La hora del diablo 👿 Misterios y leyendas 🌜 El Lector Nocturno

La hora del diablo 👿 Misterios y leyendas 🌜 El Lector Nocturno

On more than one occasion, surely you have
woke up in the early morning. You were alone in your room, very few flashes of
Lights entered through the window. The silence it was so
overwhelming, it looked like you were staying deaf or the sound had vanished from the world.
You noticed how your agitated heart looked that would leave your chest with each
beat, and a Cold sweat ran down your back. The most disturbing thing,
you turned in all directions to see if you could see something in the dark, well
even though you were alone in your room, no
you stopped feeling watched from some dark corner, from the window or even
From a side of your bed In appearances, there was no
Nothing in your room, but your intuition could not be
so easily deceived, in short, there was a presence in your room, something
I don’t know can see with the naked eye, but it was there,
stalking you You turned to your alarm clock and,
coincidentally, it was three thirty-three. In the end, you tried to convince yourself
that alone It was your imagination and you should sleep
either because the next day you would have a lot for
do, or how a way to escape from that so horrible situation you were in,
alone, in the dark, observed and powerless do absolutely nothing to what
tea I watched while you slept and I didn’t let you
in peace. Many people say that at certain times
at night, most commonly among three and four in the morning, they wake up
without any logical reason, claiming to experiment mysterious phenomena such as paralysis
of the dream Over the years there have been frequent
reports of a variety of unusual phenomena occurred at this time, particularly
Accentuated at three thirty-three. According paranormal experts indicate, this is
the space of time where demons and spirits are
find more assets giving way to everything kind of
strange phenomena. Some of the beliefs around this time they are related to
the called ‘Time of the Witches’ that according
precise is a period of increased activity for the
Witches, demons and ghosts. Depending on the source, they may be referring
at the time between three and four at dawn, or also the hours between
Midnight and three. In any case, Many
ensure that the devil is more powerful during this period. Precisely, they say that Lucifer, the angel
fallen who, out of pride in the beginning from
the times, it was revealed before God, treason through which he was thrown from heaven and would pass
to become in the adversary of the creator, now, always
in search of desecrating the Trinity and the hour
Blessed, three in the afternoon, time in the one that Jesus Christ died on the cross, chose
for himself and his hell three o’clock in the morning, like that one
time he and his hosts would deploy greater power, focusing primarily on
the cursed instant of three thirty and three. Are not
few people who wake up exactly at this time feeling some strange presence.
AND is that this event is known as “The
damn hour ”,“ The time of the dead time ” wave
Devil hour ”, because it’s time that paranormal activity peaks
apogee. The three thirty-three have, according to the
experts and practitioners of magic, a symbolism satanic as it is half of six six
Six, the number of the Beast. Within what what are the
black magic practices at this time, it believe that when in the Devil’s Hour you
they listen barking dogs or crowing songs, can
be because animals manifest due to what
They feel the energy sent in the spells: in other words, they are telling us that
the job magic damage has already been done and the damage
has been received. In this same framework of beliefs, he
think that people who can’t sleep for several consecutive nights, it’s because
is it so being victims of a black magic job,
especially if insomnia occurs particularly to
the referred hours, and if accompanied of things like agitated breathing, spasms
strange muscles, pains for no apparent reason, or distress without palpable motive: for example,
yes someone every day wakes up suddenly
at three with a fast heartbeat and a lot
anguish or despair, most likely is being victim of some magical work
or this one being stalked by some evil entity,
especially if you feel a presence or some kind of
evil energy around him. For many this is a clear example of attacks
demonic They wake up in the middle of the night unable to move feeling a presence
Dark about the same person. This in principle has a direct relationship with
“Sleep paralysis” unless when the victim
look at the clock you can see three thirty and three. Many experts say it is easier
see anomalies or occurrences in the darkness, in addition to several elements being
register more easily due to terms
of darkness The senses also intensify at night, where psychics get
the Paranormal activity that occurs at that time.
In the same way between these hours, the sick terminals or very old people are
more likely to move to the other side, because that the body weakens energetically,
and consider this as a theory of why
the spirits are more active in this moment in
correlation with their times of death. The archivers of the parapsychologists are
full of paranormal cases that have produced between three and four in the
morning. Even more disturbing is that many of
they have registered just at three thirty-three, so many refuse
to think that It is the result of chance. This moment the
veil between the world of the living and the world of the
dead is in contact, allowing demons and spirits communicate with
the people crossing with greater ease
than in other hours. The truth is that the damn time or the hour
of the devil, has given and will continue to give what Talk over the generations.
It is not a fact that occurs only in people That
develop in the Christian faith, because many beliefs also have their demons in
hours of darkness. In fact, people of diverse
creeds have reported on the feeling of presences, doors that open, strange noises
and objects that move within the framework of Time between three and four in the morning.
The latter would suggest that the three of the
dawn as a demonic hour could in somehow be beyond any
faith in particular. In many cases, although the person
do not be a believer, this fact does not make them refer these strange phenomena at that time.


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