La Loi d’Amour – La legge dell’Amore – The law of Love

La Loi d’Amour – La legge dell’Amore – The law of Love

The language of the soul (n°1) THE LAW OF LOVE LIFE LOVES US! It loves us unconditionally and it only wishes us one thing: OUR HAPPINESS. But what is happiness? Happiness is… a feeling, a feeling of Being. Be who we truly are. But what we are, really? What is our deep nature? Made in the image of Nature, the World and the Universe, we are pure energy. Matter is not other than condensed energy. And, according to scientific paradigms, this energy, constantly moving, always circulates following the same patterns. In this primordial model, energy enters from one extremity, circulates around the center and exits from the other extremity, forming, in this way, a ring within which it self-regulates itself, it regenerates itself and multiply infinitely. Everything that exists in the universe, from the infinitely small to the infinitely big is inscribed in this toroidal model representing the flow of life, that circulates freely and prospers endlessly. The Nature of the Universe, Life and Living is ABUNDANCE and PROSPERITY And what the scientific paradigm calls energy, at the origin of all life forms, spiritual disciplines around the world call it: LOVE. But also Creator Source Infinite Spirit Divine Blow Light And so we are all connected and interconnected and what we really are does not end to the limits of our physical body. We are endless prosperity. Love, Abundance, Uniqueness are our deep nature. But then, you’ll tell me, why we spend all our time running after happiness?… Why are we unhappy? Why do we suffer? We suffer refusing to let life cross us. And doing so, we try to control it own it and imprison it. And therefore, we prevent it from circulating freely. But no one can possessing life. And our happiness, it never depends on our mental choices. Our mind lives in a continuous search for security besides, it always keeps us in a narrow view of ourselves. And that’s why, happiness, is never where we believe it’s hiding. That is, there where we search with our heads. With our will. Our expectations, our goals and our search for results. But then… where is the happiness? Well…. It’s here, right here. Behind every event in our lives, behind every difficulties, every trial, every conflict, every disease. Because the problem, is not the situation in itself, but our resistance to the situation, which we find unacceptable. And what we consider to be a problem, is nothing more than a solution that needs to be accepted, because life loves us, and nothing ever comes by chance. Everything is synchronicity, beautifully directed and orchestrated by the law of Love. Which tells us: Love is the deep nature of life, of the universe and therefore of the human being. It is our creative source, the essence of our soul, the food of our being. And it has nothing but one quest, one vocation, one passion: multiply and prosper. We were born from the energy of Love and its passion to multiply. And we have the possibility to embody this Love, so that it can circulate freely in matter through us, and may prosper on Earth indefinitely. But for this to be possible, we have to let life cross us to allow Love to give itself through us. It is therefore about accepting to feel life in ourselves, to feel Love. To feel in our heart, but equally in our body and through all our senses. I mean, very concretely, to open up to our sensibility, welcome what we feel, our feelings, our emotions. And thus allow the blossoming of our inner resources and what is unique in us. Because behind each of our emotions there is always a gift, a talent, a quality of the being, who wants to develop. Unfortunately, our education and our culture don’t teach us how to feel, and most of the time… we’re cut off from our sensibility, from our emotions, that, in particular, generates the feeling of being manipulated by emotion. And to stop this suffering, our first reaction is to try to act on people and external events. Becoming, in turn, manipulative. Thus we function against the flow of life, looking for help on the outside for what is already inside. The Law of Love acts like a magnet that attracts us and creates in our reality everything we need to allow our Being to develop in its deepest nature. There is no need to search outside, everything is here, inside. If we suffer, is because we refuse to welcome and feel what is there. And to avoid feeling, we fight and we’re trying to control delegating our lives to our minds, which keeps us in a dualistic view of the reality, and in the illusion of separation. “Divide to reign better.” It is like this that the mental can reign like a master separating reality in terms of good and bad, positive and negative. But duality, it doesn’t exist. The outer world, is the mirror of our inner world. And what we call unhappiness, is nothing else than the call of Love to itself that is sought tirelessly through us. And it has but one intention: wrap us in its arms of tenderness and become One with us. Because life loves us, it loves us unconditionally and doesn’t want but a single thing: our happiness. Below, part 2 “The ways/voices of intuition”. Mary M’, Intuitive Consultant


  1. Assidu de vidéos à thème spirituel, j'écoute beaucoup, par exemple, Arnaud Desjardins disciple de Swami Prajnanpad, qui était lui-même héritier de grands enseignements millénaires. J 'écoute également, par exemple, le moine bhouddiste vietnamien Thich Nhat Hahn , lui-même héritier d'une tradition millénaire…alors, quand je visionne ces vidéos de Mary M , une question ne cesse de revenir : quelles sont les sources de toutes ses affirmations assènées dans ses abondantes vidéos ? Se situent-elles au coeur d'une grande tradition spirituelle ? Ces affirmations trouvent-elles leur origine dans une voie de connaissance historique, un chemin de sagesse identifiable quelque part ????????

  2. Merci beaucoup pour cette vidéo très intérieur, spirituel, très intéressant le modèle tor 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🌟🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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