Legends of Belize: Paranormal, Cryptid, and Ghost Stories!

Legends of Belize: Paranormal, Cryptid, and Ghost Stories!

Hey everybody, this is Alejandro, the Dead
Explorer and today I am doing a unique video because I just got something really special
sent to me by a couple of Dead Explore fans. Now GrissyG and Dismas are people I’ve known
through YouTube for already close to three years and after YouTube we connected on Facebook
and Twitter. And I saw that they just wrote a book. Made a little comment about it and from that
they comment they decided to send me a copy of their new book, Legends of Belize. This is a book about you know cryptids, and
the supernatural and paranormal in Belize. Not only did send me a book, really out of
the goodness of their heart, they also autographed it for me. And so I am completely honored and humbled
that just because of my comment that they decided to share this with me. And this is really cool I just started looking
at it. The doorbell rang I went to see who it was
and it was actually the mail man, so it’s kind of you know, I just got a new surprise
in the mail feeling. And this is awesome. This right here, look at this. So they wrote this and they do the illustrations. They are just amazing artists. That’s the Bigfoot. Belize Sisimita, so here it talks about Sisimita,
and this book is just full of illustrations. This is really awesome, look at this. This is beautiful. Isn’t that beautiful? That’s La Llorona. I just did a video about the Texas version
of La Llorona in September. The Woman of Hollering Creek. This book is just full of all these legends. I mean this is over a hundred pages. Look at that. Just in time for Halloween, huh? La Bruja. Now as a paranormal investigator I definitely
would not to come across something that looks like that. Aren’t they just amazing artists. So GrissyG and Dismas thank you so much for
this book. I am completely humbled and honored that you
sent this to me and I hope everyone can go and support them. They’re independent artists, and you know,
cryptids, paranormal, supernatural, this is right up obviously my alley and I’m sure a
lot of people who watch Dead Explorer. Just looking on their book they are LegendsofBelize.com
or GrisDismation.com, and I’m not even on camera, and I’ll make sure to put that information
in the description box below. But look at this. Wow. That’s really cool. I’ll have a new paranormal video coming out
next Monday at La Borde House, so you know, keep an eye out for that. And in the meantime, this is Alejandro. I’ll talk to you later. Bye.


  1. i grow up in belize and my grand father would always tell me about tata duende and that you should respect the animals of the jungle or else he who come for you.

  2. I live in Belize and all the legends are so fun to talk about sometimes my friends go to the caves and maya ruins to debunk or find anything.

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