emotional trade things you know it doesn’t have to be that
expensive box of chocolates or do I really no need those expensive heels
maybe I could do something you know maybe I could go a little bit less you
know the something like that came to just a little bit loose with your money
not I didn’t get it as too much and then there’s yeah like some someone says
something to you I think in matters of the heart and love romantic matters
there could be very much this sense Leo’s that somebody says something to
you or somebody’s introduced to you and it may start like a new chapter in love
it doesn’t mean that new person you’re meeting it could be
that somebody you’re communicating with me proposed to you as an example there
and that’s it is a new episode or a new chapter started in your in matters of
the heart and love relationship matters in those kinds of relationships you may
get news you may get information so there seems to be a new episode or a
chapter for some of you beginning in matters of the heart and it could simply
be because of somebody saying something to you maybe that person you’re involved
with that person says something to you or somebody introduces you to somebody
communication is relevant here in relation to love matters okay now Leo’s
in matters of the heart you have an additional card okay we have archangel
sharm al with the theme of serenity so these are matters of the heart for some
of you these are divorce or marriage matters for others these are love
soulmates connections for others these may be related to a twin flame
recognition twin flame reunion twin flame separation so twin flame
connections and matters of the heart serenity is the name of the game so some
of you this is going to be maybe some of you like blissfully enjoying love you
know is we have the Taj Mahal famous symbol of love in India so there could
be this sense of like you know fun times good times lovely times very lovely
times may be very passionate or sexually passionate times so it’s peaceful it’s a
good good times right now and love for others you may be trying to make peace
with a situation or a relationship closure trying to get your closure
that’s serenity that’s needed calm peace balance for others this is going to be
about to maybe patching things up so maybe being the middle person trying to
bring two people together or doing their best to kind of make peace happen in a
situation some of you this is about maybe if you’re not really focused in
matters of the heart or love this is about being trying to you know be
peacefully single you know being okay with being single and just dating for
now or not dating you know you may be dating but you’re not really you know
connecting with anyone there could be you trying to find inner peace or being
peaceful with that fact with the fact of what your love life is right now so
trying to again bring peace or or peace to your mind with
what you right now are dealing with in the love area we’re not dealing with for
example okay now Leo’s for the month of me I
have a motivational message for you to take with you okay as you head into the
month considering me is a month named after a goddess this month my
motivational message is for the ladies watching so for you Leo ladies lady
Leo’s a woman who has finally put herself together can never be broken
never okay a woman who has finally put herself
together Leo’s can never be broken as women we tend to give so much of what’s
inside of us to the outside world our love our help our energy our time our
efforts to friends love partners family pets children colleagues etc etc it’s
important Leo’s to always consider how much of your gear how much of your
giving is also serving you okay physically
and then spiritually – emotionally – mentally if you know what I mean
so Leo’s definitely take into consideration how much you’re giving to
all others and what that may be taking away from developing the self because a
woman who has finally put herself together can never be broken
okay Leo’s and again you can always reach out to me for predictions and
intuitive coaching check out my awesome real reviews at gold in sauna live.com
try an energy balancing healing session from me try not expensive two-month
personal forecast for yourself see how you like it you can use me to connect
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give my readings as gifts for holidays and birthdays to family and friends
remember to watch for your Sun Moon rising signs and even the signs of the
other people in your life thank you very much leo


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