Good afternoon, little creatures of God We are in a horror game that seems fucking amazing it’s a ps4, i am here with my joystick aaaaand I have been reading in forums of people who have played it… The game has gone out today I have been reading in forums that this game is fucking awesome so… It’s a demo, yes, so… come on, let’s move I think it’s a Konami game, I think it’s from Konami Of the creators … fuck What a great graphics! Fucking hell… what a great graphics! Wow, I’m shocked right now Ok, 23:59 Something is going to happen at 12 o’clock… Shall we wait? No I will not wait Okay, I’ve seen a picture of a window in which something appears and … and no … no … I… I will be very afraid of the windows I will not look at the windows Fuck! It’s raining outside WOAH! Even the crystals have drops, dude. I’m freaking out Let’s see, the radio is out there I don’t know if I can open the doors… No, it looks like it’s … closed. The girl was found with a shot at… Okay … girls! They already started with the girls, dude They already started with the girls, dude Nothing happens, nothing happens. What is this? Ouija? … no … this is a … That … (laughs), that fucking banana looks real… What a great graphics! Dude, I … I’m freaking out. I don’t know if … no, it’s made in 3D I thought it was a texture but it’s … oh, my god What is that sound? It sounds… Can I go outside? Nop I don’t know if I have any light or anything… I have nothing Absolutely nothing, damn It literally is the best … game of terror I mean, the graphics are the best I’ve ever seen in my life… I mean… WTF Is this the same room? Have I returned to the same place or what? Eeehhh ok Ok Really? I’m in the same…? Uuufff! Something has fallen from… From up there, blood! I’m right now in tension You don’t know, you don’t know, you don’t know You have no idea Holy shit, bro! What a fucking good job! I’m freaking out right now Okay, I can’t go through this door now. Now the cat is getting on the table You can’t be here! This is a horror game and if I scream, you’re going to shit yourself too So I recommend you stay away, my friend. She doesn’t want to give me a kiss or anything I take good care of them and they don’t want to give me a kiss… Oh! OOOHHH NO NO NO NO!!! Pfffff No, no Okay, I think that… Aaahhh I don’t know what’s happening here but… I’m … I’m speechless, I don’t know what to say. And I don’t know if it would be good to get in there Well I’m going to risk, I mean, I have no other choice AAAHHH! Ok. It’s a good thing I can’t go in, thank goodness thank goodness Well I’ll try the door There was … there was a door here? Uh, fuck I will try to come back… again… oh, fuck, dude Okay. I can’t go back here either aaaaaahhhhhh The door has been openeeed… It has opened the same door from before, from the beginning And now we will appear again … In the same room. What the fuck is this? I knew it, I knew it, I knew it, I knew it… I knew it, the same room the same room Who the fuck is pounding now, man? Pffff It looks like my house. It looks like my house, that’s why it scares me That’s why it scares me sooo! I’m going to try to go inside now They are groans Oh, yes… I want to come in … I want to go to your party. I want to get in … there … in your illegal orgy, please Let me in! No no no, I don’t want, I don’t want ♫ Illegal orgies don’t, please♫ Okay, there seems to be something that scares Every time I pass by here Now it will be something else I guess, but fuck! I’m freaking out right now Uuufff I don’t trust in that window, I don’t trust in that window Because I have already seen an image of something happening with windows And I do not know if it’s that, or this, or … or … or … or… Uuummmfff Don’t make me turn Mmmfff Uuufff I’m suffering eh, I’m suffering Mmmfff No? I’ll try to open it I’m going to try to open it although I don’t think … I can open it AAAHHH something has opened up behind me! That door, ok, ok, ok What a bitch you are, now that you invite me to your orgy! NOOO! Cockroaches Helloooo! Can I step on you? Can I step on you? I don’t fucking like cockroaches Fuck How do I open the doors, man? Fuck! It’s just … I … I don’t want to come in, but I have to go in .. Bitch, bitch, bitch Big whore There’s no way out, there’s no way out, man. there’s no way out, man. uuufff Seriously, I have not seen anything with so many graphics… Just watch the fucking walls and light and everthing, dude How do I get in there, seriously, how do I get in? I’m trying to get in … Ah! Damn, fucking baby, man, Seriously I’m pushing all the fucking buttons here But you want to shut up bitch?! Okay, it’s a cockroach I saw… I thought it was a hand If I stay here for a long time… or what? Because I can’t open it I swear to you, I’m trying to open it all fucking time I’m touching all the buttons … And it doesn’t let me do anything, man Damn! That man has the sideburns like me, look These sideburns … (laughs) He’s from my gang, he’s my brother … OOOHHH! Do you know the years it costs to grow this … and … and …? These sideburns? Many years without cutting them… It may seem disgusting, but hey … It look … it look a little stylish Okay, I’ve been reading in the forums and it’s supposed to be with the … Keeping the R3 zooming so … pppffffff it’s this WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT, DUDEEEE? I can’t anymore I can’t anymore I can’t anymore, I can’t anymore I can’t anymore I can’t anymoreeeee! Now the motherfucker is laughing Daughter of a bitc… AAAHHH! pfffffffff Dude Ufff I’m suffering I’m not going to be able to finish this… She was standing there She was standing there The bitch was standing there! The bitch was standing there! YOU’RE A WHORE! Hm shit, this is scary…
fuck! Holy shi… I can’t, I can’t I caaaan’t Come to the end, come to the end, come to the end! uh uh uh! AAAHHH! Fuck, pfff! Holy shit Holy shit Holy shit pfff pfff uuufff pfff uf I swear … I have not suffered so much … I have not suffered so much in my life I swear this is the most terrifying game Is everything: the music, the graphics The fucking bitch is so scary… Fuck She has opened it all, she has opened it completely
(the door) she has opened it completely. No… No, I can’t anymore Uh, Uh! Hi, hi! Uh uh the bathroom is nice, i like the bathroom… the bathroom… ♪ The bathroom is for pissing, and pooping…♪ ♪ is for pooping…♪ ♪The kid likes to pooop♪ I can’t anymore I caaaan’t anymore Oh shit ooh I have to do something in the bathroom I have to do something in the bathroom I have to do something in the fucking bathroom! Seriously? I have to do something in the fucking bathroom! Seriously? Hellooo Helloo, where are you, fucking bitch? Where are you? Bitch… AAAHHH! Not the mirror, please Fuck! There is not, there is, there is nothing … there is nothing I don’t see anything … there’s nothing here There’s nothing here, man … there’s nothing here, man. I have to go back here … I have to go back Uff let me out, please Holy shit, man Ok, ok. Is the lamp, it’s the lamp, IT’S THE FUCKING LAMP! There must be something in the fucking bathroom in AAAHHH! Play horror games, it will be fun (With sarcastic tone) Are these plants marijuana? Marijuana? The government forbids marijuana! ♬ Marijuana is ilegaaal…♬ ♬ and this game should be illegal too♬ Where does the light come from? Oh, Ok! it’s a fucking flashlight, I’m an asshole, of course!! Of course! Of course! Of course! Of course! Of course! Of course! Of course! Of course! Let’s see AAAAAAHHHHHH! No … I’m locked up, man, no, no, not against the mirror, no. man, not against the mirror. Not the mirror, dude… AAAHHH! AAAHHH! AAAHHH! There is nothing, dude. There is nothing, dude There is nothing, dude ♫There is nothiiiiiing hereee!♫ ♫And I can’t go out, I’m alone♫ I’m alone, dude What the fuck is that, a heart, a baby, a fetus! Is a fetus of something … AAAHHH! IT’S THE BABY THAT WAS CRYING! IT’S THE BABY THAT WAS CRYING, YOU MOTHERFUCKER! NOOO! THE MOTHER’S GOING TO COME NOW! MOTHER’S GOING TO COME! THE MOTHER’S GOING TO COME, MAN THE MOTHER’S GOING TO COME! THE MOTHER’S GOING TO COME, MAN! THE MOTHER’S GOING TO COME, MAN THE MOTHER IS COMING! THE MOTHER IS COMING UP… WHERE IS SHE?!?! (Many screams xD) pffffff! pffff aaff Let me out, please let me out Let me out, daughter of a bitch! AAAHHH! uh! What’s going on, man? Ah! Ah! Ah ah ah! She has opened it, opened it, opened it! I’m looking at her in the mirror, I’m looking at her in the mirror! pfff I’m done … I can’t, I’m sorry I’m sorry Someday I’ll continue with this … With the sunlight on me … And all the fucking lights and accompanied by a thousand people Because I can’t, really … I can’t go on with this Fucking tension, what a great game. Holy shit! Marijuana? ♬Su, su, suscribeteee, y dale a like♬ ♬Si quieres su, su, suscribete, y dale a like♬ ♬Si quieres ni ni no ni, no ni no ni♬


  1. Vengo del 9/11/19 xq estaba viendo cuando te dieron un paquete y me quedé con la duda de ver qué juego era y ostia que si da miedo!!

  2. Inicio del vídeo: para mejor experiencia verlo en pantalla completa hd con cascos y luz apagada

    Yo: hasta La Luz de la nevera encendida, vídeo en 144p y minimizado al máximo (volumen bajo claramente)

  3. 8:48 yo ago lo mismo para no tener demasiado miedo como que quiero hacer un chiste para tener menos miedo
    Like si lo ves en el 2019

  4. Te juro que soy la persona más asustadiza del mundo, e hice todo lo que dijiste de apagar la luz, audífonos y todo, y no me asusté ni una vez hahaha.

  5. Alguien más viene del vídeo de la caja misteriosa de Kojima?
    Estaría muy bueno que este vídeo llegue a un millón de likes

  6. Mejores sustos del PT 🤣🤣
    7:34 7:57 11:19 Si estás viendo este comentario es porque viste el vídeo que el Rubius monto en el 2019 :V

    Dale like y instala este juego.. es bueno :'')

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